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Did Peyton Ditch The Visor Already?

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Peyton Manning

Maybe he need some sunglasses last week. Maybe he got poked in the eye. Or maybe he just thought he looked silly. Whatever the case, Peyton Manning isn’t wearing the visor anymore — however, the trained eye will notice his helmet is different. The helmet with the visor had a Colts logo on the side, while the non-visor-ed version does not. Coincidence? No, not really, but seeing how we’re gearing up for football, it is a conversation piece.

The reason Manning was wearing the visor to begin wasn’t to look like Darth Vader. Instead, it was to protect his irritated eyes, and if he’s not wearing it in the latest round of pictures from the Indianapolis Colts‘ training camp, it’s fairly safe to say Manning’s eyes aren’t bothering him as much.

Needless to say, the visor-ed Manning was a topic of more discussion than one would think was necessary, but considering how starved people are acting for football, and considering Manning’s place in the pantheon of recognizable NFL players, any change to his appearance or his uniform will not go unnoticed. When asked if he’d consider wearing his eye protection during the regular season, Manning responded with:

“I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you.”

Blind Peyton Tries To Play

Peyton Manning

Apparently, the lesson Peyton Manning learned from his Super Bowl-losing interception against the New Orleans Saints was to hide his eyes — or to perhaps try playing without sight. Whatever the case, the Indianapolis Colts still look like the class of the AFC, the question is, can they do something with that designation when they get to the playoffs, or are we in for another awesome regular season, followed by Manning falling on his now-visor-ed face?

Super Bowl Odds and Ends

Peter King Tweet

Yeah, the Super Bowl‘s this weekend — as is my birthday — and what better way to start the weekend than revisiting the only story the media circus even bothered with this past week: Dwight Freeney’s ankle. According to Peter King’s Twitter, Freeney didn’t practice today, after much speculation otherwise. What does this mean? Who knows, however, if there’s not a Vegas betting line for whether or not Freeney plays, I’ll be impressed. As it is, I’m still expecting to see him for at least one down.

While a lot of people have been bitching about the focus on perhaps the most famous NFL ankle ever, it’s nice to see the media fixate on something that actually impacts the game instead of boring-ass special interest tripe.

Of course, considering just how much Freeney’s injury impacts the betting lines, among other things monetarily related, it’s shouldn’t be too surprising.

Other things of note:

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Peyton Manning

Surprise, surprise: Peyton Manning was named the NFL’s MVP for the recently-ended 2008 season. The Colts quarterback won the award in a landslide, netting 32 of the 50 votes. This means the rest of the NFL had 18 votes to split between them. Advantage, Manning. Chad Pennington and Michael Turner finished a distant second with four votes each.

It’s the third such award for Manning, making him only the second player in NFL history to win the MVP three times. The other player to do so is the much-loved Brett Favre.

So much for my DeAngelo Williams idea. The Carolina running back received exactly zero votes. I guess 1500 yards and 18 touchdowns doesn’t mean as much as it used to. Either that, or Williams’ regular season performance has been completely and criminally overlooked.

Evidently, 12-4 records to go with such gaudy rushing statistics don’t mean much either.

Who Is The NFL’s MVP?

DeAngelo Williams

After the games have been played and the coaches have been fired, the NFL starts giving out its season-ending awards. The question is, who is the NFL’s MVP for the 2008 season? There are a lot of players that deserve consideration, even if most of the buzz seems to be going to that relatively unknown quarterback in Indianapolis. Adrian Peterson is also getting a lot of recognition and considering his incredible ability, that goes without saying.

More on the NFL MVP candidates after the jump >>

NFL Preview – A Quick Look At The AFC South

In this, part two of our NFL Preview, the focus will be on the AFC South. Are the Jags ready to knock of Peyton and the gang or will Houston come out and shock everybody by replacing both teams as the King of the AFC North Hill? Will Peyton’s knee be ready by opening night? Does David Gerrard have anyone to throw the ball to? Is Vince Young ready to become an NFL quarterback? Will his front office ever give him any weapons to find out?

These are just some of the questions facing members of the AFC South, which is probably the class of the AFC this season. I’ll lead things off in a familiar place when talking about this division:

Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning

When it comes to the Indianpolis Colts, the two things on the minds of fans and coaches alike is “injury” and “recovery.” Can their team recover from their various injuries to: Jeff Saturday, Dwight Freeney, Bob Sanders, Marvin Harrison, and some guy called “Manning?” If these players are healthy and, more importantly, capable of playing at 100%, there’s no reason the Colts can’t continue their reign as one of the three best teams in the AFC, if not all of football.

Of course, injury recovery is never a given in a league as violent as the NFL.

While last season was disappointing for the then defending Super Bowl champs, there were a lot of bright spots as well. First, the emergence of Reggie Wayne as a top-flight receiver. It was widely speculated this would be the case but once Harrison went down, Wayne proved he belonged by finishing the season with 104 receptions and 10 touchdown catches; however, Wayne wasn’t the only offensive player to shine for the Colts. Dallas Clark contributed mightily to Colts successes, establishing himself as one of the top tight ends in the NFL.

Because of how the offense continued to produce after the injuries, the idea is, once the injured players got back into the rotation, the Colts should be as good as their Super Bowl-winning team, provided Manning fully recovers from his surgery. The health of Jeff Saturday (out at least six weeks) is an important story to keep an eye on as well because of how important he is the offensive line and Manning’s comfort level.

With a healthy team, the Colts look like a lock for 12-4, maybe even 13-3. However, if Manning is still being nagged by his knee and the offensive line can’t recover from Saturday’s potential absence, it could be a long season. As it stands, I betting on the Colts bouncing back, finishing 12-4 and winning the AFC South.

Hottest Colts Cheerleader
Introducing Tatyana. As you can see from her pictures, she’s a wise choice among a sea of cheerleading goodness. Judging from her pictures, she looks like a lot of fun.


I’ll say.

More AFC South goodness after the jump >>

Peyton Manning’s Knee Activated

Peyton Manning

“I’m going back to practice, to practice, to practice. I’m going back to practice, damn right, I do think so.” If Peyton Manning had is own theme music, similar to Jack Spade in I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, I’d say it would be playing something like that first sentence. That’s right, the man with the laser, rocket arm has been cleared to practice and is will joining the Colts as they prepare for the regular season next Sunday.

The Colts open with the Chicago Bears next Sunday night in a game some weren’t sure Manning, who is coming off of knee surgery, would be able to play. That certainly doesn’t appear to be the case because if Manning’s knee was still an issue, Tony Dungy wouldn’t let him anywhere near a live football field — unless this is some Bill Belichick-inspired trickeration.

But that would be hard to hide, considering all the media members who have access to Indianapolis practices.

The questions are, does Manning’s clearance put an end to the talk about additional surgeries and missed open games? How about relieving some of the stress fantasy football players were feeling after they drafted the Colts quarterback (guilty)? For me, it’s comes down to this:

Considering just how fragile a knee is, if there were any questions about his health, Manning wouldn’t be anywhere near live action, even if it’s just practice speed. Nor would he be cleared to do so.

NFL Training Camp Starts This Week

NFL Training Camp

The NFL opens their collective training camps this week, so those of you waiting impatiently for football to make it’s glorious fall return, you only have a few weeks to wait until preseason. While only two teams actually opens their doors today — the Baltimore Ravens and the Philadelphia Eagles — today is considered the official start of the NFL’s training portion of the offseason.

And just in case you want to see Jason Taylor in his new digs before the season starts, the Washington Redskins opened up their camp this past Saturday.

So what are some of the stories to be aware of as we move closer and closer to the actual season? Will the aforementioned Jason Taylor make a splash in Washington or was this another misguided move on Daniel Snyder’s part? In Georgetown, Kentucky, folks have to be wondering about Chad Johnson. Will he actually make a commitment to Bengals or is he just in camp to avoid being fined? What about the Patriots? Was last year the pinnacle for the franchise — regular season, anyway — or can they keep their stranglehold over the AFC and actually finish the deal this time or was the Giants game a sign of things to come?

Will Peyton Manning’s knee be OK? What about Marvin Harrison’s legal record? Will Jessica Simpson continue to doom Tony Romo and his Dallas Cowboys or has her apparent bad luck gone away?

Oh yeah. Let’s not forget about that Favre fellow, either. While I’m enjoying watching media members fight it out about all things Favre, I, like most every other blog comment I’ve read discussing the matter, am tired of the NFL’s Favre and Pony show. Where will his release requests (hostage demands) lead this story? Will the Packers trade their prodigal son or will both parties STFU come to some kind of amicable agreement and end this madness or will it continue on until the trading deadline is upon us?

Stay tuned because it’s just getting started.