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Posts Tagged ‘Patrick Ewing’

Great Mustaches of the NBA

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Kurt Rambis

As proud representatives of the Movember movement, I thought highlighting some great NBA mustaches would go a little way in helping with some additional recognition for Movember’s cause. With that in mind, I’ve selected some memorable staches, some from the vintage days and some from the 80s. Kurt Rambis is our lead image, and after looking at that lip, it’s easy to see why.

Unfortunately, Adam Morrison didn’t make the cut, but it’s not for a lack of effort.

Because of trends, most in this collection are considered old school players, meaning the mighty mustache needs to make a comeback in the NBA. It’s a moral imperative. Anyway, here are a number of players sporting awesome lip hair that stood out to me. If I missed anyone, please let me know.

See more great mustache action after the jump >>

Emmitt Smith Thinks Patrick Ewing, Jr is Awesome

And after Patrick’s behind-the-back dunk from last night’s college skills competition thingie, I can’t say I blame him. Make sure you wait until the end to see Emmitt’s reaction.

Like Jimmy Dykes — he of the hot wife — says, that’s a 50. Don’t even bother going to the scorecards. What Ewing delivers is nasty enough, his father should be jealous — although, Patrick Ewing, Sr did have some vicious monster dunks of his own.

Just ask Dennis Rodman:

Of course, Senior was almost 7′ tall, but still, a vicious dunk is a vicious dunk. Bonus: foreign commentary.