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Posts Tagged ‘Pac-10 Football’

UCLA Bruins Play With Fire

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The UCLA Bruins will be able to play their season opener, despite the threat of the California wildfires currently ridding the state of its dry deadwood. As you can see in the lead image, the news has Rick Neuheisel excited to the level of King Leonidas proportions.

This. Is. UCLA!!!!!

The Bruins open their season against San Diego State on Saturday in a game that will be played in the Rose Bowl. In a rather magnanimous move, UCLA is also offering free tickets to California firefighters (the article actually says “Southern California firefighters,” just in case there’s a real difference) and their immediate families. Maybe some of them will actually be able to get away from their life/property-saving endeavors to watch LA’s “other” college football team.

Gators Chomp Polls


Surprising absolutely nobody, the preseason USA Today/Coaches Poll for college football came out today, and guess what? The Florida Gators are the top team in the land. Now if, with the Gators coming off a BCS Championship, this revelation does actually surprise you, you probably haven’t been paying attention. Combine the lead image with another good recruiting class, a touch of Tim Tebow, a dash of Urban Meyer and Brandon Spikes, as well as more roster talent than most coaches would know what do with and you have all the reasons you need to know why the Gators are the number one team in the land heading into the regular season.

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The Rich Get Richer (National Signing Day)

Bryce Brown

There’s still a few weeks until the next season of college football starts, so to pass the time, we get to enjoy National Signing Day, otherwise known as the day the Rich get Richer. Which blue-chip player is going where and all that. The top-ranked player in the country is Bryce Brown, who has given a verbal commitment to the University of Miami. This, however, does not mean he’s going to play for the Hurricanes, because until he signs that LOI (letter of intent), Brown is fair game. Apparently, the recruiting process has become so taxing on Brown’s family, they aren’t even in town, allowing Bryce to escape the circus.

This also means, however, Hurricanes fans may want to curtail any premature Bryce Brown celebrations until he puts his John Hancock on the LOI.

This is just an example of the type of fun college football fans can expect this afternoon. There are a ton of sites covering the festivities, including ESPN, Rivals and Some folks think Alabama is a shoe-in for the top-ranked recruiting class, regardless of who signs where. Others are just enjoying the process.

We’ll revisit today’s college football fun — hey, it’s just like the NFL Draft, but with no Mel Kiper — and pick through the remains of wreckage. Will Bama get the overall top-ranked class or will Saban be defeated by the forces of non-Bama influence?

Thank God It’s Saturday: Penn State and Ohio State

Ohio State and Penn State

Lots of great match ups this weekend, including the headliner of Penn State at Ohio State. It seems everyone wants Penn State to beat the Buckeyes in order to keep them from boring up the BCS Championship game — except for OSU fans, of course. Looking at this game from strictly a historical perspective, even though Penn State has been playing lights-out football this season, they don’t do well in Columbus.

In fact, they haven’t won there since 1978 and Joe Pa has an overall losing record against Ohio State (5-7-0). Should we expect more of the same tomorrow night? Well, if karma has anything to do with it, Penn State will probably get smashed by the Buckeyes and if they do, I’m going to blame this douche bag guy.

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Trojans Get Ripped By Beavers


I admit, I scoffed when Pete Carroll suggested the Pac-10 would be a difficult road to hoe. Obviously, Carroll knew something about his team that I didn’t.

The fallout of Oregon State’s shocking 27-21 win over the highly-touted USC Trojans will have more ripple effects than a two-ton boulder dropped in a placid lake. For starters, the entire top half of the SEC should be sending Mike Riley and Jacquizz Rodgers a bouquet of flowers, gift cards and any other kind of swag they can get their hands on. I would imagine teams like Oklahoma, Missouri, and BYU will be sending their regards to Corvallis as well.

More about USC’s shocking display of football after the jump >>

Pete Carroll Get His Trojans Ready

Pete Carroll

As USC gets ready to leave the confines of the Los Angeles for the first time this season, Pete Carroll is warning his team and the anyone else that will listen that USC’s Pac-10 schedule is “ridiculously difficult.” Essentially, Carroll is trying to get his team in the mindset to avoid any Stanford-style upsets. It’s either that or he’s trying to get the excuse-mobile ready in case SC does happen to lose to a conference opponent, something no one expects to happen this season.

Consider this, not counting SC’s 2-0 record, the rest of the Pac-10 is a combined 15-17. Furthermore, every team in the Pac-10 already has at least one loss — except USC. This doesn’t mean every game on the Trojans schedule is a gimme. It’s not. If they don’t play to the abilities, SC could lose to teams like Arizona, Stanford and perhaps even UCLA; all of which represent road games for the Trojans.

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Thank God It’s Saturday – Week 4

Bama versus Arkansas
Do you know what tomorrow is? Of course, it’s Saturday, but for college football, it’s so much more. There are a ton of big games worth watching this weekend so let’s get started.

CFB overload after the jump. More college hotties too >>

Thank God It’s Saturday – Week 3

USC Shorts

There’s a lot of college football to watch this weekend, even with Hurricane Ike interfering the state of Texas’ football slate. The game getting all the national attention is the Navy at Duke and ESPN is pulling out all the coverage stops it can think of to bring you every aspect of Duke versus Navy you can think of.

There’s also a random meeting of the state school from Ohio and that one California school famous for their condoms; although, the hype surrounding this game is surprisingly lacking. It’s so bad, the MSM has completely missed the boat on Chris “Beanie” Wells and his questionable availability. OK, I think I’ve made my point.

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