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Overtime SEC Football Is Fantastic

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As I was working to update the copy on our SEC Football pages, I came across this gem of a post from Ethanator. It’s a countdown of the top 5 overtime football games in the SEC and it’s perfect way to prepare yourself for the season, which is only 22 days away. It’s also a perfect way to get yours truly in the team preview mindset.

The order is as follows:

5. Tennessee vs. LSU 2005
4. Arkansas vs. Ole Miss 2001
3. Georgia vs. Auburn 1996
2. Arkansas vs. Kentucky 2003
1. LSU vs. Kentucky 2007

That’s right, UK’s victory over LSU last season is the top overtime game in SEC history. After the Curtis Pulley stupidity, any good news concerning UK football (an oxymoron at times) will be welcomed with open arms.

A Closer Look at 5 Overtimes

Baylor Wins

Baylor guard Curtis Jerrells had this to say after the five overtime, three and half hour, 116-110 marathon win against Texas A&M last night:

“I’m tired.”

After playing essentially three halves of basketball—and an overtime for good measure—I’d say everybody, including the trainers were tired. So what does 65 minutes of basketball get you besides dog-tired players? A closer look that some of the stats reveals some eye-opening numbers:

- 4 players logged over 50 minutes of floor time

- 2 A&M players played for 57 minutes

- 191 shots were taken between the teams

- Each team made 35 field goals a piece

- Shot a combined 106 free-throws

- Made 85

- Combined for 120 rebounds and 37 assists

- Committed a combined 69 fouls (over one a minute)

- Shot 57 3-point shots

- A&M made 4 in 65 minutes of basketball.. That’s right, four

- Baylor made only 7, making them a combined 11-57 from 3-point range

- 17 blocked shots

- 30 turnovers (one almost every two minutes)

- 8 players fouled out

- 9 players with double digit scoring… Jerrells led all scorers with 36 points

The game was the longest in Big 12 history, eclipsing the Texas/Oklahoma State triple overtime from last year.