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Posts Tagged ‘Oregon Ducks’

Oregon Fans Are Not Terribly Fond of That Call

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Oregon Fans

To quote one of Jim Rome’s soundbites, the Oregon fan with the finger extended undoubtedly thinks the call on the floor was a “Bad call, bad call. We don’t like that call. Not a very good call.” I doubt losing by three after Oregon fell just short in their comeback attempt made him feel much better.

In fact, I bet he had a double finger for that particular result.

H/t to 30 FPS for the image.

USC Cheerleaders Fraternize With Ducks?

Does this warrant a removal from the USC Song Girls squad? Or is this like when your girl dirty-dances with another dude and says “it’s only dancing,” only to get majorly pissed if you do the same with a random lady? Oh, and can anyone actually stop the Oregon Ducks offense?

It sure as hell doesn’t look like it.

Hot Oregon Cheerleaders are Hot

Oregon Cheerleader

A hearty good morning and happy Monday to all of you from all of us, including the cutie in the lead pic. I’m not certain which Oregon cheerleader she is, I’m thinking Kristen (although, Amanda is a possibility too), but really, are names that important? If so, feel free to further your investigation. Whatever the case, I’m sure her pleasant demeanor helped Oregon when they shellacked Portland State, 69-0.

I’m sure it gave her plenty to cheer about, just like her picture does for us.

Speaking of images, hers is courtesy of 30fps, a site of screenshots that’s clearly becoming a favorite resource of sports bloggers everywhere, me included.

LaGarrette Blount Goes Pulp Fiction

Here’s a brilliant little mash-up of LaGarrette Blount and his sucker punch heard around the sports world — Pulling the videos, ESPN? Really? — this time, done with a Pulp Fiction twist. Normally, I can’t stand the YouTube caption feature, but this time, it works well. It should be noted the video seems like it was uploaded by an Oregon fan, who apparently has some hard feelings about the beatdown the Ducks received in Idaho last night:

LAGARRETTE BLOUNT FIGHT Knockout!!!!! LMFAO! HAHAHAHAHAHA… Blount just lays into this dude after the game! LMFAO!

I bet that guy is regretting talking trash after the game, earned himself a victory sure, but at the same time he got himself a nice knuckle sandwich.


So yeah, not everyone is feeling outraged towards Blount and his sneaky punching ways. Kudos on the mash-up, though.

Welcome To Internet Immortality, LeGarrette Blount

So much for that Heisman trophy campaign. I’m not sure if this is the way you wanted to go about it, but thanks to last night’s unadulterated brilliance, LaGarrette, you are now an Internet superstar. Every sports show, site and blog in the free universe pretty much leads with your knock out blow delivered to Byron Hout. It doesn’t help matters when, after running your mouth about payback the entire week, you finish with negative five yards on eight carries; although, I suppose that adds something to your ever-growing legend.

What, exactly, besides “you choked,” I’m not sure, but it does add something. With that in mind, please don’t come whip my ass as well. Anyway, as for your legend, a quick jaunt around my RSS reader this morning found these gems:

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