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Posts Tagged ‘Opening Day’

A Derek Lowe Sighting Means One Thing

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Derek Lowe

What does it mean? I’ll tell you: baseball (I almost typed “basketball” right there) is officially back. While today is considered Opening Day, last night’s game between the Atlanta Braves and the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies was evidently the opening act. Call it “Opening Night” if you want. As for the game, the Braves beat the Phils, 4-1, behind a masterful Derek Lowe outing. The Braves’ new ace pitched eight strong innings, giving up only two hits and zero runs. As for Philadelphia, there’s not a whole lot you can take from the loss. Last season, the Phillies also opened with a loss, but went on to win the World Series.

Like I said, there’s not a great deal to take away from last night’s game if you are Phillies fan, good or bad. As for the Braves, seeing their new ace pitch well has to provide some hope for a team that struggled with starting pitching last season.

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Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

In case that rock you’ve been living under only gets March Madness news, Major League Baseball officially returned yesterday, and I don’t think it went by unnoticed. In fact, I’m sure of it.

Some minor thoughts of a baseball fledgling:

Will Johan Santana have trouble adjusting to the National League? Not so much.

His name is FUK-U-DOME!!! And the Cubs love him.

AP Photo/M. Spencer Green

Kansas City Royals = Amazing?

There was a bunch more that is worth commenting on but I’ll stop before this turns into an all-out link dump… I think those are good for now.

One more thing:

Jose Canseco still needs to shut his mouth. I know I’ve traveled this road before — but — If anyone is getting anything other than, “Look at me, I am an attention whore” from him, they are being duped. Of course, you might just believe Canseco has some hidden ammunition.


The ONLY reason he seems to be attacking A-Rod is because he’s the most popular player in baseball and if Jose can ride in Rodriguez’s wake vicariously or through accusations he’s unwilling or unable to substantiate, then he’s popular as well.

Oh look. Just in time to pitch his new book.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be popular when they are hawking stuff? Quit feeding the dragon and enjoy the baseball season. I’m talking to you, ESPN.

Baseballs on Juice

Thanks to a great find by NESW Sports (same folks that run, we now know what will happen if you put a baseball on the juice. Observe:

I wonder how many home runs baseball would hit if it was on frappe…

Say Konnichiha To Opening Day

The Boston Red Sox rang in the new baseball season by beating the Oakland A’s in Japan last night/this morning, 6-5. The winning run was driven in by Manny… who was being Manny, I suppose. The two teams finish off their double-header tonight/tomorrow morning before returning back home.

Unfortunately for the A’s, the Japanese crowds (and media) don’t seem to care too much about them being there; instead most of the focus is on the Red Sox. I guess that’s what having two Japanese pitchers on your staff can do for your popularity.

The official Opening Day for the rest of the League is March 31st, just in time to take the torch from college basketball.

The Popularity of the Detroit Tigers is Very Apparent

The Detroit Tigers are a popular entity now, thanks to a recent trip to the World Series and an off-season that saw them acquire players like Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera. So much so, their ticket distribution has been incredibly demanding; especially for Opening Day.

Tiger Tickets

For example:

Club spokesman Rob Matwick also says the team has sold the equivalent of more than 26,000 season tickets, an increase of nearly 8,000 from a year ago.

To say the Tigers are popular would be quite the understatement. Because of the demand, there are little-to-no Detroit Tigers Opening Day tickets available. Because of that, Detroit fans are looking towards to the secondary ticket market for their Tigers tickets. Rumor has it some tickets for the Tigers’ Opening Day game are going for an excess of $1000.

Opening Day? That’s not, like, the beginning of the World Series, is it?

Repeatable Feat?

Just in time for the fast-approaching Opening Day: This little gem was pointed out by Barstool Sports, and they ask whether or not this is the Best Catch Ever?

I’m not sure if “best ever” qualifies, but damn, that was an incredible baseball catch. If I had been there, I would’ve celebrated just like his teammate did. Although, I probably would’ve been more boisterous about it.