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Posts Tagged ‘Oops’

Zack Greinke Wins Cy Young, KC Star Beefs the Announcement

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Zach Greinke

Kansas City Royals pitcher Zack Greinke won the American League Cy Young award, and apparently, the Kansas City Star was so excited by the news, they ran two announcements — one saying Greinke won and the other saying Greinke did not. Bonus: both announcements were/are in the same article.

Because they will undoubtedly change their error, we have a screenshot for your enjoyment. The announcement(s) read as follows:

The Royals’ Zack Greinke won the American League Cy Young Award. Greinke, who finished 2009 with a 16-8 record, became the third Royal to win the award, determined by a vote of the national media.


In the end, Zach Greinke’s league leading ERA wasn’t enough. The standout Royals picther [sic] finished second in the voting for the American League Cy Young Award, given to the outstanding pitcher of the year as determined by the national media.

So yeah, in their exuberance, the editors obviously overlooked the double-printing, not to mention the ugly misspelling in the second paragraph. Apparently, the folks at the Star are having quite the party to celebrate Greinke’s award, which also represents the lone bright spot of yet another horrific Royals season.

As for the Cy Young award, Greinke had all but three first place votes.

Chris McKendry Finds Humor In Corey Blount, Too

Brilliant find by Sportaphile of ESPN’s Chris McKendry sharing a similar kind of enjoyment I had concerning the Corey Blount sentencing. McKendry is obviously having a ball. Perhaps she understands difference in the Blount/blunt homophone.

Or maybe the “personal use” excuse seemed as silly to her as it did the sentencing judge.

In other news, today just hasn’t been Blount’s day. When normally straight-laced SportsCenter anchors are laughing at your expense — on top of getting your freedom revoked for a year — and your judge references Cheech and Chong in your sentence hearing, you’ve obviously seen better days.

That’s A Lot of Hooch (Corey Blount)

Super Troopers

As you can see in my lead image, every time I read about a drug bust of note, I’m immediately taken back to the delightful post-pot bust scene from Super Troopers. Thanks to Corey “Fat” Blount, I’m currently reliving these scenes as we speak.

“Where’d you learn that Cheech? Drug school?”

Super Trooper digressions aside, I doubt Blount is getting as much enjoyment out of this story as I am. You see, “Philly” Blount was sentenced to a year in prison thanks to a drug bust that found the ex-NBAer with 11 pounds of the Devil’s Weed. I’ll say that again for emphasis purposes: Eleven pounds of pot. Evidently, Blount, while living up to his last name, was trying to find work in a post-NBA world and apparently decided he’d corner the marijuana market in Butler County, Ohio.

Even the judge had a sense of stoner humor about Blount’s arrest:

Although Judge Craig Hedric did not sentence Blount to the maximum 10 years in prison, he rejected Blount’s claim that the marijuana was intended for personal use and to share with friends.

“Cheech and Chong would have had a hard time smoking that much,” Hedric told Blount.

Maybe Blount was worried about running out?

Melanie Collins Isn’t Happy

NBA TV Melanie

Yesterday, the fellows at found and displayed some images from NBA TV’s Melanie Collins’ youth. There about what you’d expect in this day and age. Images of her partying and, well, enjoying the company of another female’s posterior. Needless to say, when titillating images of an attractive sports personality are discovered, sites with mass appeal tend to take notice. Melanie’s youthful indiscretions are no different.

Unfortunately, Collins doesn’t seem to appreciate the surprise attention, and used her Twitter account to relay her thoughts — there I go Twitter-stalking again — through the voice of Robert Montgomery Knight. Yes, Collins used Bobby Knight’s “kiss my ass” quote to explain her reaction. Considering one of the pictures in question, her response is quite fitting.

Pics and such after the jump >>

Was That Stephon Marbury?!?!

Why, yes. Yes it was.

During the Chicago/Boston epic, ESPN’s go-to guy for all thing Boston — Bill Simmons — was pretty hard on Stephon Marbury, saying things like “Everything was in play. Or so I thought. Because I never imagined watching an NBA game in which Stephon Marbury was afraid to shoot.” Simmons also had some choice words after Game 6 while he was recapping which players stood out to him. Needless to say, his outlook on Marbury lacked confidence.

“Stephon Marbury destroyed what was left of his career.”

I have to wonder if, after Marbury’s game-saving fourth quarter, if he’d like to rethink his position? If not shooting during the Chicago series helped “kill” his NBA career, does 12 fourth quarter points in a must-win game for Celtics resurrect it?

Where Real Hawks Don’t Help Much Happens

Dwyane Wade and Dequan Cook found their three-point stroke last night — both players hit six apiece — as the Miami Heat tied their series with the Atlanta Hawks at one game all. While Wade’s otherworldly play is getting a lot of attention, rightfully so, it was a group effort that helped the Heat tie the series. The highlight of Wade’s night was banked three-pointer which put the Heat up by double-digits. Oh, and Wade was about three or four feet behind the arc when he launched his rainmaking bank shot — meaning, it was one of those nights for the Heat.

The Hawks were fine when they were allowed to run the floor, but when they had to depend on their half-court offensive execution, they weren’t fine. Not at all. In other news, the Hawks defense was nothing to write home (or a blog post) about either. Atlanta head coach Mike Woodson offered this understatement:

“We didn’t get any stops,” Woodson said. “We were pretty good in Game 1 in running them off the basket. We were not so good this time.”

So now we have a series on our hands. Will Atlanta be able to win a playoff game on the road, something they were unable to do against Boston last season, or do the Heat now have the upper hand?

Adam Waddell Should Hang On The Rim

Apparently, these also-ran tournaments are where are all the highlight-worthy dunks are at — at least until tomorrow. What we have here is Wyoming center Adam Waddell and his steal/breakaway two-handed dunk attempt. Actually, the attempt was successful; however, the landing? Not so much. Waddell didn’t hang on the rim long enough, so his momentum took him head-over-heels, causing him to flip in the air and land on his neck. And his back. Kind of like Ezal from the Friday movie. Waddell’s dunk/flip/fall comes on the heels of Syracuse’s Kristof Ongenaet, who had the same thing happen to him against Louisville.

Unfortunately for Ongenaet, his landing evidently wasn’t as successful as Waddell’s. Waddell got up laughing while Ongenaet, well, didn’t. Oddly enough, both teams with the flipping white guy dunkers lost their respective games. The Orange lost the Big East title game to the Cardinals and Wyoming got beat by two point last night.

Evidently, these kinds of dunks don’t help your team’s victory cause. Oh well, it’s good highlight fodder.

Comcast Credits Customers for Porn

Tristan KingsleyTristan Kingsley apologies for the Super Bowl porn. Not really.

Because they subjected some of their Arizona customers to some unintended adult entertainment, Comcast is issuing a $10 credit to those subscribers who were subjected to that filth (spoken with a healthy side of righteous indignation). Naturally, the two performers who were in the unintentional clip are milking their surprise appearance for all its worth.

Over at XFanz (NSFWish), Evan Stone talks about his surprise performance:

More Super Bowl porn fallout after the jump >>