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Posts Tagged ‘Olympics’

Michael Phelps Returns to the Endorsement Pool

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Michael Phelps

The “disgraced” Olympic swimmer is back in the news again, but this time, it’s not for bongs or girls he’s been spotted with. No, Michael Phelps is returning to the world of endorsements, something that was temporarily taken from him after his South Carolina/been-caught-smokin’ debacle. The product Phelps will be pitching is waterproof headphones from H20 Audio. Apparently, these little suckers can be submerged in up to 12 feet of water and still perform. Considering their existing partnerships — Laird Hamilton and Natalie Coughlina relationship with the most famous swimmer ever only makes sense.

From H20 Audio’s blog:

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Usain Bolt Is Still Really, Really Fast

Yeah, and water’s wet, grass is green and the sky is blue. Even though these — and Usain Bolt’s speed — are natural facts of the planet we live on, sometimes, a reminder is in order. Right now, there’s little denying Usain Bolt is the fastest human on the planet. Granted, I’m sure there are some undiscovered people out there who can run like the wind, but until they do it on the stages Bolt does, the title is his.

Just in case we mere mortals needed a reminder of Bolt’s indescribable talent, the recently-wrecked runner smashed the world record in the 150 meter sprint. Oh, and according to reports, Bolt isn’t even in Olympic-level shape, and yet, he still beat the 26-year old record by sixth-tenths of a second. Considering his recent crash, his lack of Olympic shape makes sense.

The fact that he smashed the record like he did only furthers his growing legend.

Oh, and Bolt made sure to mug for the camera as he finished — meaning, had he finished like he did in the 4×100 in China, the new record would probably be even lower.

Intentional Eye Candy: Kristine Engeset

Kristine Engeset

I’m taking the torch from SbB, who introduced me to the lovely Kristine Engeset (via Sport Magazine). Kristine is a 19-year old Scandinavian middle-distance runner that’s also one of the focal points for Puma’s recently-launched Puma Running campaign.

She was a silver medalist in the 3000-meter steeplechase at last year’s Junior Championship, meaning she has talent to go along with her natural beauty, not to mention a six-pack many women would die for (hell, men too).

Her immediate goal is to compete in the upcoming Summer Olympics, although, being a distance runner, she might need a surgical mask and a filter to breath correctly. As for us, our immediate goal is to bring you some awesome pictures of the smoking runner and so we will.

Kristine Engeset Kristine Engeset Kristine Engeset

Congrats on your IEC award, Kristine. May it bring you good fortune in your upcoming competitions. By the way, that Puma tattoo is smoking hot.

Olympics: Blogging Yes, YouTube No

Guess what? You can blog—well, accredited people and athletes can—at the upcoming Olympic Games, but you can’t post any media from said events. So yeah, blog posts about incredible displays of athleticism are all good, just don’t post a picture of the medal ceremony…

ReadWriteWeb has the details about the IOC’s brilliant decision, which is just about as smart as NBC’s stranglehold on footage from their Olympic broadcasts.

I didn’t get to appreciate Vince Carter’s incredible dunk until I got a hold of the Internet.

Vince’s sick dunk after the jump ››