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Posts Tagged ‘Olympic Sports’

Lindsey Vonn Keeps Winning

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Lindsey Vonn

We’re big fans of Lindsey Vonn, so it does our hearts proud to see her dominate the sport that made her famous. And dominating it, she is. In fact, since the calendar turned, Vonn has pretty much dominated women’s skiing, and early today, she added another trophy to her ever-expanding case by becoming the first American woman to win the women’s World Cup title in back-to-back fashion.

Not only is Vonn dominating her sport, she’s doing things no other American female skier has ever done. That alone deserves recognition. When you add her easy-on-the-eyes qualities, it’s no wonder the sports blogosphere has a special place for Lindsey. CBS Sports has more on Vonn’s dominating performance:

The American completed the 1.6-mile Olympia course at the World Cup finals in 1 minute, 42.49 seconds after posting the fastest splits all the way down.

“It’s amazing,” Vonn said. “It’s been a long season and it’s been really difficult and challenging, but I’m really happy that it’s over.”

She needed at least an eighth-place finish to win the title again… With three races left at the finals, Vonn has an insurmountable lead in the overall standings with 1,688 points.

This time, Lindsey, just make sure you don’t gash your hands during the celebrations.

Intentional Eye Candy: Snowboarder Edition

In honor of Gretchen Bleiler (and Winter X), who decided she wasn’t going to do provocative poses without clothes any more, we decided to focus on some ladies from the winter sports neighborhood. Currently, the Winter X Games 12 are going on over at the Worldwide, so if you’re into snow, skis, half-pipes, snowboards and wipe-outs, check out EXPN’s page for more info.

But without further adieu, allow me to present some of the ladies of Winter X. Because of Bleiler’s change of heart, I figured we’d lead off with her. Enjoy:

Gretchen Bleiler

Lindsey Jacobellis
Lindsey Jacobellis

Clair Bidez
Clair Bidez

Domnique Maltais
Dominique Maltais

Doresia Krings
Doresia Krings

Bicycle Pile-up

Normally, Olympic Sports don’t receive off-season coverage but sometimes, the cream rises to the top… or in this case, wrecks its way on to the scene. I just ran across this gem on YouTube after watching a video about a Thunderbirds mishap in the related video section and boy, it doesn’t disappoint.

What is it about racing wrecks, vehicular or otherwise, that makes it impossible to look away? In other news, I’d say those floor burns were exquisite.