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Posts Tagged ‘Oklahoma State Cowboys’

Booby Knight Called The KU Game, Apparently

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Booby Knight
Thank god for high definition television broadcasts; although, the twin peaks behind Bobby Knight’s head would’ve been noticeable even if they were in black and white. This little gem of a picture was seen during the Kansas/Oklahoma State beatdown. After the glorious low-cut Kansas shirt was observed, the first instinct was to take a screenshot, but then you realized 30 FPS was on it, and so you can just sit back and enjoy the view.

More on the Jayhawks after the jump >>

Dez Bryant Suspended For Lying?

Posts about the NCAA are precarious ledges for the simple fact it doesn’t take much to turn them into a rant, which is what I’m fighting right now. With that in mind, why, exactly was Dez Bryant suspended for the remainder of the 2010 season? Lying. Not for the infamous meeting with Deion Sanders itself, but for not being forthcoming about it.

First of all, way to watch out for college students, Deion. What in the world were you thinking? Leave them the hell alone until they declare for the draft. The fact is, your desire to meet him put Bryant in a position where he felt lying was an option. Granted, Bryant didn’t have to lie, but the fact remains, if a college football stud gets a call from someone of Sanders’ status, it’s doubtful they are going to have the wherewithal to say no.

And Deion should know that and leave well enough alone.

Moving on. The NCAA comes off like a sanctimonious ass here. Yes, I get it. They were “shown up” by Bryant’s denial, and so, they have to act like a jilted lover to get a measure of satisfaction. What a load of crap. Excuse me, but how, exactly, did Bryant “jeopardize” his amateur status by trying to cover his behind? No, his cover-up wasn’t exactly necessary, but then again, I’d say a lot of college athletes are “scared” of the NCAA, much like a growing child is scared of a parent when they get in trouble. While that doesn’t excuse Bryant’s choice, it certainly doesn’t justify the NCAA’s typical overreaction either. What, exactly, have they gained from suspending Bryant for the remainder of the year?

They made a point. Big deal.

Meanwhile, college football fans everywhere, not just OSU fans, are cheated because the NCAA felt justified in strong-arming yet another student athlete. Don’t get me wrong, Bryant deserved punishment, just not the extreme levels handed down by the NCAA. In other news, the Reggie Bush/USC situation seems to have gone away. I get the feeling that if the NCAA was a judicial entity, a lot of citizens would be put to death for parking tickets, while the John Wayne Gacys would be slapped on the wrist, if not swept underneath a rug altogether.

In light of the NCAA’s overreaction, Bryant should be allowed to join an NFL team as a free agent. This season.

No Handshaking in Stillwater

Heh, this was a brilliant offering from LSUFreek. Anyway, displaying an creepy level of foresight, officials for each school have decided to avoid the American Football Coaches Association-desired pregame handshake between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Oklahoma State Cowboys for fear it might escalate into something LaGarrette Blount would be proud of. While the decision came before Blount jacked Byron Hout, because of the Oregon/Boise State ugliness, this feels like the prudent choice. In fact, before the consensus to avoid it was reached, Cowboys coach, and man’s man, Mike Gundy had expressed concern such a meeting would end poorly.

Again, it should be noted the decision was reached before the games began last night, but one can’t help but think Blount’s post game activities reinforced the belief the correct decision has been made. Of course, one might argue this is a time we need to see good sportsmanship the most, especially after the idea was stained in such dramatic fashion in Idaho.

However, the idea of simply avoiding potential trouble — goodness knows neither coach would want to contribute to what Blount helped sully — is probably a wise one.

Bill Self Says Thanks, But No Thanks

Let’s say you are the coach of a school that just won their first National Championship in 20 years and all of a sudden, the world is completely at your feet. So much so, your coachless alma mater — in this case, Oklahoma State — is willing to turn over the keys to Fort Knox in order to get your services. What do you do?

Do you take the money and run or do you stay at the program you just took the top of the college basketball world? Well, if you are Bill Self, you tell T. Boone Pickens to keep his money and that you are staying in Lawrence, Kansas.

Let’s take a look at what Coach Self had to say, courtesy of ESPN’s bandwidth.

Did you hear that? That audible hum is a sigh of relief coming from the entire state of Kansas… well, except maybe Manhattan.

For Self, this is actually a no-brainer. Would you like more money than Avarice to rebuild a program that might not ever be as good as the one you would be leaving or do you stay at Kansas, enjoying the spoils of your National Championship, armed with the knowledge you have a top-ten recruiting class on the way?

Pretty easy choice, when you think about. Unless you are all about the money; something Self doesn’t seem to embody.