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Posts Tagged ‘Oklahoma Sooners’

C.J. Wilkerson Absolutely Smashes Oklahoma

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C.J. Wilkerson plays for North Carolina Central University, which shares space with a more famous school in Durham, North Carolina. While they may not be the program their same-town brothers are, in Wilkerson, NCCU has a dunker who’s every bit as explosive as his Duke counterparts. While his Eagles wound up losing to Oklahoma — they made the Sooners earn it, however, 71-63 — Wilkerson’s dunk needs to be acknowledged along with all the the other early-season smashes that are being raved over.

I’ll wait patiently until a Duke player outdoes Wilkerson’s dunk. Until that time, the title of “most authoritative dunker in Durham” belongs to him, and by default, Durham’s “other” team.

As for contenders for Wilkerson’s crown, my money’s on Nolan Smith.

The Red River Rap Battle Is So On!

Texas and Oklahoma hook, er, meet up in the Red River Shootout tomorrow, and judging by the above video, Pikahsso (representing the Sooner nation) and Tahiti (for the Longhorns) ready to hold it down for their respective teams by staging the fifth annual (Who knew?) Red River Rap Battle. Here’s a sample of the mad lyrical skills defining college football’s traditional rivalries. First up, Tahiti:

Longhorns on point just like push pins
I rep Texas like Jenna of the Bush twins
We on the goal line pushing
Your dome gets mushed in like they’re seat cushions

And now, Pikahsso:

Let the games begin, it’s the Red River battle
Longhorns will get torn, you heard that like cattle
You know Pikahsso will win it with ease
Crimson and cream gave your team the mad cow disease

Currently, Tahiti/Texas is winning this year’s poll, but I am fond of the mad cow disease reference. Nicely done, Pik.

If that’s not enough fun to get you pumped for OU/Texas, we also have this gem, featuring a few dancing machines posing as Sooner fans. Yeah, I’ll just let the video do the talking because words pretty much fail me. At least ones I can use here.

Considering the dancing going on in that video and the fact Oklahoma rapper is getting beat in the poll, things probably don’t bode well for the Sooners. Granted, if they can keep Bradford protected and upright the entire game, all this eye-rolling minutiae could be quickly forgotten — except for Pikahsso’s contribution.

Skills, ya’ll. Mad skills.

Sam Bradford Ready To Return?

Sam Bradford

The last time we saw Sam Bradford in action, he was being pile-driven, shoulder-first, into the turf of Jerry Jones’ new football Shangri La. The hit caused Bradford’s shoulder sprain, putting him on the shelf for three games, one of which the Sooners lost to Miami. Now it appears as if last season’s Heisman Trophy winner wants to get back on the field, and he is looking to do so when Oklahoma plays Baylor this Saturday. Bradford’s reasoning has to do with being prepared for the Texas game, which follows Baylor.

I’m sure the folks who organize the Red River Shootout are no doubt happy about the Bradford news.

After the jump, Bradford’s thoughts about returning >>

Make No Mistake, College Football is Here

Yeah, I know, there’s officially 36 days until the season kicks off, but with videos like the one I’m leading with popping up, it’s safe to say we are firmly in the grips of the upcoming season. What we have is a popular Kansas State fan, named CatMatt, and his parody of the visually stimulating “Baby, Baby, Baby” music video. However, instead of featuring hot, naked chicks with strategically placed black-out boxes, it features not-so-hot avatars of Oklahoma fans, the Kansas Jayhawk, Nebraska fans, and an awfully hungry Mark Mangino,complete with said black-out boxes.

There’s also an appearance from the Funk Bus, which helps wrap up this creation of genius. The video also helps prove there are few things greater than watching college football fans of opposing schools go at each other — even if a partially-naked Mark Mangino is featured.

H/t to EDSBS (via Corn Nation) for the find.

It’s Blake Griffin’s World

…And for the next 48-72 hours, we are simply going to be living in it. In about 24-plus hours, Griffin will be made the overall number one pick in tomorrow night’s NBA Draft. Not only that, he’ll be asked to perform an almost-impossible task — make the Clippers a relevant NBA team. Of course, if you follow myth, it took God a few days to create the universe and he/she is an omnipotent being. Blake Griffin, on the other hand, is merely a very good basketball player with the potential to be one of the greats. With that in mind, let’s keep the miracle requests (be to the Clip joint what LeBron is to Cleveland, for one) at an achievable level for now.

More on basking in Blake Griffin’s world after the jump >>

Blake Griffin Is AP’s Player of the Year

Blake Griffin has been named AP’s college basketball Player of the Year, and in other news, grass is somehow green, the sky is a mysterious color — I think it’s called sky-blue, water is, for some reason, wet and the sun rises in the east. The AP described Griffin’s winning margin as “runaway,” which is fitting considering the Oklahoma forward received 66 of the 71 first place votes. As a comparison, North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough and Pitt’s DeJuan Blair both received two.

I’m not sure who got the final first place vote; although, Ty Lawson is about the only player that could be argued here.

In other AP _______ of the Year news, Kansas coach Bill Self received AP’s award for coaching excellence. Self led his rebuilt team to the Sweet 16 a year after winning the National Championship. While the AP’s result is solid, perhaps LSU’s Trent Johnson should’ve received a closer look.

Tyler Hansbrough Can’t Dunk Like Blake Griffin


Great find from The Dagger, which demonstrates not all dunkers are created equal. While Tyler and the boys beat Oklahoma for a spot in the Final Four, Griffin proved he was the best post player in the building, while Hansbrough proved he can’t throw it down — or dominate the post — in the same manner has his Oklahoma counterpart.

As we can see in the first video, Tyler elevated a tad earlier and although he wasn’t going to make it to the front of the rim, that didn’t stop him from trying to throw it through, ala, Dwight Howard’s Superman layup.

The difference in two dunkers after the jump >>

Blake Griffin and the Flip

By now, you’ve already seen the footage Ameer Ali’s takedown of Oklahoma’s Blake Griffin, so that’s not what this post is for. No, this is my attempt at making a point. In case you missed it, one of the first sites to post that particular highlight was The Hoop Doctors, and for their efforts, CBS ordered YouTube to pull the clip and cancel the blog’s YouTube account. Something about copyright infringement and all that. Partner-in-crime Gunaxin addressed this situation over at his blog as well.

The question I’m left with is this, what, exactly, did The Hoop Doctors do wrong that these other accounts did not:

A lot more video after the jump >>