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Posts Tagged ‘Oklahoma City Thunder’

You Can’t Touch Dirk Nowitzki

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No, this is not channeling MC Hammer. Well, not too much, anyway… So what if it is? I blame the “Can’t Be Touched 2011″ gem of a remix that leads this post, canonizing Dirk Nowitzki with such an eloquent song, courtesy of that well-known bard, Roy Jones, Jr. It’s clearly Nowitzki’s world, all of the time; so much so, in fact, his play can take your song and make it fresher, and much more appropriate.

More on Dirk’s ridiculousity after the jump >>

Kevin Durant’s Poster

It’s 1-1 in the Western Conference Finals as the Oklahoma City Thunder responded to their Game One loss with more great offense — I’m not sure the phrase “playoff defense” will, at any point, apply to this series — largely in part to James Harden’s beastly fourth quarter performance. Harden drained 10 crucial points in the deciding fourth as the Thunder held off the Mavericks, 106-100.

While Harden was indeed playing the role of closer quite successfully, the highlight of Game Two, however, was when Kevin Durant literally threw the ball down on Brendan Haywood. It wasn’t so much a dunk as it was a “get the **** out of the way” smash, something similar to Blake Griffin’s highly-celebrated throw down on the New York Knicks.

The difference being, Durant’s dunk came during the Conference Finals, making much more important than Griffin’s regular season offering.

After the jump, video and the poster image of Durant’s nasty slam >>

Dirk Nowitzki’s Bout of Perfection

See? This is what happens when the best-shooting 7-footer ever to play in the NBA gets hot from the free throw line. You get a chance to witness perfection. You also get a chance to see a record-setting performance from the charity stripe as Dirk Nowitzki surpassed the previous record of most free throw makes in a playoff game without a miss set by Paul Pierce.

aMore on Dirk’s record-setting night after the jump >>

Dirk Versus Kevin, Who Ya Got?


While the match-up may be unexpected, that won’t stop the Western Conference Finals from starting tonight when Oklahoma City Thunder take on the Dallas Mavericks in their best-of-seven series. Granted, the absence of teams like the LA Lakers and San Antonio Spurs may be shocking to some, but these clearly are the two best teams playing currently for the Western Conference.

Sure, the Lakers might have had Phil, Kobe and Pau, but a lot of good that did while being unceremoniously swept out of the playoffs by the Mavericks.

KD or Dirk after the jump >>

I Can’t Quit Russell Westbrook

My man-crush on Russell Westbrook is becoming an “epic proportions” situation, and thanks to fantastic performances, like the one he displayed against the New Jersey Nets, especially in overtime (all 13 of OKC’s points in the third overtime), makes it difficult to maintain objectivity when his name is mentioned.

To say Westbrook has quickly become my favorite NBA player is accurate, if not understated, and if he keeps scoring all of his team’s points in deciding overtime sessions, saving me from falling under his spell completely will be impossible. While I’ve known about Westbrook since his UCLA days, my man-crush didn’t take root until this past summer’s FIBA World Championship.

Now it appears there’s no turning back, at least for me. I think it’s safe to say I’m officially a lost cause when it comes to Russell Westbrook. Now, will this become something similar to the LeBron super fan discussed here a while back? Probably not, but don’t be surprised if you see me out in one of his jerseys, either.

Maybe his shoes, too.

Russell Westbrook Dunking

Russell Westbrook

Citing that he doesn’t believe he’s an acrobatic dunker, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook has decided to not participate in the upcoming Slam Dunk Contest when the NBA’s All Star festivities kick off on the weekend of February 20th. While the news has been accepted with some degree of personal sadness — blame my self-admitted man-crush on the OKC guard — it’s easy to understand Westbrook’s decision. He’s a power dunker who will mash it in your face during a game, but he doesn’t break out double windmills in the process.

In light of Westbrook’s decision, I figured this post would be a great place to feature a tribute to the kinds of dunks we’ll be missing out on:

Russell Westbrook dunks on the entire world after the jump >>

Blake Griffin Dunks on Everybody

Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin’s mission in life is to dunk on every living being on the planet. Well, maybe not, but he certainly plays like it. Granted, he’s only been in the league for five official games, but he’s already got a list of “I just crushed your face” victims. The latest being Nenad Krstic of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

I guess you could say Krstic got thunder-struck. Yeah, I went there.

Bad puns aside, Griffin had two highlight-worthy dunks against the Thunder, and as a bonus, they came in the Clippers’ first win of the season:

After the jump >>

Russell Westbrook’s Sick Dunk Over Odom

Westbrook Dunk

While everyone is rightfully on Kevin Durant’s jock during the Oklahoma City/Los Angeles series, the arrival of Russell Westbrook is just as enjoyable to watch. Known as an impressive athlete with potential to be a good basketball player, Westbrook is blooming into an All-Star type right before our very eyes, and at the expense of folks like Derek Fisher and Lamar Odom, making the revelation of Westbrook’s game that much better. Last night, he announced his arrival in a big way by throwing down a vicious dunk over the aforementioned Odom.

Memo to Lamar: when you are that late with the defensive rotation, just let the young buck have it. Otherwise, folks like me will have a field day with it.

Video after the jump >>