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Posts Tagged ‘OJ Mayo’

A Fine Mess (Tim Floyd)

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Tim Floyd and OJ

I’m tempted to make a “Haven’t you folks from LA already learned about messing with folks named O.J.?” joke, but I shall refrain. However, in light of Tim Floyd’s self-imposed excommunication from USC, I’m wondering why on earth he didn’t take the Arizona job. He, better than anyone, knew what was coming down the pipe concerning the O.J. Mayo mess. Lest we forget, Floyd was also displeased with all of his players leaving for the professional leagues.

So again, why on earth did he not bolt for the more prestigious Arizona Wildcats basketball team, especially when there were reports of an offer being on the table? Incidentally, in the linked article, Fox Sports’ Jeff Goodman says of Tim Floyd:

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O.J. Mayo Announces His Arrival

I imagine Grizzlies fans all over the globe are salivating at the idea of adding Mr. Mayo’s talents to their roster in November. For now, they’ll have to settle for the NBA Summer League highlights, one of which, ESPN was nice enough to provide. Welcome to the NBA-lite, O.J. Next stop, the regular season:

Apparently, this is being considered one of the best dunks since the summer fun began, which explains why ESPN is was offering to share the video of it. Besides showing Mayo’s ability off, the video also makes me hold out hope other professional sports leagues are learning that highlight videos appearing on blogs do nothing but help the popularity of the sport. If Roger Goodell, Major League Baseball and the IOC are so worried about advertising revenue, they can always put ads in the videos.

I’m mean, the NBA has embraced Internet technologies and they even found a way to monetize their YouTube videos. Why should it be so different for the other leagues who are less supportive of these mediums? What does David Stern know the other commissioners don’t?

Oh well, I’m digressing.

Odenized also has the video if you’d rather support the blogosphere as opposed to the Disney machine.

NBA Draft: The Heat Don’t Want Beasley?

Pat Riley

Apparently, 6-10 forwards who can score with both hands, rebound and play on the perimeter aren’t worth what they used to be these days. Just ask Pat Riley of the Miami Heat. Riley seems bound and determined to get a guard with Miami’s high pick. It’s fairly obvious questions about Beasley’s immaturity have soured the ex-University of Kentucky guard on the K-State prospect.

Instead, rumors are abound Riley prefers the squeaky-clean O.J. Mayo over Beasley. However, it doesn’t appear as if he’s ready to use the second overall pick to acquire him. Now it looks like Riley is shopping the second pick in hopes of securing either Mayo or Jerryd Bayless with a later lottery pick.

So wait. Am I to infer Pat Riley finds these guards to be better basketball prospects that Michael Beasley? The kid who, as a Kansas State Wildcat, just put 28 double-doubles on the board, along with three games where he scored over 40 points? As if that’s not enough, he also had 13 30-point games.

For what it’s worth, it looks like Riley isn’t too fond of Shawn Marion either because ESPN’s report mentions the Matrix’ name when talking about Miami’s potential trade bait.

Funny, I always thought Riley was a coach who likes having strong front lines.

In other NBA Draft news, it appears as if the Cleveland LeBrons are in trying to convince the Indiana Pacers to trade them Jermaine O’Neal for Anderson Varejao and Wally Szczerbiak as well as the 19th overall pick — and with good reason. Today, Pacers team president Larry Bird indicated in the Indianapolis Star he’d like to secure another mid-first round pick. Something before the 20s. Again, the Cavaliers have pick number 19.

With that in mind, things have to look good for the Cavs but will O’Neal be the answer to LeBron’s dreams of having a legitimate threat as a sidekick? If O’Neal can stay off of the injured list, it may very well be the move LeBron has been looking for.

How Good Is This Freshman Class?

The Angry T asked a good question about the current crop of college basketball freshman we hear about, night in, night out:

Is this the best collective freshman class ever? Judging by the data compiled, the argument is certainly there. While some will be quick to point out the Fab Five class, has any group of freshman had this much impact? The names are plentiful:

Michael Beasley of Kansas State, Eric Gordon of Indiana, Derrick Rose of Memphis, Deandre Jordan of Texas A&M, Kentucky’s Patrick Patterson, UCLA’s Kevin Love, OJ Mayo of USC… the list goes on and on.

Read more about this year’s incredible freshman class after the jump ››