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Posts Tagged ‘Odell Thurman’

Chad Johnson Will, In Fact, Be At Training Camp

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Chad JohnsonIt’s already been a busy day for the Cincinnati Bengals but the hits just keep on coming:

Get ready Georgetown, Kentucky because you are going to have an ESPN-media feeding frenzy on your hands when the last week of July hits. In case you missed it, the Mouth that Roared — aka Ocho Cinco, aka Future H.O.F. 20??, aka Chad Johnson admitted he plans on returning to the Bengals for mandatory workouts while doing some guest work for ESPN The (Unnecessary) Magazine.

I believe his words were something like, “I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid.”

Although, if that were true, then why did you waste everybody’s time when you went on your made-for-the-media/let’s-capitalize-on-the-Keyshawn-interview tirades this off-season?

You know the ones I’m talking about. They caused YOUR FANS to reactions like this:

Chad, (in case you are reading) when you alienate folks like that — ones that spend good money to wear YOUR NAME on their back — ask yourself, was keeping your name in the media in such a manner really worth it?

I must say, even though HBO has already picked the Dallas Cowboys to be on their Hard Knocks series, I think the Bengals training camp would be much more entertaining. Although, Pacman Jones will be on hand when the Cowboys go to camp, so there’s no telling how that might turn out.

OK, The Fans Were Right About Odell Thurman

Odell Thurman

Mea culpa time. When it was first reported about Odell Thurman being released from the Cincinnati Bengals, I and and some other bloggers had issue with the decision. Considering the news available at that time — something about Thurman not making it back from a family funeral — we felt justified in our position. I even went as far to suggest the above image was actually being used to describe those in charge of running Cincinnati’s football team.

Well, according to SI, those of us that put this on the front-office were wrong: apparently, Odell faces an indefinite suspension from the NFL because he failed a drug test. To which I say, “Brilliant.”

Absolutely brilliant.

There’s nothing like throwing an potentially successful and rewarding NFL career away because you can’t or won’t leave the illegal crap alone. I mean, after admitting he was an alcoholic, did Thurman feel it was time to move on to the illegal recreational drugs? You see, there are only a limited number of conclusions you can come to after hearing he’s facing an indefinite because of a failed drug test.

All apologies are in order for the Bengals front-office. Who knows, if they actually get out of this Chad Johnson mess unscathed (not sure what constitutes that, but nevertheless), it might actually be time to award them a “competent” badge.

We’ll see.

Bengals Inexplicably Release Odell Thurman

After sticking by him through some dubious NFL-levied suspensions, the Bengals have released Odell Thurman. Of course, when you see a headline like this relating to the Bengals, you immediately think the player being punished or cut must have done something Bengal-like and got arrested or tried to start trouble with a valet attendant. Unfortunately for Thurman, it appears as if his transgression — something that occurred after he was reinstated by the NFL — was much, much worse.

Odell Thurman

Thurman apparently was attending a family funeral (and the subsequent activities that occur at these things) and didn’t make it back to take place in a voluntary workout scheduled by the Bengals. And so, they released Thurman.

Not for his DUI issues or the rumors of his involvement in a scuffle during his two-season vacation from the NFL. Nope. The Bengals front-office decided Thurman’s last straw was choosing family matters over voluntary workouts.

That Odell Thurman… didn’t he learn anything from Chris Henry’s mistakes?

I mean, choosing family over football? That’s EXACTLY the same as punching an 18-year old in the face and then breaking a windshield as you leave.

Apparently, I was wrong about the sticker on the back of the 51 jersey in the above picture. When I first received this, I thought it was aimed at Thurman. Obviously, this was aimed directly at the incompetence that permeates out of the Bengals front-office.

Odell Thurman Disappoints

As a Bengals fan, it gives me an odd mix of pleasure and pain bringing this upcoming picture to you. I think what you are about to see sums up the Bengals last two seasons quite nicely. Oh well, perhaps Odell will actually, you know, see the field next season.

Hat-tip to Bryan Rigsby for the picture, taken at the Bengals/Ravens game earlier this season.

Odell Thurman

Because of Thurman’s transgressions, the number 51 is currently worn by Corey Mays. But I can assure you the gesture being made in the image is directed at Odell.