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Posts Tagged ‘Oakland Raiders’

Rolando McClain’s Slam Recalls Kevin Harlan

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Rolando McClain Slam

“…With no regard for human life!”

I’m not sure what Danny Amendola did to draw the ire of McClain, besides having he audacity to catch the ball over the middle, but one thing’s for sure, McClain ain’t having it.

While the slam has indeed made the highlight reels here, there and everywhere, I doubt Tom Cable wants his defense getting those kinds of 15-yard penalties on a regular basis, if at all. Cable just might punch McClain in the jaw if that happens again.

Fortunately for McClain, his powerbomb didn’t affect the outcome of the game; although, the Raiders probably shouldn’t be surprised by the hard slam: McClain has already made it known he wants to be Darth Vader.

JaMarcus Russell Rocks The Epaulets

JaMarcus Russell

JaMarcus Russell gave his first interview to ESPN since Purple Drank-ing his way out of the Oakland Raiders franchise and the NFL as a whole. To his credit, Russell comes across as heartfelt and contrite; however, something stood out to me that had nothing to do with the content of Russell’s message: His rockin’ epaulets. It’s takes an awfully secure individual to rock such shoulder accessories, especially when they aren’t in the military. Then again, maybe Russell wants to learn some discipline, and a stint in the military is his way of addressing such a lacking characteristic.

However, considering JaMarcus’ style in previous photos, it’s more likely the epaulets are a simple, perhaps misguided fashion choice. I do, however, feel like Colleen Dominguez should be saluting Russell.

As for the interview, it’s easy to see the concern Russell has about the reports of his codeine use, and he denies being a habitual user of poorly-named “Purple Drank.”

Instead of worrying about what the perception of him is as a drug user, perhaps he should just concentrate on working as hard as he can to get more out his athletic talent than a nice rookie contract.

Rolando McClain Vader Gets Us Ready for Football

Rolando McClain

Can you smell it? Football season’s in the air. Hell, the NFL’s first preseason game is this Sunday, when Dallas and Cincinnati meet in the Hall of Fame game. Granted, we’ll only see the first team guys for about 10 minutes total, but hey, some football is much better than no football, even if it is the preseason. To celebrate the return of the NFL — September 9th, when Minnesota travels to New Orleans. Rematch, ya’ll!!! — is going to act like Tumblr account, using images to better help you, me, and the rest of us prepare for the impending season.

Our first offering is Oakland Raiders rookie, Rolando McClain, who’s doing a good job with his “Darth Vader in the NFL” impression. Yeah, it’s a little weird using the Raiders as a jumping off point for the upcoming season, but McClain’s picture is bad-ass enough to overcome any misgivings about Al Davis; besides, don’t be surprised if the Raiders make a lot of noise in the AFC West this year.

Just win, baby.

Oakland Raiders Beat Eagles With Pigeons

More surprising win yesterday? Oakland over Philadelphia? Kansas City over Washington? How about Buffalo over the New York Dirty Sanchezes? All were unexpected, but because of some avian intervention, Oakland’s win over the suddenly-hapless Eagles takes the cake — or the bird feeder, as it were. What we have is Oakland unveiling their special teams secret weapon: a pigeon who is disciplined enough to stay in his lane during kick-off coverage. Because the Raiders aren’t used to that kind of attention to detail, Al Davis is expected to sign his feathered friend to a free agent contract that gives them the option of picking up an additional year.

In other news, did the Eagles really lose to Oakland while managing only nine points?

Until yesterday’s debacle, the Eagles had scoring totals of 38, 22, 34, and 33. The fact they were held without a touchdown against a team that had been giving up 23 points a game is one of life’s little mysteries, or simply the result of flat, uninspired play.

Your choice.

Oh, and it’s good to see that Michael Vick signing is being put to good use while paying such huge dividends, including the lovely storm of protest that follows him everywhere he goes. Philadelphia signed him because?

H/t to KSK for the video.

Ice Cube’s Raider Nation

I’m sure everyone has heard about Ice Cube’s ditty for the Oakland Raiders. He even performed it for ESPN, because that’s just how O’Shea rolls. While the song is harmless enough and Cube’s rhyme style comes through decently enough, I’m left a little cold, if, for nothing else, this little lyric Cube dropped back during the Death Certificate days:

“Stopped giving juice to the Raiders, cause Al Davis never paid us. I hope he wears a vest…”

Apparently, much like St. Ides, Al Davis must be giving those ends to Cube.

Louis Murphy Succeeds Where Heyward-Bey Fails

Louis Murphy
Even though their defense failed to hold the surprising lead, the Oakland Raiders have reason to be excited about one of their rookie wide receivers, although, I don’t think it’s the one they were expecting to embrace. A lot of eyebrows were raised when the Raiders drafted Darrius Heyward-Bey, the speedster with suspect hands from the University of Maryland.

While it might have been a foolhardy pick, Bey was still expected to deliver something that would help justify Oakland’s dice roll.

Louis Murphy or DHB (and video) after the jump >>

Raiderettes Say Happy Holidays!!!

Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas from the Raiderettes … Something I can certainly support — the cheerleaders and the well-wishing. Adding joy to holiday cheer for Oakland fans: The Raiders actually won yesterday and JaMarcus didn’t look too bad at all in the process. Has he escaped the “bust zone” or are we still in “wait and see” mode?

So Long, Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin

In one of the most shocking announcements since Darth Vader told Luke Skywalker about his daddy, the Oakland Raiders have fired Lane Kiffin — according to sources gathered by Chris Mortensen, who looks like he actually beat Jay Glazer this time.

The details were about what you’d expect from Al Davis — Kiffin was told he was getting a phone call from Davis and would be fired, Kiffin isn’t allowed to speak to the players before he leaves, Davis was mad Kiffin showed interest in a college job and so on and so forth. What no one seems to be worried about, except the San Francisco Chronicle apparently, is the development of JaMarcus Russell.

The environment fostered by Davis isn’t exactly ideal for an up-and-coming quarterback who needs a stable franchise supporting him. Oakland is about the exact opposite:

The single biggest obstacle to the proper development of JaMarcus Russell is the current instability surrounding the Oakland Raiders. A player needs proper coaching to transition from the NCAA level to the NFL. As it stands, to describe the Raiders coaching situation as tenuous would be stretching it. It has the makings of a disaster that rivals the Hindenburg. The Raiders need to figure out what they are going to do, and allow this young team time to grow up together.

Now that Davis has taken care of his latest nemesis, perhaps he can give Russell the appropriate surroundings, complete with a coaching staff he trusts and smart, useful draft picks — and maybe I’ll be the overall top pick next season.

According to Mort, one of the following is expected to replace Kiffin: offensive line coach Tom Cable, offensive coordinator Greg Knapp and Paul Hackett. There was no mention of James Lofton anywhere in the report.