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Rafa Nadal

And we, most assuredly, do not. I mean, how many of you wear a timepiece on your wrist that costs over half-a-million dollars when you playing in the French Open? Considering the chirping crickets, the answer is zero, quite clearly (half-a-mil watch-wearers or French Open candidates); and that, folks, is one of the many, many things separating us from the world of professional athletes.

Thanks to a post in Men’s Fitness, we’ve learned the watch Nadal is wearing comes from the Richard Mille watchmakers, and while it’s not as visibly-flashy as a Rolex, apparently the craftsmanship is second-to-none.

Of course, for a $525,000 watch, it damn well better be.

According to the MF post, only 50 of these gems will be produced, meaning only 49 more will available to the world. Obviously, at that price, only a special few have the means to even think about purchasing one. Speaking of, one wonders if Nadal’s was a comp/gift or if he actually forked over some of his hard-earned winnings.

For some reason, I’m going with the former.