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Posts Tagged ‘No Way’

Found: Someone Wearing Starburys

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Much has been made of Stephon Marbury’s inexpensive shoes. From the time the price was first revealed to their familiar design; the brand’s struggles and his deal with Amazon, the Starbury brand is pretty infamous around the blogosphere.

However, no one has ever been captured or photographed in the wild with a pair on their feet. Until now. In the image leading this post, we have an daring individual from Kansas City sporting Stephon’s hot fashion. Because the above image is kind of blurry, here’s a screenshot of the Starbury model our young Kansas City-ite is rocking:


Personally, I think the brave soul should be commended. You never know when you’ll be out amongst your crew — a group that’s probably unaware of the Starbury brand so you can inflate the value and be even cooler — rocking your Patrick Ewing adidas lookalike Starburys and an enterprising blogger with a camera phone and good timing crosses your path.

The next thing you know, you’re feet* are on the Internet.

*The faces and defining characteristics have been removed to protect the innocent.

Tiger’s Torn ACL Is Better Than Your Healthy One


If this is what you call faking, I can’t imagine how the same peanut gallery would describe Shaun Livingston’s knee mishap. Only a “minor injury,” perhaps? As most you already know, Tiger is shutting it down this particular PGA season in order to get the ACL in his left knee reconstructed.

When the reports first broke, there was some confusion as to whether or not Tiger would be at his next two scheduled appearances. In fact, they seemed to indicate Tiger would be fulfilling his obligations at those events. Fortunately, this has been cleared up.

Tiger is out for the year and probably won’t be swinging the clubs until 2009, a fact that has to have the PGA incredibly nauseous right now. It’s not easy seeing the deity of your sport shutting it down earlier than expected. However, can you imagine the marketing blitz they’ll have when Tiger returns next year? I’d say it will rival the Super Bowl’s.

Besides reconstructing one of Tiger’s left knee ligaments, the time off will allow Woods to heal a double stress fracture suffered a couple of weeks before his magnificent US Open win. Speaking of Torrey Pines, the news about Tiger’s left leg only magnifies just how incredible his performance really was. I mean, how many US Opens have you won with a good knee (and a non-stress fractured leg)?

If you are like most of us, that answer would be zero.

Here’s another question — how many 300-plus yard drives have you hit on two good legs? Again, if you are like most of us… well, you know the answer. But wait, there’s even more. ESPN compiled a list of Tiger’s accomplishments since his ACL was injured. It’s most impressive:

WGC-Bridgestone Invitational – Won
PGA Championship – Won
Deutsche Bank Championship – 2nd
BMW Championship – Won
Tour Championship – Won
Target World Challenge – Won
Buick Invitational – Won
Dubai Desert Classic – Won
WGC-Accenture Match – Won
Arnold Palmer Invitational – Won
WGC-CA Championship – 5th
Masters – 2nd
U.S. Open – Won

For those of you counting at home, that’s ten wins, two second place finishes and just to prove he’s (kinda) human, one fifth place finish. Talk about slacking.

Ten tour wins.

One good leg.

Is that even fair?

Is that something that’s even POSSIBLE — provided your name isn’t Tiger Woods?

Speaking as a fellow ACL reconstructee, I was happy when I could strike a soccer ball with some pace. I couldn’t imagine competing — let alone winning — ten PGA-style golf tournaments without it being whole.

I guess that’s why my name isn’t Tiger Woods and his is.