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Posts Tagged ‘Nike Puppets’

Nike Puppets Bring Christmas Cheer

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While I’m not the biggest fan of the Nike Puppets, KRS-One + anything usually = pretty damn awesome, so I must give my approval. The “Dunking on Reindeer” video is a continuation of the rap battle started by the Reindeer (Lupe Fiasco) when they called out Santa Claus (KRS). It’s doubtful I’ll be buying either LeBron’s or Kobe’s shoes anytime soon, but again, as long as they keep coming with KRS-One, they’ll have my attention.

Oh look. Someone was good enough to edit all three commercials into one YouTube offering:

Now go buy some Nikes for Christmas. ;)

Nike Puppets Celebrate Kobe’s New Ring

Yeah, I know I said the Kobe dunk from Game 5 was the last NBA Finals post, but I obviously forgot all about all the joy the Nike puppets bring the world; not to mention, the upcoming Lakers parade. As for LeBron and Kobe’s puppets, I’m guessing/hoping this is the last we’ll see of these two until the NBA Draft. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if SportsCenter kept them around.

I will say this much, I did laugh when Kobe’s puppet walked by LeBron’s.

H/t to BDL for the find.