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Posts Tagged ‘Nike Commercials’

Tiger Returns, Nike Capitalizes

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In about three hours, the sports world, once again, turns itself over to the larger than life character of Eldrick “Tiger” Woods, and of course, Nike is right there, turning Tiger’s offseason of discontent into a potential marketing blitz. This time, Earl Woods, Tiger’s father, “returns” asking if his son has Woods has learned anything from his mistakes. While the latest Nike Golf offering is effort in poignancy, it would be wise to keep in mind they are doing so to separate you from your hard-earned dollars in exchange for a set of Nike golf clubs.

If Tiger’s in contention for the Masters and the green jacket as the weekend draws closer, I would expect to see this commercial about umpteen bajillion times (a bajillion = a whole freaking lot).

Perhaps Nike deserves credit for sticking by their golden goose man, but we shouldn’t be surprised their marketing department is capitalizing on Tiger’s mistakes. Granted, the commercial gives an appearance of disapproval and finger-wagging, but again, they want to sell you golf clubs, and whether or not Tiger’s star has been fractured, his presence, especially now, makes for a compelling approach.

I suppose this method is better than having Tiger celebrate his mistakes by pitching golf clubs with a bevy of scantily-clad golf hotties running around in the background. I’m thinking something along the lines of Doria Baird’s spread she did for Maxim from a few years ago.

You know? Something like this:

Doria Baird

Then again, maybe I’m wrong. I think the Doria Baird method would’ve been filled with an illegal amount of “____ you, I’m Tiger Woods and you’re not” awesomeness that would’ve knocked the judgmental world of sports fans on its collective asses.


The voicemail version of Tiger’s commercial. Two words: ***king awesome.

All of this is proof that it’s simply Tiger’s world and we’re only living in it, like it or not. It doesn’t matter if his actions disagree with a particular moral setting. The fact that the public even cares this much — about a golfer, mind you — is all the evidence required.

Amar’e's Goggles

Amar'e Goggles

The boys from Vote4Amare are back with their second installment, and this time, they’re not talking about practice. No. Instead, they’re talking about goggles. Now remember, OSHA teaches us the importance of taking care of your eyes with protective goggles, so why shouldn’t that apply to the NBA? Who cares how they look? Following that rationale, what if protected eyes improved your game to an All-Star level? Would you be down with wearing them then? No matter how they made you look?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Anyway, here is Amar’e and David Spade with their second segment of their Vote4Amare series.

Whatever it is they are doing, they must be doing it right, because at last count, Amar’e was the leading vote-getter among Western Conference centers.

Nike Puppets Bring Christmas Cheer

While I’m not the biggest fan of the Nike Puppets, KRS-One + anything usually = pretty damn awesome, so I must give my approval. The “Dunking on Reindeer” video is a continuation of the rap battle started by the Reindeer (Lupe Fiasco) when they called out Santa Claus (KRS). It’s doubtful I’ll be buying either LeBron’s or Kobe’s shoes anytime soon, but again, as long as they keep coming with KRS-One, they’ll have my attention.

Oh look. Someone was good enough to edit all three commercials into one YouTube offering:

Now go buy some Nikes for Christmas. ;)

The Jordan Brand Continues to Roll

Question: When Phil Knight hits his knees before he goes to bed at night, do you think he thanks God or Michael Jordan? I know where I’m leaning.

As you know, I’m a fan of all things Jordan (the player, even in Washington), so I jump at the chance to post Jordan-related material, including his commercials, like the new retrospective joint above these keystrokes. Where does this new one rank among the some of the all-time greats? Seeing how it’s more of an encapsulation of his career, the commercial does its job quite well.

I just wish he didn’t allow them to charge so damn much for his shoes. Mike, don’t you have enough money by now?

H/t to On Blast At Last.

The Top 5 Air Jordan Commercials

In honor of the Jordan XX3 commercial that came out this past weekend—just in time for the NBA’s All-Star Weekend celebration—we’ve decided to countdown the best Air Jordan commercials; a job made considerably easier thanks to the Air Jordan Commercial List from the NikeTalk forum.

Is It The Shoes? - circa 1990

The best of the Mars Blackmon commercials. Bonus: “Do you know, do you know, do you know” became big part of the daily lexicon back in the day. It even superseded Nike’s “Just Do It” motto.

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