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Posts Tagged ‘NFL Training Camp’

Andre Smith’s Bad Luck Continues

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Just two days after ending his 30-day holdout with the Cincinnati Bengals, Andre Smith, the sixth overall pick, fractured his left foot during Tuesday’s practice session. Smith hurt his foot during a non-contact drill and is expected to be out for “a few weeks.” One could it’s situations like these — the unnecessary holdout only to sign the franchise-serving contract just to get injured a mere two days later — help the Bengals earn their “Bungles” nickname.

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Brett Favre Invokes Tool References

Apparently, Brett Favre’s presence in the Minnesota Vikings locker room has created enough tension, nameless sources have resorted to using Tool songs to describe the environment. Evidently, the pieces don’t fit quite like Maynard was referring to in the song.

Time now to see if they’ll fall away.

I’m curious, however, about what happens if Favre plays well. Will the pieces come back together, reestablishing positive communication?

They Call Him Housh (Seattle Seahawks)

T.J. Houshmandzadeh

The man of the amazing last name, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, looks like a big hit in Seattle. From signing the domes of Mohawk-ed fans to expectations of him leading a Hasselbeck/Seahawks passing game resurrection, while Housh may not be the biggest free agent signing — Haynesworth? Bart Scott? — he’s not far from the top. Further, he might be asked to do more than the other, “better” free agent players above him. Keep in mind just how visible the wide receiver position is; not to mention how much pub a good passing game, led by Matt Hasselbeck, will draw. Especially when he’s throwing to a player with Houshmandzadeh’s natural, made-for-the-camera personality.

Seattle fans already love him, if the lead image says anything at all.

More Housh love in Seattle after the jump >>

Bad News, Redskins Fans

Jason Campbell
Click for bigger image

Apparently, the guys at Sports Illustrated have had enough of this “I am fine now, but there were a couple of times in the off-season…” talk and wanted to put their stamp on Campbell’s upcoming season — not to mention, they’ve added a little bit of pressure, provided he survives the SI cover jinx. “[Campbell] might be under the harshest spotlight of any NFL player as training camps open across the country.” Add that to all the “fan support” he’s been receiving, and one starts to wonder why Campbell didn’t push even harder for a trade.

And then you have Clinton Portis and his non-gay blond/courtesy of Sisqo dye job. Looks like good times are indeed coming for Redskins fans.

H/t to Mister Irrelevant for the find.

Bengals Fans Are Ready For the Season

Bengals Plane

By now, the various NFL training camps are opened, and in Georgetown, Kentucky, a group of fans are already in mid-season form. The punishment gluttons over at Who Dey Revolution paid a visit to the Bengals training camp, but instead of being starstruck fans, the WDR crew showed up on a mission. Judging by the pictures from their posts, it looks like the mission was a success.

Getting your message across after the jump >>

As The Favre Turns

Favre Motivation

Continuing with the storyline of the offseason, it appears as if the Packers front office is talking to interested parties about acquiring Favre’s services. According to reports, these attempts are being made at the behest of Commissioner Roger Goodell, who, earlier in the week, encouraged the Packers to find a solution to the Brett Favre hubbub.

Apparently, the Commissioner is as tired of hearing about all things Favre as the rest of us are.

Although the reports don’t indicate who the interested parties are, it does say teams from both the AFC and the NFC are interested. So which teams want Brett? Here’s a not-so-scientific approach to try and narrow Favre’s potential destination, complete with rating system which indicates the chances of a trade happening to that particular team.


* New York Jets — no offense to Pennington, but let’s be serious here. Favre would do well with the New York media. However, what, exactly, do the Jets have to offer besides draft picks — even though they are worth their weight in gold to NFL GMs?

We’ll give this one three Number 4s out of a possible four.

Number 4 Number 4 Number 4

* Miami Dolphins — they are really needing a quality quarterback, along with just about everything else. But, I don’t think Parcells would be willing to take Favre and all the media attention that would go along with it while giving away draft picks or his budding young talent.

Zero out of four.

Number 4

* Baltimore Ravens – this actually looks like a decent match. It would give future quarterback Joe Flacco someone to study under (although, you might want to ask Aaron Rodgers about the tutelage he received) and the Ravens could offer a number of draft picks and players — Kyle Boller or Troy Smith — to make this happen. But, do the Packers want a logjam of unproven/ineffective quarterbacks?

However, considering Baltimore’s need and the attraction an available player like Favre to a franchise that hasn’t had an effective quarterback since Trent Dilfer, I give this three Number 4s out of four.

Number 4 Number 4 Number 4

* Houston Texans – While this could actually move Houston from a potential 8-8 team into a Playoff contender, I’m not sure the Texans front office would want to mortgage their bright future for a “win now” proposal. Furthermore, save their quarterbacks, I doubt the Texans would be willing to part with any of their young studs.

Again, after drafting a couple of quarterbacks a few weeks ago, it’s not like the Packers need a Tampa Bay-like stable of signal callers.

One Number 4 out of four.

Number 4

* Oakland Raiders – I have to think Al Davis would love a gunslinger type of quarterback to lead his team of stud running backs and growing receivers while letting JaMarcus Russell absorb as much as he can from the Mississippi native. The Raiders could offer a package of one of their many running backs along with the necessary draft picks to make it happen. The question is, would Favre go to a team that’s struggled as much as the Raiders have over the past few seasons?

From Al Davis’ perspective, I’m tempted to give this a four out of four; however, I don’t think Favre would approve such a trade.

Two Number 4s out of four.

Number 4 Number 4

As for the Kansas City Chiefs, I don’t think Carl Peterson would be so bold and besides, the Chiefs really seem committed to the their youth movement. In the case of the Denver Broncos and Mike Shanahan, they say they are committed to Jay Cutler; although, you have to think Shanahan would jump at a chance to have a QB like Favre lead his team. But would he give away his team’s draft picks to do so?

* Kansas City – zero out of four.

Number 4

* Denver Broncos – two Number 4s out of four.

Number 4 Number 4


I think you can count out the teams in the NFC North, unless the Vikings offer Adrian Peterson — yeah, right. So with that in mind, it leaves teams like Tampa Bay and Carolina, although, it sounds like Jake Delhomme is expected to return to the Panthers after a season-ending elbow injury.

* Tampa Bay – Favre represents everything Jon Gruden wants in a quarterback, but besides draft picks and some excess running backs, is there enough to entice the Packers to trade him south? Of course, when you look at most NFL trades, the amount of draft picks being offered has more value than players do. NFL teams like having as many draft picks as they can acquire. With that, it looks like Tampa Bay has one of the better shots at landing Favre, provided the Packers would feel comfortable trading Brett to a team in the NFC.

Four Number 4s out of four for Tampa Bay.

Number 4 Number 4 Number 4 Number 4

Now all we have to do is hurry up and wait some more for this whole mess to be dissolved. Hell, if were lucky, maybe Commissioner Goodell’s request to get the deal done by this coming Sunday can be fulfilled. Of course, if/when Favre is traded, it will set off another media storm — one that dwarfs what we are going through now.

Where do you think ole Brett will wind up?

NFL Training Camp Starts This Week

NFL Training Camp

The NFL opens their collective training camps this week, so those of you waiting impatiently for football to make it’s glorious fall return, you only have a few weeks to wait until preseason. While only two teams actually opens their doors today — the Baltimore Ravens and the Philadelphia Eagles — today is considered the official start of the NFL’s training portion of the offseason.

And just in case you want to see Jason Taylor in his new digs before the season starts, the Washington Redskins opened up their camp this past Saturday.

So what are some of the stories to be aware of as we move closer and closer to the actual season? Will the aforementioned Jason Taylor make a splash in Washington or was this another misguided move on Daniel Snyder’s part? In Georgetown, Kentucky, folks have to be wondering about Chad Johnson. Will he actually make a commitment to Bengals or is he just in camp to avoid being fined? What about the Patriots? Was last year the pinnacle for the franchise — regular season, anyway — or can they keep their stranglehold over the AFC and actually finish the deal this time or was the Giants game a sign of things to come?

Will Peyton Manning’s knee be OK? What about Marvin Harrison’s legal record? Will Jessica Simpson continue to doom Tony Romo and his Dallas Cowboys or has her apparent bad luck gone away?

Oh yeah. Let’s not forget about that Favre fellow, either. While I’m enjoying watching media members fight it out about all things Favre, I, like most every other blog comment I’ve read discussing the matter, am tired of the NFL’s Favre and Pony show. Where will his release requests (hostage demands) lead this story? Will the Packers trade their prodigal son or will both parties STFU come to some kind of amicable agreement and end this madness or will it continue on until the trading deadline is upon us?

Stay tuned because it’s just getting started.

He’s Baaaaaaaaaack

Chad Johnson

Guess who showed up at camp yesterday? If you said a disgruntled-but-talented receiver who would be much better served by closing the hole under his nose and just kept playing the Pro Bowl-level football he’s been producing these last three-or-four seasons, you’d be correct.

And no, you haven’t been sent back in time to relive the Terrell Owen/Philadelphia Eagles shenanigans all over again, either.

Nope, it’s still 2008 and the person I’m talking about is, of course, Chad Johnson. That’s right. Just like he said he would, Ocho Cinco showed up at the Cincinnati Bengals mandatory camp yesterday and judging by the various reports, he was pretty quiet about the whole ordeal. Oh well. Give it time. He’ll be talking again about being mistreated and wanting traded really soon.

It’s almost inevitable.

Anyway, according to the Cincy Jungle blog, Johnson participated in drills but did not practice. I guess he’s pretty familiar with Carson Palmer already, but if he’s planning on playing for Bengals this fall, maybe he could try making some some amends with his quarterback. You know, the guy responsible for getting him the ball…

Oh yeah, apologizing to his fans wouldn’t hurt either.