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Posts Tagged ‘NFC North’

Aaron Rodgers Needs Some Protection

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Aaron Rodgers

In two games, Green Bay quarterback has been sacked 9.5 times by only two players: Cincinnati’s Antwan Odom sacked Rodgers five times in Week 2, and last night against the Minnesota Vikings, Jared Allen sacked Rodger 4.5 times, including one for a safety. In fact, the Vikings sacked Rodgers a total of eight times, meaning the Packers severely need to address their offensive line, or, at the very least, pay closer attention to what blocking schemes that aren’t working.

As you do a little more research, you find he’s been sacked a total of 20 times in 4 games.

Through it all, however, Rodgers has kept his passer rating over the 100-point mark. Imagine what that could be like if he didn’t spend half the game running from the Jared Allens of the world? When he has and/or makes time, Rodgers will unleash something like this:

Unfortunately for Packers fans, if your quarterback is getting sacked an average of five times a game, it means his time in the pocket is awfully limited. Perhaps on their next draft, the Packers front office won’t wait until the fourth round to address their pass protection issues.

Chicago Bears Break Out The Cutlercopter

Maybe Jay’s comparisons of himself to John Elway were more accurate than we were ready to believe. Oh, and you’ll notice from the graphic Cutler’s touchdown was the Bears’ first first quarter score of the season. Considering their 3-1 record, this is one of those meaningless stats, but their lack of early scoring prowess could easily come back to haunt them. Perhaps Lovie Smith should use the Cutlercopter more often.

It certainly helps Bears fans rally behind their quarterback.

This is Why (Brett Favre)

This is why Brad Childress was willing to mortgage his future with the Minnesota Vikings; why he was willing to essentially disregard all the work Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson put in the off season; why he was willing to fracture his locker room; why he was willing to look like a desperate, desperate man: Because these are the types of throws only a player like Brett Favre can make. As long as Favre is content to hand the ball off to Adrian Peterson and only throw when it’s necessary, Childress’ move looks like worthwhile. Granted, Vikings opponents want to take Peterson away, meaning there will be a little more pressure on Favre if they succeed.

But as long as he’s capable of making throws like this, the Vikings — and Brad Childress — looked like they made the correct move to wait for Favre; despite the “will he/won’t he” stuff that drove everyone crazy.

Nick Barnett Feels Like Most of Us (Brett Favre)

That is, he wants to hit Brett Favre and hit him hard. As a Green Bay Packer and former teammate of Favre, Barnett is looking forward to the opportunity of putting the newest member of the Minnesota Vikings on his backside, something he never got enjoy when they played together. Damn red jerseys. Barnett will have his chance when the Vikings and Packers meet on October 5 in Minnesota. Now while that game will get a great deal of pub and hype, the November 1st game, which takes place in Green Bay, is going to be the one everybody watches.

More on the Favre fallout after the jump >>

No Escaping This (Brett Favre)


That looks pretty official, doesn’t it? Our friends at have went ahead and made the Favre/Minnesota Vikings marriage a reality. Are you Favre’d out yet? Because if not, it’s definitely coming. Just think, we haven’t even made it to the dinner time episode of SportsCenter, nor PTI. Can you say “FAVREORGY?” I thought you could.

I guess this means Favre passed the physical?

Favre To Play Friday?

Favre Jersey

Although he hasn’t been officially signed by the Minnesota Vikings, there’s speculation that Brett Favre will be playing this Friday when the Vikings take on the Kansas City Chiefs. According to Pro Football Talk (via ESPN’s Cris Carter — a noted Minnesota insider), it sounds like more than just random guessing on Carter’s part. Upon reflection, Favre’s message is pretty clear: Who needs training camp? Of course, if he plays like ass on Friday against the Chiefs, a team undergoing a massive rebuilding project, it’s safe to say Favre underestimated his effectiveness.

Speaking of, let’s say Favre struggles, not just in preseason, but in the real games, too. Would Brad Childress have to courage to bench Big-Brained Brett in favor of Sage “Shotgun” Rosenfels?

In other news, I’m considering changing the name of this blog from “” to “” It’s only fitting, considering the fact the NFL’s savior has indeed returned.

Coming Soon? (Brett Favre)

Favre Jersey

Amid all the “Favre signs Vikings contract” rumor and denial hubbub, there was this little gem:

“The report also stated that the Vikings have authorized Reebok to begin making Favre jerseys bearing the No. 4.”

If this is indeed true, Bus Cook’s word doesn’t mean that much at all. In other news, I have to wonder how the makers of this sign feel.

Favre's Journey

Probably a lot like Big Daddy Drew did.

His Name is Frerotte. Gus Frerotte.

Gus Frerotte

There’s a lot to talk about from last night’s 30-27 Minnesota win over New Orleans. Reggie Bush’s special teams brilliance and Antoine Winfield’s all over the field play are just two that stand out. However, the story from last night was Gus Frerotte and his three clutch throws to Bernard Berrian in the fourth quarter — all of which played a huge role in Minnesota’s win.

The first deep pass to Berrian almost got Frerotte killed as he took a devastating blast from Will “Don’t Call Me Legend” Smith.

Look! Pictures! After the jump >>