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Posts Tagged ‘NFC East’

DeSean Jackson Is A Beast

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DeSean Jackson

Who is 5-10, 175 pounds and dominates NFL secondaries like they were made out of paper? Judging by the stature listed, truthfully, there’s nobody who should fit that bill, especially in a sport like NFL football. Just don’t tell DeSean Jackson that. Not only is Jackson a bitch for opposing secondaries to cover, he’s also challenging NFL records along the way. With his two eye-popping touchdowns against the New York Giants, the Philadelphia receiver tied the record for most touchdowns over a 50-yard distance with eight.

Again, may I remind you that Jackson is under 6 feet tall and weighs under 200 pounds?

More on Philly’s receiving freak after the jump >>

Miles Austin Is A Freak

Miles Austin Eyes
H/t to KSK for the pic

See what I’m saying about Miles Austin? He such a freakazoid, he has mouths for eyes. If that’s not freaky enough, take a look at his output in the last two games for the Cowboys: 16 catches, 421 yards, 4 touchdowns. Again, in two games. That, friends, comprises a season for some receivers, if not a career. With Austin, however, you get the feeling that he’s just getting started on what could be a very lucrative, explosive stay in the NFL — especially if defensive secondaries don’t start doing a better job of at least trying to cover him. While his game against the Atlanta Falcons wasn’t quite as eye-popping as his game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Austin was still the best receiver on the field.

No offense to Roddy White, either.

Here’s one of Austin’s two touchdown catches against the Falcons:

After the jump >>

Did Roy Williams Turn Into Terrell Owens?

Roy Williams

Apparently, it’s hard for Tony Romo to keep anybody happy nowadays. If it’s not letting down Dallas Cowboy supporters everywhere with his three interception performance against the Giants, therefore spoiling the opening of Jerry Jones’ palatial ode to Cowboys football, he’s apparently not very good at making his big-name wide receivers happy. Just ask Terrell Owens, who, lest we forget, once cried because of the amount of criticism Romo was receiving after another playoff loss; or, in this case, Roy Williams, the player brought in to replace the departed distraction.

Williams isn’t happy with the lack of footballs being thrown his way, so instead of learning from anything Owens did, Williams decides to take his case to the Dallas Morning News. Because, yeah, that’s certainly one way of handling these kinds of situations on a private basis.

“Yeah, it’s frustrating. Why is it not?” Williams said. “I feel like I’m a playmaker. I feel like I can change the game. It didn’t happen in the passing game, so I had to turn into [offensive lineman] Flozell [Adams] on the outside and try to dominate the run game. That’s what was working for us. There are going to be games like that.”

If that’s how you truly believe, Mr. Williams — “There are going to be games like that” — why on earth would you say anything at all that can be construed as you being combative towards your quarterback? Instead of saying, “Yeah, it’s frustrating,” why not try, oh, I don’t know, saying something like, “There will be other games and other opportunities for me to make plays.” or some other innocuous statement? Why do anything in the public eye that looks like a repeat of the TO madness? It doesn’t make much sense.

But then again, this is the same guy, a multimillionaire mind you, who knowingly stiffed a delivery driver on a tip. I’m guessing protecting your quarterback in the press is not a second nature characteristic for Williams.

Via PFT.

The Eagles Introduce Vick

A word of advice to the newly-signed Vick: Saying the right thing and doing the right thing are entirely different entities. Talk is cheap. Actions are not. While I admit I don’t share the same kind of venom about the Vick signing as, say, PETA does — awesome Nia Long image, by the way — I do understand the disposition. Vick still has a lot of canine blood on his hands, and that is not going to be forgotten anytime soon.

Although, the first time he scores one of his magnificent running touchdowns for the Eagles, the memories in Philadelphia will get much, much shorter.

Bad News, Redskins Fans

Jason Campbell
Click for bigger image

Apparently, the guys at Sports Illustrated have had enough of this “I am fine now, but there were a couple of times in the off-season…” talk and wanted to put their stamp on Campbell’s upcoming season — not to mention, they’ve added a little bit of pressure, provided he survives the SI cover jinx. “[Campbell] might be under the harshest spotlight of any NFL player as training camps open across the country.” Add that to all the “fan support” he’s been receiving, and one starts to wonder why Campbell didn’t push even harder for a trade.

And then you have Clinton Portis and his non-gay blond/courtesy of Sisqo dye job. Looks like good times are indeed coming for Redskins fans.

H/t to Mister Irrelevant for the find.

No More TO In Dallas

TO Mask
Who does that masked man play for? Not Dallas.

Get your popcorn ready because the man in mask is departing from the Dallas Cowboys. Yes, folks, Terrell Owens has been cut. Different directions were cited as the reason. As you can expect, there’s a landslide’s worth of reaction and information pouring about the Owens release, with the Dallas Morning News being at the front and center.

Jean-Jacques Taylor says TO had to go and now it’s Romo’s team.

His personality is too powerful. There was no one in the locker room with the professional success or the intestinal fortitude to insist he sit down and shut up.

So he had to go.

More on TO’s departure after the jump >>

No Romo, No Play

Tony RomoThe most famous quarterback in Texas not named Colt McCoy will be out a little longer than secondarily expected. Tony Romo went on Terrell Owens’ television show yesterday and discussed his hand injury and whether or not he’d be playing on Sunday.

The answer, according to Romo, is no. Furthermore, he’s not sure he’ll be back by the team’s bye-week on the weekend of November 9.

“Brad is going to go this week unless something happens that I don’t foresee,” Romo said. “It will be very difficult to change. Right now, we’ve got to get two wins going into the bye and go from there.”

Apparently, Brett Favre’s “man up” phone didn’t help matters as much as people thought.

Is The Terrell Owens Situation Escalating?

Terrell Owens

After watching Terrell Owens all these years, it’s still really hard to get a bead on how he really feels, unless, of course, he’s not happy with the way he’s being used. If TO isn’t happy, he’s not afraid to let everyone who will listen know how he feels, even if it’s a distraction to his team. After the Cowboys lost to the Redskins on Sunday, Owens let the media know he wasn’t being used correctly, even though close to 20 offensive plays went his way.

Apparently, Owens wasn’t satisfied complaining to the media and decided to voice his displeasure with Tony Romo, the same quarterback he cried for last season. Can you say “chemistry issues?” I thought you could.

The types of routes and throws are what concerns Owens, the sources said. The receiver, who the sources said was venting to Romo about his frustrations, has not liked how some of the throws were coming from the quarterback as far back as the season opener.

But Owens said Sunday he is still confident in Romo.

Is this the same kind of confidence Owens had in Donovan McNabb? Furthermore, how long will this “confidence” last if Romo doesn’t look TO’s way when Owens thinks he should? If the past is anything to go on, it wouldn’t be surprising if Dallas’ chemistry situation gets worse before it gets better.

Lastly, it’s nice to see TO stick by his “I love me some me” mantra. I wonder how long Dallas fans will share that sentiment — especially if Owens continues to put himself ahead of the team.