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Posts Tagged ‘New Orleans Saints’

Marshawn Lynch Destroys The Saints

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Marshawn Lynch

Hasselbeck loves it

And that, folks, is how a 7-9 Seattle Seahawks team absolutely shocks the defending Super Bowl champions: Four touchdown passes from a celebrating Matt Hasselbeck and a 67-yard touchdown run from one of the more enjoyable players in football, Marshawn Lynch. The phrase “beast mode” has always been associated with Lynch, or “beef mode,” if you will — because of his jeweled fronts –and after his eye-popping, game-sealing touchdown, which included a devastating stiff arm that bowled Tracy Porter over so much, he was rendered useless, Lynch was clearly in complete beast, or beef mode (depending on your preference).

After the jump, a gif of Lynch’s beast mode touchdown >>

Reggie Bush Forfeits Heisman Trophy

Reggie Bush

Previous USC Trojans and current New Orleans Saints running back, Reggie Bush, has decided to forfeit his 2005 Heisman Trophy, amid speculation the Heisman committee would strip him of it as punishment for his decisions while attending USC. Bush, the first Heisman winner to forfeit his trophy, made his decision known by releasing the following statement to

Bush’s statement, after the jump

Brees and Obama Get Us Ready for Football

Brees and Obama

The New Orleans Saints took their Super Bowl Champions trip to the White House over the weekend in order to celebrate their Super Bowl win with the leader of the free world. The White House visit doubles as both a final chapter/closing of the book for the last season, while serving as a clear sign the new season is upon us. Of course, the NFL’s first preseason game of the new year does the same, if not more. For example, during last night’s Bengals/Cowboys scrimmage, my phone was blowing up with texts asking about and discussing fantasy football leagues.

It’s about that time, folks. As for the Saints, President Obama gave the team immense credit for being a beacon for the city of New Orleans in light of the BP disaster, among other things.

“It’s a rare thing when a sports team carries its city through tough times,” Obama said in an East Room ceremony honoring the Saints. “We are very proud of this team.”

So who’ll be the next team from the NFL to visit Obama? Can the Saints repeat as champs or is it time for the Dallas Cowboys to rise up? If Favre comes back to the Vikings, you have to like their chances as well. Another NFC team of note in a position to block the Saints repeat bid are the Green Bay Packers; provided, of course, the Packers can do a better job of protecting Aaron Rodgers.

Apparently, God IS a Saints Fan

Super Dome Cloud

This picture was snapped on Sunday during one of the many Mardi Gras parades and if you look at the clouds, you’ll see one that’s shaped an awful lot like the Louisiana Superdome, which is apparently God’s way of joining the Saints’ Super Bowl celebration.

For comparison’s sake, here’s a picture of the Superdome:


And now the Superdome cloud:


Coincidence? I think not.

H/t to for the image.

Saints Boobs Caught On Camera

Saints Fan Boobs

Update: Since someone complained and started to threaten, and I don’t really want to deal with it I replaced the original image with one of these two Saints Fans. Although you can still see what was originally there over at SBB

No, that wasn’t a anonymous cell phone image posted on a random Saints forum somewhere. Instead, you can thank Getty Images for the picture, which captured a particularly exuberant Saints fan and her obvious desire to expose her boobs. And then they put the image on perhaps the popular sports site on the Internet — Yahoo Sports — making sure it wouldn’t go unnoticed.

And it didn’t.

Here’s hoping Miss Saints Boobs Fan made it home OK. Oh, and to the bloggers making fun of her with “Do No Want” type of comments, please. Just stop. If you were a Saints fan, in the same crowd, you would’ve done the same thing, if not tried to bogart in on SBF’s fun. Don’t lie. It’s unbecoming.

I, for one, admire her exuberance, among other things; although, I’m left wondering if she received any beads for her celebratory exposure?

Tracy Porter and the MVP

Tracy Porter

Drew Brees is your Super Bowl MVP, and rightfully so. The quarterback clinic he put on from the second quarter on was one for the ages. After missing on four passes in the first quarter, Brees only had three more incomplete passes for the rest of the game. Because of that, Brees got to tell the world he and his family are going to Disney World, a benefit of being the Super Bowl MVP. While Brees’ MVP resume is full of qualifiers — the two-point conversion, for one — it was a Saints defender who had the game’s MVP*.

I’m talking about Tracy Porter, of course, and his game-deciding pick-six interception of Peyton Manning. To put it bluntly, it was a thing of football beauty, regardless who you root for.

Porter’s touchdown after the jump >>

Super Bowl Odds and Ends

Peter King Tweet

Yeah, the Super Bowl‘s this weekend — as is my birthday — and what better way to start the weekend than revisiting the only story the media circus even bothered with this past week: Dwight Freeney’s ankle. According to Peter King’s Twitter, Freeney didn’t practice today, after much speculation otherwise. What does this mean? Who knows, however, if there’s not a Vegas betting line for whether or not Freeney plays, I’ll be impressed. As it is, I’m still expecting to see him for at least one down.

While a lot of people have been bitching about the focus on perhaps the most famous NFL ankle ever, it’s nice to see the media fixate on something that actually impacts the game instead of boring-ass special interest tripe.

Of course, considering just how much Freeney’s injury impacts the betting lines, among other things monetarily related, it’s shouldn’t be too surprising.

Other things of note:

After the jump >>

It’s Dwight Freeney’s Week

The undeniable star of Super Bowl XLIV’s media whirlwind has been Dwight Freeney and his ankle. Yes, the biggest game the NFL has, featuring arguably the two best quarterbacks in the NFL, and a defensive end and his joint connecting foot to leg is outshining it all. It helps that Freeney’s a good interview and is quite willing to offer more than just your standard, pat answers. However, if not for his damaged ankle, he’d be another cog in the wheel that is the overwhelming crush that is Super Bowl media day.

Speaking of damaged goods, apparently, Freeney’s ankle sounds like it’s doing better.

Does this mean he’s playing? Of course, the Colts won’t say, but there are even rumors of Freeney testing his ankle in the Colts’ Friday practice. Whatever the case, Freeney did not practice in today’s session.

With that in mind, do the Colts take a chance with a less-than-100-percent Freeney, or completely alter the way they’ll attack the Saints from the line of scrimmage? Of course, most of us are expecting to see him go at least one defensive possession, and naturally, tomorrow’s results will give us a better gauge. With all the talk of Freeney and his damaged ankle, I’m fully expecting Robert Mathis to have one of those MVP/Reggie White-against-the-Patriots kind of game.

It would only make sense.