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Posts Tagged ‘New England Patriots’

Bart Scott’s Parting Shot

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After the New York Jets surprising upset of the New England Patriots was complete, Bart Scott offered some final thoughts about a game that had little-to-no build up, a game where both teams were clearly best of friends, with absolutely zero animosity towards each other. After such a contentious build to the game, it’s not surprising Scott didn’t run after Tom Brady and scream the message he had for Sal Paolantonio directly in Brady’s face.

As it stands, Scott’s parting shot wasn’t the end of his post-game yapping, either:

More of Scott’s post-game musings after the jump >>

Wes Welker Cutting Loose: Footloose

When it comes to trash-talking organizations, the two NFL teams who would be considered polar-opposites would be two teams matched up in the NFL Divisional Playoff Game this very weekend: The New York Jets and The New England Patriots.

New York Jets Head Coach, Rex Ryan, is not one to shy away from mugging for the camera.  He’s not at all afraid of offering sports fans a consistently high level of jackassery with some trash talking remark for his opponents (and his detractors).  On trash talking, Rex Ryan says:

“I just build our guys up. If it’s trash talking that I believe in our football team, then, yes, I agree with that statement. I’m the biggest trash talker there is. I don’t disrespect anybody else. I just have confidence in our football team. I don’t mean to be disrespectful at all to opponents.”

Conversely, Bill Belichick is the antithesis of the trash-talking head coach.  The stone-faced crypt-keeper with the wood-chipper style hoodie speaks in one tone – that’s monotone.  Everyone is always on the injury report.  All teams are worthy opponents.  Cut it, print it, ship it – we’re done here.

Hot foot action after the jump >>

C.J. Spiller Has Some Wheels

Sure, the Buffalo Bills lost to the Patriots yesterday, 38-30, but it wasn’t for a lack of effort — or an explosive run-back from rookie C.J. Spiller. Yes, a loss is a loss, be it by eight points or a 1000, but unlike the Kentucky Wildcats against the superior Florida Gators, the Bills, well, tried, even though they were going against a better team most folks expected them to get smashed by.

Hell, the Bills scored more points than the 2-1 Bengals did against the Patriots, and Spiller’s two touchdowns, one courtesy of the aforementioned 95-yard return, played a big part in that.

Sam Bradford Looked Pretty Damn Sharp

Sam Bradford

In his first start as an NFL quarterback for the St Louis Rams, whatever tests he had to take, Sam Bradford passed them, and he did so with flying colors, to the tune of completing 15 of 22 passes for 189 yards and two touchdowns. His play garnered a QB rating of 125.0. With that in mind, perhaps all of the pundits should have the same excited perspective — if only for one game — concering Bradford’s performance, if, for nothing else, the lack of big-time talent around him at the skill positions (Steven Jackson notwithstanding).

That being said, the preseason grain of salt is still in effect hear, no matter how glowing a report Bradford sees. Nevertheless, with the Rams having issues at almost every position on offense, especially the offensive line — they surrendered 44 sacks last season — Bradford’s play against the New England Patriots, who were using their first-team defense, was eye-opening.

Video and more praise after the jump >>

Tom Brady’s Hair Gets Us Ready for Football

Tom Brady

Are the New England Patriots positioning themselves for another Super Bowl run? If Tom Brady’s hair has anything to say about it, yes, they are. And hey, Justin Bieber likes it (via):

“Nice haircut, Brady. Dude’s got some golden locks. Haha.”

As if you needed another reason to root for Tom Brady. He quarterbacks the team you hate, his women are hotter than yours and now his hair makes Justin Bieber envious. Sounds like all you need to further focus your ire at TB12.

Willis McGahee’s Stiff Arm of Doom

I’m not sure what Oakland Raiders safety Hiram Eugene was trying to do there, but apparently, tackling Willis McGahee wasn’t part of the plan. At least not in a manner most defensive players use. Maybe Eugene wanted to be stiff armed in such a dominating fashion so the Raiders wouldn’t ask him to come back next season.

See? There is a method to the madness of poor defensive tackle attempts. You just have to look a little closer.

For their efforts, well McGahee’s, anyway, the Baltimore Ravens are playoff-bound. Their opening game sees them travel to New England to play the Patriots on Sunday. McGahee finished his playoff-saving day with 167 yards, while scoring all three of the Ravens’ touchdowns.

Drew Breesus Looks Most Valuable

After eviscerating the New England Patriots last night to the tune of 371 yards, five touchdowns and a perfect passer rating, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew “Breesus” Brees has the air of a most valuable player around him today. Rightfully so. The offensive display Brees and his Saints put on the Patriots signaled a proverbial passing of the torch as the Saints took over the mythical “feared team” moniker away from Tom Brady and his crew. Two seasons ago, it was Brady on the giving side of these types of offensive beatdowns as they rolled to an 18-0 record and a Super Bowl appearance.

Obviously, New Orleans coach Sean Payton learned a thing or two watching the 2007 Patriots absolutely roll their way through the regular season and he has his Saints in a position to do the same. The question going forward is, with only five games remaining on their schedule, are Drew Brees and company going to be able to finish the regular season with an unblemished record?

If online polls of hometown fans are any indicator — and how can they not be — the Saints will be perfect when the regular season ends. The remaining schedule for the Saints looks like so:

@ Washington Redskins
Win, but the ‘Skins have been playing better lately. Could be a trap game.

@ Atlanta Falcons
With a healthy Matt Ryan and Michael Turner, this game represents a legitimate tiger trap.

Versus Dallas Cowboys
If the Saints are going to lose at home, Dallas is the kind of team that to do it.

Versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Saints roll.

@ Carolina Panthers
The Panthers of old would probably win this game, but with Jake Delhomme giving the ball away at such an alarming rate, the Saints will roll here, too — provided they don’t decide to “rest” their starters for the playoffs.

As of this post, I’m going to put the Saints down for one loss, and that’s probably coming from either Dallas or Atlanta — way to go out on a limb, I know — but that matters not in the big picture because the Saints will still have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and as they showed against the Patriots, they are damn hard to beat in the Superdome.

I, For One, Like Denver’s Uniforms

Denver Broncos

If loving Denver’s yellow-black-and-brown concoction of a uniform is wrong, I don’t want to be right. The Broncos broke their nifty combination out for their surprising overtime win against the New England Patriots. While the general consensus looks like a big negative, I, for some reason, am feeling them — and no, this is not some big “jump on the Josh McDaniels bandwagon,” either. If anything, I should probably hate the Broncos considering the Immaculate Deflection happened to the team I actually root for: the Bengals. Nevertheless, I’m eschewing the norm and declaring my affection for Denver’s throwbacks.

There’s something about the blackish-brown helmets and the yellow jerseys that work for me. Not in a Pittsburgh Steelers kind of way, mind you, but I do like the combination. Oh, and in case you are wondering? Those wild-looking socks are awesome — even the ones that wrap around like a barbershop pole:

Denver Broncos

Oh, and being contrary is not the only reason I like them, either. Something about them just works for me; although, I’m in a very small minority — and you know what, I don’t care. I like them. Deal with it. Now, what does that say about me besides I do enjoy going against conventional wisdom from time to time? I also have a quirky sense when it comes to fashion, apparently.

I wonder how Bill Belichick feels about Denver’s throwbacks? I’d say he’s glad he won’t have to look at those damn things anymore this season. Good for him. Too bad for me.