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8 Long-Lasting Things Still Shorter Than The NBA Playoffs

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Every year the NBA playoffs are a test of endurance, not only for the players who must survive the two-month stint right after finishing an 82-game season, but also for the fans who give up their normal primetime TV viewing, get a little less sleep, and endure hours of commercials they normally skip with their DVRs.

The NBA playoffs are long, and since switching the first round to a 7-game series, they tend to drag on even longer. Even the games themselves seem longer, with more fouls, injuries, and stoppage of play, mostly because of the heightened competitiveness of the players. The NBA playoffs are so long that many other things typically viewed as agonizingly long do not even come close. The following are ten examples.

More agonizingly long things after the jump >>

There is a New Jordan in Town: Jordan McCabe

There is definitely a new, extremely talented Jordan in the world of basketball. It’s not Michael Jordan.  It’s Jordan McCabe.  Mind you, this one is destined for the NBA if he plays his cards right. If, for some reason the NBA is not his final destiny, the Harlem Globetrotters could present a fall-back position for Jordan McCabe.

He was recently featured on a “The Little Heroes” segment on KOMO News Television out of Seattle, Washington.  Watch the sick-mad skills on this youngster, at the tender young age of 12-years old, and yes, persevere through the 15-second lead-in.  It’s worth it.

If you watch the whole segment, you realize that this kid isn’t just about performing unchallenged ball-handling exhibitions to wow onlookers.  Jordan McCabe joined a pick-up basketball with people well in advance of his age and performed quite well, sharing the rock, dishing assists, and scoring when he had an open look (and sometimes even when he didn’t have an open look).

Read more about the amazing Jordan McCabe >>

It’s NBA Free Agent Time*


*Done to the tune of “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time.”

The NBA’s free agent season is upon us and thanks to various opt-outs, there are a few more gems on the market, provided your team is willing to spend the cash. The biggest names choosing to opt-out of their current contracts are Baron Davis, Elton Brand, Gilbert Arenas, Corey Maggette and Shawn Marion to name a few. Of these players, Brand, Marion, and Arenas are expected to stay with the teams they are currently with while Davis and Maggette could very well wind up in different cities.

For Brand and Davis, by choosing to opt-out, both players left substantial amounts of money on the table in order to pursue a new contract and perhaps a new team. While acknowledging he’d like to stay in Los Angeles with the Clippers, by opting-out, Brand left $16.4 million on the table in order to renegotiate for a new long-term deal. When Davis elected to discard his current contract with the Golden State Warriors, he forfeited the rights to the 17.8 million salary he would’ve made next season.

Now there are rumors indicating the Clippers are going to try and sign Davis, although, the team has met with other free agent point guards like Beno Udrih and Jose Calderon. LA’s other team would save money by signing either one of the other non-Davis point guards but neither one has Davis’ ability.

As for the player in our lead image, Gilbert Arenas, he is expected to resign with the Wizards after they signed teammate Antwan Jamison to a long-term deal. When Arenas has spoke about staying in Washington, his desire was for the team to keep Jamison as well. Now that that detail has been taken care, What’s Eating Gilbert is expected to remain with the Wizards.

The question is, will Gilbert be getting the max contract or will he take less money to stay? Thanks to the Wizards Insider, we now know Arenas was offered a max-level contract that would pay him $124 million over six years. The Wizards offer was made to counter one from Baron Davis’ old team, the Golden State Warriors, which was reported in the neighborhood of $100 million.

Based on Golden State’s activity, it really seems like Baron Davis has played his last game in Golden State. If your team was confident they were going to retain his services, would they have offered Arenas?

ESPN’s Chad Ford has a list of the the best free agents available this off-season. Do you see anybody that could fit your team and make them better, provided they didn’t blow their whole salary structure to sign them?

1. Elton Brand, Clippers
2. Gilbert Arenas, Wizards
3. Baron Davis, Warriors
4. Corey Maggette, Clippers
5. DeSagana Diop, Nets
6. Beno Udrih, Kings
7. Kurt Thomas, Spurs
8. James Posey, Celtics
9. Mickael Pietrus, Warriors
10. Ricky Davis, Heat

Honorable mention:

Kwame Brown, Grizzlies — (Kwame Brown? Really?)
Shaun Livingston, Clippers
Brent Barry, Spurs
Bostjan Nachbar, Nets
Carlos Arroyo, Magic
Chris Duhon, Bulls
Eduardo Najera, Nuggets
Matt Barnes, Warriors
Alonzo Mourning, Heat — (No next Tiger Woods, there, Alonzo?)
Gerald Green, Rockets
Patrick O’Bryant, Warriors
Jason Williams, Heat
Juwan Howard, Mavs
Jarvis Hayes, Pistons
Robert Horry, Spurs — (Have the big shots run out?)
James Jones, Blazers
Michael Finley, Spurs
Jannero Pargo, Hornets
Damon Stoudamire, Spurs
Sam Cassell, Celtics
Jamaal Magloire, Nets
Kareem Rush, Pacers
Gordan Giricek, Suns
Michael Doleac, Timberwolves
Francisco Elson, Sonics
Keyon Dooling, Magic
Quinton Ross, Clippers
Antoine Wright, Mavericks
Fred Jones, Knicks
Juan Dixon, Pistons
Maurice Evans, Magic
Primoz Brezec, Raptors
Anthony Johnson, Kings
Tyronn Lue, Kings
Theo Ratliff, Pistons
Adonal Foyle, Magic
Sebastian Telfair, Timberwolves — (Is this what going through the fire got you?)
Kirk Snyder, Timberwolves

Happy NBA free agency period. Good luck everybody. Finally, here’s another good read on the NBA’s free agent extravaganza.

Taking A Crack At The USA Basketball Roster

LeBron James

While the official USA Basketball Men’s Senior Team roster comes out on Monday, I figured since today is Friday, I’d take a crack at guessing who’s on the roster out and then checking it for accuracy on Monday. Sound like a plan? OK, here’s our shot at the final 12:

1. Kobe Bryant
2. LeBron James
3. Dwayne Wade
4. Carmelo Anthony
5. Dwight Howard
6. Jason Kidd
7. Chris Bosh
8. Michael Redd
9. Carlos Boozer
10. Deron Williams
11. Tayshaun Prince
12. Chris Paul

From everything I’ve been reading about Team USA, it really does look like spots 1-11 are spoken for, with three of them being pretty much confirmed. The guesswork comes in at number 12, the final position on Team USA. Judging by the available pool of talent (see the On The Bubble portion), Paul is almost a no-brainer.

However, upon further review, you see the above roster only has two big men — Howard and Bosh. Does this mean Tyson Chandler has a chance to leap-frog his teammate and take the final spot? Of course, the above roster without Paul only has two legitimate point guards in Kidd and Williams. This means the final position will probably be decided on need.

If you were the coach, would you take another point guard or another big man? How about another pure shooter besides Michael Redd? The results of this quiz will be back on Monday.

Weekly Pwnage – Ronnie Price Was Busy

It was a busy Game 4 for Utah’s Ronnie Price yesterday. After getting smashed to the floor by Ronny Turiaf — a fall that opened Price up above the eye and resulted in Turiaf getting ejected (Price also received stitches for his troubles) — he followed that up with a resounding blocked shot, one that left victim Luke Walton looking kind of dazed and confused.

Of course, coming from the Bill Walton gene pool, that’s to be expected.

The question surrounding the Turiaf foul is whether or not Ronny should have been ejected or did the officials overreact when they saw Price’s blood?

Yes it was a hard foul, although, it didn’t look like Turiaf was trying to injure Price. However, it does look like he did help guide him to the floor with his left arm. But does that make it a Flagrant 2 or did the appearance of Price’s blood after he hits the floor elevate the foul’s severity in the eyes of the refs? Whatever the case, Turiaf got ejected for his troubles.

Of course, the busy night for Ronnie Price didn’t end there. Later in the fourth quarter, Luke Walton got free for what looked like a breakaway layup. Yeah, not so much. Price ran him down and unceremoniously denied Walton in spectacular fashion.

Was that better than Tayshaun’s block of Reggie Miller, considering the height differential? I mean, Price is listed at 6-2 and Walton is 6-8.

Perhaps next time you should dunk the ball, Luke.

As for the Lakers/Jazz series, it’s tied 2-2 and Game 5 is, for some reason, not until Wednesday night. I guess traveling all the way from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles requires almost a four-day recovery period. Have I ever mentioned the NBA Playoffs’ television schedule sucks?

Weekly Pwnage: Deron Williams Over Houston

While this play starts with Rafer Alston trying to contain the Utah point guard on the perimeter, it ends up with he and Shane Battier getting absolutely dunked on. Williams’ play was just one of multitude of highlights from the NBA Playoffs this weekend — highlights you might’ve missed as they were buried under two days of Chris Berman, Ron Jaworski, Mel Kiper, Keyshawn Johnson, et al.

Odenized has this posted as well but he includes the subsequent play showing just how dominant Williams was down the stretch Saturday night…

Well, besides his two missed free throws at the end but even then, he was bailed out by Mehmet Okur and his potentially game-saving offensive rebound, a rebound that just escaped being secured by McGrady’s hands.

Football ain’t the only game of inches, it appears.

Oh, The Irony

Cue the Alanis Morissette because the NBA just ventured into her territory, but this time, with some real irony, thanks to the Toronto Raptors website… If I’m not mistaken, the NBA is really anti when it comes to recreational drugs like marijuana (pdf). So imagine my surprise when I discovered they are supporting movie that’s all about the Devil’s Weed.



If you didn’t notice in the lower right, there’s an advertisement for the Harold and Kumar sequel and in case you might have forgotten, the Harold and Kumar movies follow two affable stoners on their various misadventures.

If you can’t see it, click the image for a better look. Somebody should really queue the Alanis…

Well look at what we have here:

Weekly Pwnage: Tyson, Meet Jason

So what’s better? A blocked shot or getting dunked on? How about blocking an alley-oop dunk attempt? I’m not sure but you might want to ask Jason Maxiell and Tyson Chandler their opinion before making yours:

The saying, “Don’t you bring that weak sh** in here” comes to mind but Chandler doesn’t go weak to the rim. Maxiell was just a little stronger than he was. It’s almost like the irresistible force, immovable object paradox.

In this case, the immovable object (Maxiell) won.