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Posts Tagged ‘NBA Preseason’

LeBron’s First Workout With The Heat

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LeBron James

Now that THE DECISION has come and gone, and LeBron’s new address has been accepted by the masses — well, until this, I’m sure — it’s time for him to start getting ready for basketball season. Naturally, there’s video of the event, which would be his first workout at the Miami Heat‘s practice facility.

Like You Been Blinded pointed out (H/T), no Heat coach Erik Spoelstra cannot do anything that even closely resembles guarding his new star player.

I’m sure seeing James working out for another team will only reopen some of the just-starting-to-heal wounds for the Cavaliers fans who stayed true to their team, but maybe it can bring some closure as well. Nothing’s going to make James’ actions any easier to swallow, but sometimes, realization of a relationship’s finality can kick-start the healing process.

Of course, whatever “healing” occurs will be completely undone when Cleveland hosts the Heat on December 2nd. TNT will be there so, and, I can imagine, will the Ohio National Guard.

Someone will need to be a face of order in all that upcoming chaos.

LeBron Blocking Shots Gets Us Ready for the NBA

Yeah, there’s not much going on today, unless of course, you prefer reading about Steve Phillips and his adventures in moped riding. Yes, that was a crass, little joke, but man, come on. If Phillips just wanted some strange, there are tons of women out there who are a ton more discreet than a 22-year old MySpace user who happens to be an ESPN intern production assistant. Yeah, you might have to pay a little more for said discretion, but at least your wife won’t find Fatal Attraction letters on your doorstep when you decide to move on.

Anyway, I’m digressing. The reason for this post is twofold: First, it serves as a reminder that the NBA is only six days away from starting its 2009/10 season, and judging by the lead video, LeBron James is in full defensive athletic beast mode. Second, this post is being made to avoid an ESPN analyst’s free time peccadilloes, the opening blurb notwithstanding. Back to LeBron, it looks as if he’s having no complications with his recent bout of flu, nor the cancer scare that he dealt with this past summer.

And hey, maybe the Jordan Crawford “incident” taught LeBron to be more protective of the rim. If that’s indeed the case, it looks like he’s passing that test with flying colors. Or flying blocked shots, if you will.

Shannon Brown Takes The Elevator Up

Congratulations, Shannon. You are our first NBA highlight of the new (pre)season. Oh, thanks are also due to Mikki Moore, who graciously volunteered to be Brown’s dunking victim. This gives truth to the rumor about Moore being concerned with making sure we have the quality play and highlights fans so desire. People were so happy to see Brown’s dunk that, for a little while, his name became the top Twitter trend because so many people were tweeting themselves to death over the pleasure a nasty dunk provides. All things considered concerning modern communication, it’s getting harder and harder not to have some kind of electronic communication device when watching sports. Be it Twitter, forums or team blogs, fans cannot stay away from the instant reaction and gratification 21st century electronic communication provides.

The Twitter orgasm over Brown’s dunk — from a meaningless preseason game, mind you — indicates this quite nicely.

More Preseason NBA Fun: Maurice Evans

Things like the video above simply serve as a reminder the NBA is getting ready for lift-off. In fact, I’m sure they’ll start the final countdown clock any day now. What we have is Maurice Evans dunking on the Detroit Pistons after one of the worst inbound passes I’ve seen in some time. Maybe Cheikh Samb didn’t see Evans standing right behind the Piston he was passing the ball to, or maybe he wasn’t paying attention.

Nevertheless, for his efforts, Samb got posterized by Evans with a nasty, nasty reverse dunk. Maybe next time you’ll be a little bit more cautious with your inbound passes, aye?

A Coming Out Party For Derrick Rose?

Derrick Rose

Were Chicago Bulls fans provided a glimpse of things to come from overall number one pick Derrick Rose or was he simply the benefit of garbage time play in a meaningless preseason game? Rose put on a show in the fourth quarter against the Mavericks last night, scoring 14 of his (preseason) career-high 30 points, while handing out five of his seven assists.

We, of course, have the highlight reel of Rose’s big night. What it shows is the guard’s creativity with the ball, be it when he’s trying to score or set his teammates up. The video also does a good job in demonstrating just how tough a cover Rose will be on a night-in, night-out basis. His quickness, speed and strength will make him a handful for other point guards to contain.

Video after the jump >>

Bill Walker Announces His Arrival

There’s one thing you can say about preseason NBA: It provides good highlights while waiting for the weekend fun. Just ask Bill Walker and Theo Ratliff. Walker, a Celtics rookie, made his debut against the 76ers last night and because of his ability to elevate, it was certainly a memorable start to his NBA career.

Not that it matters, but the Celtics did wind up losing the 76ers last night, but the game will be remembered more for Walker’s nasty facial of Theo Ratliff than it will for the final score.

The Greg Oden Era Begins

Greg Oden

After being delayed for over a year, the long awaited debut of Greg Oden finally happened last night and the initial results were exciting. In 20 minutes of game time, Oden scored 13 points, grabbed five boards and blocked two shots and received a standing ovation for his efforts.

More on Greg Oden’s debut after the jump >>

Oh Yeah, NBA Preseason Is Underway

Greg Oden

The NBA’s preseason schedule began on Sunday and so far, four games have been played. During the beginning of the year, a lot of NBA observers are watching to see how the NBA’s new blood will adapt to the NBA lifestyle.

So far, the two most noticeable rookies that have already played are Miami’s Michael Beasley and Minnesota’s Kevin Love. Neither started, but both contributed noticeable amounts with Love providing 13 points, five rebounds, one blocked shot and one three-point bucket. For the Heat, Beasley also didn’t disappoint as he posted 16 and six in his first outing for Pat Riley Erik Spoelstra.

On a side note, I’d like to say the Miami Heat might have the worst website of any professional sports team I’ve come across. While most team sites are exercises in Flash and other multimedia, the Heat are apparently going for the minimalist look — one that was designed using Frontpage, apparently.

As for the preseason slate, it continues in earnest up until the start of the regular season on October 28th. For those of us waiting to see how Greg Oden is going to look, the wait should end tonight when the Blazers take on Sacramento. Obviously, preseason games are still to be taken with a grain of salt — nevertheless, if Oden plays well, it’ll be hard to ignore.

People have been waiting for his debut for, oh, about a year now. Needless to say, any exceptional play is going to provide a big boost in confidence levels for Blazer fans and Oden fans alike.