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Posts Tagged ‘NBA Playoffs’

8 Long-Lasting Things Still Shorter Than The NBA Playoffs

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Every year the NBA playoffs are a test of endurance, not only for the players who must survive the two-month stint right after finishing an 82-game season, but also for the fans who give up their normal primetime TV viewing, get a little less sleep, and endure hours of commercials they normally skip with their DVRs.

The NBA playoffs are long, and since switching the first round to a 7-game series, they tend to drag on even longer. Even the games themselves seem longer, with more fouls, injuries, and stoppage of play, mostly because of the heightened competitiveness of the players. The NBA playoffs are so long that many other things typically viewed as agonizingly long do not even come close. The following are ten examples.

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Taj Gibson Gets the Conference Finals Started With a Bang

Specifically, Gibson banged all over the face, head and body of Dwyane Wade as Chicago stomped the Miami Heat in Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals. While the Bulls’ defense told the story of the whipping, it was Gibson’s fantastic smash over Wade that set the tone. Twitter loved it, as did the rest of the Internet — save Heat fans, I’m sure.

Although, considering the bandwagon nature of at least some members of that stable, do their feelings count?

Joking aside, while Game One was indeed a dominate performance from the Bulls, it would be foolhardy to consider the Heat done. Surely the names “LeBron James” and the aforementioned Wade still resonate in the NBA, right? Expect Wade to be looking for some payback come Game Two. If he happens to smash on Gibson, all the better, no doubt.

As for the almighty Taj, his vicious destruction of Wade was not his only notable dunk of the night.

After the jump, Gibson’s second dunk and a nice freeze-frame >>

Don’t Ask Jovial Kobe About Offense

Kobe's Mad

During last night’s post-game press conference, Kobe Bryant was incredibly pissed because of his team’s lack of defensive effort, and anytime a press member tried to ask him about the Lakers’ offensive performance, the answer was a less-than-impressed Kobe telling everyone who would listen that the offense wasn’t the problem. As you can tell by the look on his face in the lead image, Bryant could give less than a damn about putting the ball through the bucket.

Instead, he wants his team get stops. Lots of stops.

A clip of Kobe’s post-game presser after the jump >>

Suns Fans Have a Message For the Arizona Government

Deport Kobe

Arizona’s controversial immigration law has been the subject of much discussion for in-state residents, so much so, in fact, it’s even made an impression on the Suns/Lakers Conference Finals. Whether it’s the Suns wearing their “Los Suns” jerseys or the multitude of signs you’ll see during the game, like it or not, this particular series has a political undertone to it. And that, friends, is where some creative Suns fans come into play.

I found this little gem on Craigslist, a sticker in the form of Arizona state, saying simply “Deport Kobe.” While the Craigslist item looks like a cash grab capitalizing on a trend, the “Deport Kobe” meme was seen on various signs behind the Inside the NBA crew during last night’s post-game show.

Obviously, Suns fans know their chances of advancing to the NBA Finals are a great deal better without Kobe Bryant roaming the opposing sidelines, but then again, the Suns did just fine last night, surviving Bryant’s 38-point (including 6-9 from behind the arc) 7-rebound, 10-assist performance.

Bad News, Celtics Fans

Rajon Rondo

Apparently, the folks at Sports Illustrated are tired of the Boston Celtics’ surprising playoff run, and have decided to take matters into their own hands: Put the Celtics best playoff player on the cover. Welcome to the SI Jinx, Rajon Rondo. Judging by last night’s less-than-stellar performance (9 points [3-10 from the field], 8 assists), SI’s considerable influence may have already kicked in.

Game 5 and 6 (if necessary) will tell the entire whole story, but after last night, Celtics fans have to be a little concerned.

H/t to KSR for the find.

Jameer Nelson Will Slap You in the Face

Jameer Nelson

The Orlando Magic told the Boston Celtics to put away their brooms last night, thanks, in large part, to two huge 3-point bombs in the overtime period from Magic point guard, Jameer Nelson. Nelson was so excited after he drilled the second one — over everybody’s favorite player of the moment, Rajon Rondo — he slapped Brandon Bass in the mouth during the celebratory high fives. Granted, the slap was accidental, but it was also symbolic of Orlando holding off the impending Celtics sweep.

After fighting to get back into the game, the Celtics had a number of opportunities to, well, score in the overtime stanza, and they failed to convert, which paved the way for Nelson’s bombing run. After banking in the first 3-pointer, Nelson came back on the next possession and drilled another one right in Rondo’s grill; which led to Bass getting smacked in the mouth.

Considering the size of those shots Nelson hit, smacking someone in the mouth to celebrate seems fitting.

After the jump, Nelson will smack your face >>

Dear White Chocolate

Jason Williams

Perhaps if you put as much effort into chasing down loose balls as you do yelling at locker room reporters, your team might not be facing elimination tonight. Granted, one lost loose ball doesn’t an ass-whipping make, but then again, the (lack of) effort shown looks awfully representative of Orlando’s series against Boston.

If you can’t beat `em, yell at the reporters, I guess.

I doubt that little outburst will do much to help your teammates tonight.

H/t to Hot Clicks for the find.

Steve Nash’s Face Is Indestructible

Steve Nash

Steve Nash is, simply put, made out of different material than you and me. Much like Wolverine, perhaps Nash has adamantium implants, or he’s just a tough S.O.B. Whatever the case, it doesn’t matter if you crack his nose open, smash his eye, or, if making him bleed isn’t enough, finish the job by breaking his nose, Steve Nash and his Energizer Bunny-like perseverance will continue on. Not only will he continue to play, Nash will also burn your team to the tune of 17 points and 15 assists, all while committing only one turnover.

He’ll also put his nose back in place without even leaving the floor as well.

Oh, and Nash will put his team in a position to win — facial injury or not — something that looked doubtful the during first two games of the Lakers series.

After the jump, Nash’s nose gets attacked by Derek Fisher >>