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Posts Tagged ‘NBA on TNT’

Charles Barkley Goes Out With A Bang

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The saying is, “If you are going to go, go all out,” and because of LeBron forced departure — thanks to the Orlando Magic — it was also time for the TNT NBA team to pack up their things and leave as well… Last broadcast of the season and all that. No doubt understanding this, too, Charles Barkley decided he’d let everybody get a taste of the good cheer he brings to TNT’s broadcasts. First off, Barkley informs us that Kenny Smith’s nether regions must be cold by calling him “numb nuts.”

But he doesn’t stop there.

Barkley lets them know after the jump >>

NBA Tonight – Is Houston Ready For Liftoff?


A few of us out there eschewed conventional wisdom and picked the Houston Rockets to represent the Western Conference in the NBA Championship, myself included. Hell, I even picked them to win it all, but I think that had as much to do with me not wanting to pick Lakers over whoever like everyone else. Whatever. Kenny Smith agrees with me, by the way.

Yao!!! More Rockets after the jump >>