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Posts Tagged ‘NBA All Star Weekend’

At Least Nate Robinson Cares

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Nate Robinson

Yeah, the 2010 Dunk Contest was pretty much a failure, except for Krypto-Nate. However, instead of trying to fix it, I have another suggestion: Get players that actually want to be in the thing. That, alone, would improve upon it, because then, you’d have other dunkers besides Nate Robinson who give a damn about the competition. Look, the dunks DeMar DeRozan put down were nice to look at. Hell, the dunk he threw down, courtesy of Sonny Weems’ pass off the side of the backboard might have been the best technical dunk of the evening.

Unfortunately, DeRozan delivered it with about as much charisma as an insurance adjuster.

More on Nate’s triple dunk crown after the jump >>

All Star Game Predictions

Dwight Howard

We established last year that we like the NBA All Star Game and all the regalia involved. If you don’t, too bad. Don’t watch. That will not, however, interfere with my desire to see freak athletes try new things when dunking a basketball or to watch the NBA’s new breed run up and down the court tonight in an exhibition of fast-break basketball. Sorry, if you’re in it for the defense, this isn’t the weekend for you.

Our All Star Weekend preview after the jump >>

J.R. Smith Replaces Rudy Gay

The NBA Dunk Contest is Saturday night, meaning a lot of sports-watching males will probably miss because of Valentine’s Day duties. For those of you lucky enough to either have a partner who likes basketball, or if you are single, there’s been a Dunk Contest development to relay: Memphis high-flier Rudy Gay has been replaced by Denver’s J.R. Smith. Smith participated in a previous contest when he played in New Orleans, and as the above video shows, he does indeed have dunking skills.

A nice behind the back finish is always something to appreciate. With that in mind, who ya got? To assist in your decision, here are the dunk contest preview videos. After the jump >>

Your NBA All Star Starters

LeBron James

The Howitzer from Orlando was the leading vote getter, pulling in over 3 million votes, as the NBA announced their All Star Game starters last night during TNT’s NBA double-header. There were some interesting voting issues that almost made the these selections farcical, but, with the exception of Allen Iverson, the consensus is, the voters picked correctly.

The starters after the jump >>

Dunk the Vote

Rudy Fernandez

Today is the last day you can vote for which NBA player you’d like to see in the upcoming Dunk Contest, which takes place during the NBA’s All Star Weekend celebration. By now, you probably know the players you can vote on–Milwaukee’s Joe Alexander, Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City and Rudy Fernandez of the Trail Blazers. All three of these players have been featured here at IF in one form or another, if that helps your decision any.

After the jump, check out the videos >>

We Like The NBA’s All-Star Weekend

The NBA is about to unveil their latest edition of their All-Star game festivities and while it may have petered out from time-to-time, there’s really no denying the NBA’s version is the Best. All-Star. Ever. The NHL, NFL, and MLB fail in comparison, even though Baseball tried to up the ante by making their All-Star exhibition game “meaningful.”

I’m sorry, letting the World Series home-field advantage be determined by the outcome of an exhibition is just silly.

Read more about how we love the All-Star game after the jump ››

Rudy Gay Needs Your Help

With the NBA All-Star game getting closer, it’s time to start planning for its stand-out event, the dunk contest. While they are still trying to find a satisfactory format for presenting their high-fliers (it seems they change it yearly), one contestant is taking this year’s idea of using fan votes to decide the winner and is engaging these fans on a medium they are familiar with: YouTube.

Memphis Grizzlies swing man Rudy Gay is, via YouTube, asking fans to upload a video of their best dunk and he’ll pick one to replicate in the dunk contest on Saturday, February 16th.

Now, I’m not sure what those of us who can’t dunk are supposed to do—maybe Fisher-Price or Nerf can help—but if you are interested in finding out more, go here.

This topic does bring up a good question, though: If you could do any dunk (or see one performed), what would it be? For me, the day I see a 720 dunk from free-throw line, I’m done.