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Why I Hate Duke, Part 2

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Currently, one of my favorite Internet memes is the “Haters Gon Hate” reply given pretty much anytime someone doesn’t like an event’s outcome. Bitching about the winners is the act of a hater, and with that in mind, allow the following pictorial to further demonstrate why I’m considered a Duke hater — and as such, it wouldn’t be prudent of me to not hate, given the outcome of the Duke/Butler final game.

(Why, oh, why, dear Basketball Gods, did you not allow Hayward’s final shot fall? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!?!) Now that I got that Jonathan Davis moment out of my system, let’s delve further into why hating Duke is just so awesome:

The pictorial begins after the jump >>

ESPN = Master Of The Obvious

UConn Champs

I’m not sure if there’s been a more redundant headline written than the following:

Connecticut Huskies finish unanimous No. 1 in ESPN/USA Today women’s college basketball poll

Which goes to this article about the incredible run by the UConn Huskies, who finished off their impressive season by smoking the Louisville Cardinals to win the Women’s National Championship. I’m not sure what gave the Worldwide Leader the first clue about UConn’s dominance. Perhaps it was the 39-0 record. Perhaps it was Geno Auriemma’s sixth championship trophy. Whatever “it” was, it yielded a timely headline, wrapped in mystery and suspense.

I’m sorry, but I have to ask: Which was more redundant? The headline or the need to actually take a season-ending poll confirming what everybody already saw? Another thing: Why does any collegiate sport besides BCS Football needs a season-ending poll in the first place? Is a National Championship game — one with a clear winner and loser — not enough?

In other UConn Huskies news, their newest championship trophy campaign introduced many of us to the hotness that is Meghan Gardler (via TBL).

Meghan Gardler

Too bad we have to sit through useless headlines on an otherwise slow news day.

Danny Green Dances College Basketball Away

And just like that, she was gone. Like a thief in the night, stealing your heart away, college basketball can be a cruel mistress. Does she return the love you so willingly give? Not usually, but that’s what keeps us coming back for more. Considering the way things work in sports, about the only college basketball lovers who left this year’s affair in a happy mood were the Carolina Tar Heels faithful, who had Danny Green to help celebrate. During the team’s campus National Champions pep rally, Green ended his segment with his little jump around dance that’s become a staple during the aftermath of big Carolina wins.

Green’s dance also signals the official end of college basketball for another summer. Sure, there’s still some recruiting business to sort out, but that’s not quite the same as playing. No, college basketball is finished for the time being and Danny Green was last seen dancing at its funeral.

How long until Midnight Madness?

Tar Heel Fans Rush Franklin Street

Franklin Street

Ah, the post championship game “riot.” Nothing symbolizes victory like a heap of college students going ape shit at the popular campus spot. Such is the case with Carolina fans and Franklin Street after the Tar Heels dispatched Michigan State for their fifth national title. According to reports, about 30,000 students and fans showed up on Franklin Street (and the surrounding area) after the game and celebrated quite hardily. Considering all the hubbub, the fact there were only 26 reported injury incidents speaks volumes about the Chapel Hill faithful’s behavior. While there were good times had by most, things didn’t get out of hand, at least, not to the degree of previous fan celebrations.

There were some reports of various hijinks, but most of that seemed to be limited to tearing down street signs and the like:

Video after the jump >>

North Carolina Shines

And just as easily as it began, college basketball closed the book on another season with the crowning of North Carolina as National Champions, doing so in dominant fashion. By now, you’ve been recapped enough — Side note: is it just coincidence Stuart Scott was on-hand to recap the game as ESPN’s late-night SportsCenter, which was debuting its Los Angeles show? He hasn’t done a 1am SportsCenter in forever. Nice homerism, World Wide Leader. — so I won’t rehash what you already know. The Heels were the best team, and they simply overpowered Michigan State from the opening tap, starting the game with a 22-7 run. From there, it was academic.

How many times have you been able to say, during a National Championship game, that it’s over by the first TV timeout? And be right?

MOP surprise?
Wayne Ellington was the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player, something I made mention of yesterday. Even though Ellington did have a great game (19 points, 4 rebounds), Lawson deserved the award. The Carolina point guard broke the NCAA title game steals record by collecting seven. Oh, and Lawson accomplished this not-so-little feat by halftime. He was also 15-18 from the charity stripe and generally controlled the flow — and outcome — of the game.

Without Lawson, Carolina doesn’t beat LSU, Oklahoma or Villanova.

Final Dance: Michigan State and North Carolina

Heels and Spartans

There’s a basketball game of some note on tonight. The college basketball National Championship. You might have heard of it. After one of the more underwhelming Final Four Saturdays in recent memory — sorry, even with Michigan State’s “upset” of UConn, there just wasn’t a great deal of compelling basketball coming through the screens this past Saturday — Michigan State and the North Carolina Tar Heels will meet tonight to decide who gets to take the NABC’s crystal basketball trophy home with them for the summer.

Some things to watch for tonight:

After the jump >>

Dancing, Day 2 (Afternoon Session)

Mario Miracle

Today starts KU’s defense of their National Championship. Does anyone — even the Jayhawk faithful — have them going very deep in the tournament? Probably not. Let’s put it this way, if Kansas successfully defends their title, ESPN would probably collapse on itself. They could be the least talked about defending champion, perhaps ever. That’s what happens when the players who helped win it leave the team for greener *$$$$* pastures of the NBA, leaving a team composed primarily of younger, less experienced players.

Not to mention less talented. The reason I’m talking Kansas is because they are in the first group of day games getting ready to begin. Their opponent is North Dakota State, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they gave the 3-seed Jayhawks absolutely everything Bill Self’s crew can handle. Should be a good time. Moving on, here are the highlights from Western Kentucky’s removal of Illinois.

Somewhere, Sir Leitch is taking a cookie sheet to the face.

Nicely done, Toppers — even though, the idea of the win over the Illini is being downplayed in terms of being an upset. I’m sorry, a 12 beat a 5. That alone makes it significant. We’ll be back in about 30.

11:25 – OK folks, In KC, I’ve got Tennessee/OK State and The ‘Cuse versus Steve Austin, AKA, the Six Million Dollar Man. I’m not sure if that’s going to be enough to stop Jonny Flynn and crew. The Orange are up early.

More MM talk after the jump >>

KU’s Sports Illustrated Cover

To the NCAA Tournament victors go the spoils — and the Sports Illustrated magazine covers.

KU Wins
Click for bigger image

As you can see, they are celebrating Mario Chalmer’s brilliant shot; although, a shot of Chris Douglas-Roberts slamming the ball after he missed his free throws would have been appropriate as well. ;)

I hope this cover doesn’t SI-jinx the Jayhawks next year.