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Nate Kaeding

Oh, the life of an NFL kicker. Miss three kicks the entire season (while making a few game-winners) and nobody notices you. Miss three kicks in a divisional playoff and everybody in the sports world knows your name, and it’s not because of your regular season accuracy, either. After getting bounced by the surprising New York Jets, the San Diego Chargers faithful don’t have to look too far to place blame.

Internet message boards aren’t the only places taking swipes at Kaeding, either. Just ask the guest hosts of today’s Jim Rome Show (radio, not ESPN) and the joke they made at Kaeding’s expense. Granted, I laughed parts of my behind off, but that just means I’m going to hell, too. I’m still not sure on this whole “having fun at the expense of others” thing, so forgive any “low blow” actions on my part.

The joke in question:

After the game ended, Nate Kaeding tried to hang himself. Unfortunately, when he went to kick the chair out, he missed.

Um, yeah. I’m so going to hell for laughing at that, aren’t I?

Oh well.

I doubt very seriously I’ll be the only one there.

H/t to TBL for the image.

Apparently, Kaeding’s Wikipedia page was defaced to include the joke I heard on Rome’s show. Unfortunately, said defacing has been corrected.