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With apologies to Kevin Harlan for stealing one of his catchphrases, allow me to bring NAIA dunking stud, Errick McCollum, to your attention. McCollum plays for Goshen College, a small school in Indiana; and while his school may be on the smaller size, his ability to jump out of the gym isn’t. At only 6-2, McCollum might not look like a guy that can embarrass you with a vicious dunk, but don’t let his stature deceive you, otherwise, you’ll wind up just like the guy in the video — that is, walking off the court with your head hung low, wondering just who the hell jumped over you and flushed the ball down like that?

According to MidwestSportsFans.com, the highlights of McCollum’s dunk have been playing in heavy rotation around the ESPN campus, and rightfully so. It’s just that nasty.

However, while some consider this the dunk of the 2009/10 season, Travis Leslie and DeMarcus Cousins might just disagree.