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Posts Tagged ‘Missed Goals’

Most Awesome Missed Goal Ever

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Yeah, that’s a lot of hyperbole going on in the title, but then again, I’ve never quite seen a missed goal like the one featured in the lead video. I’ve never seen a ball just stop at the goal mouth like that. Granted, there was a puddle involved — as well as a perfect example of Newton’s laws of motion in action — but still, even the opposing goalie laughed after such good fortune shined on him and his team.

The good fortune comes from playing on a pitch that allows standing water.

In other news, the Irish could’ve used some of that luck to counter Thierry Henry’s handball. Good luck with the appeal.

Intentional Upset: Not Much Goin’ On

Well, all the college basketball teams that were supposed to win won last night. Kansas ended their road skid with a win at Iowa State, while Memphis ended their one-game losing streak by dispatching Tulsa. Duke won. In Cameron. Big surprise. To celebrate last night’s normality, here’s a video of some really bad misses on the soccer pitch. Some of these are just astonishing. Enjoy:

Better luck tonight, I hope.