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Posts Tagged ‘Missed Free Throws’

Brady Morningstar’s Clutch Free Throw

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Actually, Morningstar isn’t a bad free throw shooter (23-29 last season, 12-16 so far this year), but I’m not really sure what the hell is going on with that one. Granted, it didn’t hurt the game’s bottom line — that is, Kansas essentially rolled Texas — but man, it’s doubtful Morningstar will be able to live that particular shot down anytime soon. I imagine it will be played on a loop at the Jayhawks practices for at least the rest of the week.

Great Endings: Where Nick Calathes Beefs Free Thows

Great ending to the Kentucky/Florida game last night. Kentucky wound up winning, 68-65, but not before some high drama went down. First, Kentucky needed a “from the hip” three-pointer from Jodie Meeks with about three seconds to play to take the lead — and then, Nick Calathes, who had been playing a magnificent game, beefed when he had a chance to send the game to overtime.

After being fouled shooting a must-have three, Calathes stepped to the line — a place he’d been masterful the entire game (11-12) — and missed.

Every single one of them.

If you watch the video, make sure you check out Darius Miller’s reaction after Calathes misses the first free throw. He’s the player in the number 1 Kentucky jersey and he’s standing at the top block, to the right of Calathes. I’m sure Nick was glad he could make an opposing player feel so much joy.

Three Easy Steps To Losing the National Championship

If you are looking a for some clues on how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, look no further than the Memphis Tigers.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Add in a Mario Chalmers last second three like so:

And you’ve just choked away a damn good chance at being National Championships.

Maybe Memphis should have fouled Chalmers — or maybe, I don’t know, they could’ve hit their free throws? Nevertheless, all credit is due to Chalmers for hitting that huge shot and to KU for putting their collective boot on the throats of the Tigers when the overtime period began.