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Posts Tagged ‘Minnesota Timberwolves’

Jonny Flynn Likes Windmills

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We’re suckers for NBA Summer League basketball, and it’s becoming something of an epidemic. Granted, the play is NOTHING like what you’ll see in this fall and winter from the seasoned professionals, but it does allow us to fantasize about how a new player (Or a younger one who didn’t get a lot of clock the previous season. See Randolph, Anthony.) will fit in the upcoming season.

With that in mind, allow me to bask in the glory of Jonny Flynn and his eye-popping athletic ability, something he demonstrated quite nicely with a nasty windmill dunk against the Chicago Bulls summer team. Of course, with the Ricky Rubio drama still going on, it’s hard to tell exactly what Minnesota has planned for their two rookie point guards; especially if Rubio’s European contract is bought out.

For some reason — Flynn is listed at 6 feet tall, while Rubio is 6-4 — I don’t see these two forming the starting backcourt. Unless, of course, stopping the other team’s isn’t that big of premium in the Twin Cities. For now, we can simply enjoy the skill and ability Flynn brings to the game. Here’s hoping an ugly relationship, predicated on Rubio’s handling, doesn’t spoil what looks like a promising NBA career.

H/t to Ballhype for the find.

Carmelo Explodes

The Allen Iverson/Chauncey Billups trade keeps getting better for the Denver Nuggets, but I don’t think anyone expected this: Scoring 33 points in the 3rd quarter of last night’s Denver/Minnesota match up.

Not only did Anthony erupt, he also did it in an efficient manner — 12-15 from the field, 4-5 from behind arc and 5-6 from the free throw line. `Melo joins George Gervin as the only other person to score as many points in one quarter of NBA basketball.

Bonus: The Nuggets won.

Carmelo finished with 45 for the game, and the aforementioned Billups — MVP-worthy since the trade? — he scored 24 points and handed out 6 dimes. Other tidbits: During his scoring explosion, `Melo scored 24-straight points. For the quarter, the Nuggets finished with 40 total points, meaning the rest of the team scored 7 while Carmelo did the rest.

One last thing about Billups; the Nuggets are 14-4 since the Iverson swap. Again I ask, MVP-worthy?

Oh Yeah, NBA Preseason Is Underway

Greg Oden

The NBA’s preseason schedule began on Sunday and so far, four games have been played. During the beginning of the year, a lot of NBA observers are watching to see how the NBA’s new blood will adapt to the NBA lifestyle.

So far, the two most noticeable rookies that have already played are Miami’s Michael Beasley and Minnesota’s Kevin Love. Neither started, but both contributed noticeable amounts with Love providing 13 points, five rebounds, one blocked shot and one three-point bucket. For the Heat, Beasley also didn’t disappoint as he posted 16 and six in his first outing for Pat Riley Erik Spoelstra.

On a side note, I’d like to say the Miami Heat might have the worst website of any professional sports team I’ve come across. While most team sites are exercises in Flash and other multimedia, the Heat are apparently going for the minimalist look — one that was designed using Frontpage, apparently.

As for the preseason slate, it continues in earnest up until the start of the regular season on October 28th. For those of us waiting to see how Greg Oden is going to look, the wait should end tonight when the Blazers take on Sacramento. Obviously, preseason games are still to be taken with a grain of salt — nevertheless, if Oden plays well, it’ll be hard to ignore.

People have been waiting for his debut for, oh, about a year now. Needless to say, any exceptional play is going to provide a big boost in confidence levels for Blazer fans and Oden fans alike.

Intentional Upset: Nadal Ousted From Aussie Open

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

While we aren’t all over professional tennis like some of the others, when Rafael Nadal gets dusted out of the Australian Open semi-finals in dominating straight-set fashion, it’s hard not to notice. And with a 6-2, 6-3, 6-2 victory, that’s exactly what Jo-Wilfried Tsonga did.

Before the match began, Tsonga was already receiving accolades for being an unseeded player in the semi-finals and for being the first Black male to be in the semis of a major since MaliVai Washington in Wimbledon, 1996 and with him defeating the world’s number 2 in such dominating fashion, these should only continue has Tsonga prepares to play the winner of the Friday’s semi-final match between the world’s number 1 in Roger Federer and 3rd ranked Novak Djokovic.

If Tsonga goes on to beat either of these two (most likely, Federer) to with the Australian Open, he certainly won’t be in the unranked pile for much longer.

Speaking about his defeat, Nadal, who had just 12 unforced errors, offered these thoughts, “I was playing fine,” Nadal said. “He played unbelievable. Congratulate him.” In beating the world’s second, Tsonga used a strong serve (17 aces) and great baseline play to launch himself into the final pairing. Tsonga had 49 winners and didn’t face a break on his serve until the third set, making his performance all the more dominating.

In other upset news, the Minnesota Timberwolves beat the Phoenix Suns for the second time this year by the score of 117-107. Powered by Al Jefferson’s 39 point, 15 rebound performance, the Timberwolves got just their seventh (7-34) win of the season as opposed to the 30-13 record of the Suns, making the Minnesota beatdown all the more surprising…

Over at Bright Side of the Sun, they were feeling the same sense of surprise after watching Minnesota dismantle the Suns, a team that has hopes of reaching the NBA Finals… something that won’t happen if performances like this continue:

“Ok, how about the simple answer. The Suns in the back to back forgot to pack their “give a damn” in the gym bags and rolled out on the floor ready to stomp a JV team and instead got schooled by the cheerleaders in the powder puff game. “