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Posts Tagged ‘Mindy McCready’

Poor Roger

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Mr. Clemens, you have become the butt of some jokes and the recipient of some sad sympathy for all of this excitement you’ve been providing us and now, Tirico Suave has added something to this discussion. And it’s great.

Oh well, look on the bright side Roger. At least you helped relaunch Mindy McCready’s career and you helped make Brian McNamee a household name; all while jeopardizing a sure-fire Hall of Fame career. Kudos. Kudos all the way around.

Isn’t it time for Roger to fall on his sword and issue his mea culpa?

Roger Clemens Admits Nothing, Apologizes Anyway

Roger ClemensI’ll say this for Roger Clemens — he must’ve went to the Oliver North school of denial because even when the world seems to be out to get him, Roger maintains his innocence with an “I admit nothing” zeal.

Although, he’s now apologizing for all this nothing. In a statement released to the Houston Chronicle, Clemens says he has nothing to admit or confess and that he be allowed to address his family matters in private.

He also mentions he’s apologized to his family in private and is offering this same apology-for-nothing to the public.

But if you didn’t do anything (Mindy McCready, Brian McNamee, John Daly’s ex), then why are you apologizing? Is this more Rusty Hardin brilliance falling out of your mouth, Roger?

Did McCready Out Clemens?

McCreadyBy now, you’ve all heard about the Mindy McCready/Roger Clemens hubbub (guys do it all the time, folks) and McCready’s subsequent admittance of the relationship, however, what we haven’t heard about is who leaked this “information” to the New York Daily News. If you remember, in their first article, the Daily News credited sources for these revelations.

My question is, considering how she’s trying to recapture her career and has a reality show called Mending Mindy coming out, could she be the source of the Daily News’ scoop?

I mean, who wouldn’t want a little extra publicity to help market a comeback, regardless if it is glowing or based on an affair. What’s important to a person trying to recapture their lost celebrity status is getting back in the spotlight.

And that’s certainly what’s happened with McCready.

Let’s not forget she also admitted the relationship was, in fact, intimate and that she finds Clemens to be a “kind, caring man.” In other words, she’s feeding the fire the so-called sources ignited by bringing this stuff to the Daily News. The question I find myself asking is, was it McCready herself that spilled the beans to the Daily News, just so she could own up to it a day after the initial report broke.

I’ll say this for Roger Clemens: he’s certainly a valuable person to know if you want to launch or relaunch your fame star. Just ask McNamee and McCready.

In other news, is it a coincidence both of Clemens’ newfound nemeses have an “Mc” at the beginning of their last names? Maybe the two of them conspired against the Rocket. You know, solidarity for people with “Mc”s in their last name.

Whatever the case, this whole Roger Clemens being Munsoned certainly looks like it’s coming to fruition.

Roger Clemens = Munsoned

Roy Munson

The Urban Dictionary defines Munsoned as — To have the whole world in the palm of your hand and then piss it all away.

Funny, that sounds exactly what’s been happening with Roger Clemens, no matter how much he maintains his innocence. Apparently, ESPN is thinking the same thing and thanks to the Mindy McCready deal, they aren’t afraid to let him know about it*:


I’m thinking they ran out of room for the “ed” but the message is still clear. Clemens appears to be quite Munsoned.

*Apologies to ESPN writer, Lester Munson.

Dude, She’s 15

Mindy McCreadyApparently, there was some additional meaning behind Mindy McCready’s song “Guys Do It All The Time.” Perhaps she was specifically referring to Roger Clemens, MLB mistresses and 10-year relationships that began when the subject was 15 — at least according to ESPN, the New York Daily News and now the sports blogosphere.

In case you missed it, sources have revealed (whoever they are) Roger Clemens had a 10-year relationship with country singer Mindy McCready, a relationship confirmed by Clemens lawyer, Rusty Hardin.

Of course, Hardin denied their relationship was sexual, but Clemens family favorite, Brian McNamee indicated he saw the two together numerous times while he was his trainer. This includes at the pitcher’s apartment at the Skydome when he pitched for Toronto.

Draw your own conclusions.

Also, I wonder if Dean Cain — who was engaged to the during the Clemens/McCready timeline — feels like “Supe-ing” up and going after the person that might have helped wrecked his relationship. Of course, Cain probably feels like he got out of that mess just in time.

In honor of all this fun, here’s Mindy singing her smash-hit and you have to just wonder if this wasn’t aimed at a particular pitcher in light of these spectacular allegations.