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Mike Tyson's Punch-Out

Oh please, please, please let this be true. There are some rumors going around Mike Tyson has been seen in Las Vegas and apparently, he’s been training and getting his body in shape. Although, no one knows what for. Sherdog.com has more:

A source, who asked to remain anonymous, informed Sherdog.com that Tyson has been quietly “training his ass off” with a prominent strength and conditioning coach in the area. The source also stated that Tyson “is not going to do boxing anymore,” but when asked if “Iron Mike” was going to try MMA, the source shrugged, “I don’t know, I can’t say.”

Please, please, please let this happen. I’m begging here. If you thought a name like Kimbo Slice could give credence to a UFC challenger — in this case, Elite XC — imagine what a presence like Mike Tyson would do. Now, imagine a Tyson/Slice fight. While a fight of this size would probably be reserved for the Elite XC PPVs, imagine if it made its way to CBS.

The marketing blitz and subsequent reactions from the media would be obscene. While a PPV match-up would get tons of coverage, putting Tyson back on network TV for fighting purposes would draw so many more viewers — and attention — it would make the Gina Carano/Kimbo Slice “event” seem like undercard scheduling.

Even with the exploding cauliflower ear.