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Posts Tagged ‘Mike Singletary’

Mike Singletary Out as 49ers Coach

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Sayonara Samurai Mike Singletary. The San Francisco 49ers fired you yesterday after your team was officially eliminated from the playoff race. Your hard-nosed old-school methods just didn’t seem to work with this group of players. Of course losing Frank Gore for the season and having to choose between the two-headed Smith QB monster didn’t help your cause, but multiple confrontations with players weren’t getting you any bonuses either.

I didn’t see this coming. I really thought mooning your players would turn this team around!

Mike Singletary Is The Man (March Madness)

One of the better ways to comeback from a 22-point deficit in basketball is to have one of your players go on an absolutely bonkers scoring tear. Simply overwhelm the team that’s ahead with so much offense, by the time they react, it’s too late. It also helps your comeback efforts once a team establishes such leads because the leading team has a tendency to let up, losing much of the intensity they used to build the lead in the first place. Just ask Texas A&M and Texas Tech. The Aggies were up big on the Red Raiders, dominating the game with a “hey, we belong on the bubble, too” type of intensity.

And then Mike Singletary woke up.

When the second half started, the Red Raiders were down by 19 points. What followed will go down in Big 12 basketball history: the now-awake Singletary scored 29 straight points as he single-handedly brought his team back from what was going to be an ugly loss. His 29-straight were apart of his 43-point total. Fittingly, Singletary hit two free throws with about two seconds left to help seal the Texas Tech victory.

When asked about his performance, Singletary offered this deadpan response, “I was just in the zone, I think.” You think? 29 straight and you think you were in a zone? Don’t be so damn humble, Mike. Not only were you in the zone, you ran around and played in it, making it your very own. Just in case you were wondering, Singletary didn’t have to jack up a ton of Iverson-like shots to get his either:

* 14-20 from the field
* 3-4 from behind the arc
* 12-14 from the free throw line

That, my friends, is the definition of efficiency.