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Posts Tagged ‘Michael Vick’

Should Michael Vick’s Old High School Honor Him?

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Seems like Michael Vick sparks controversy even when he isn’t doing anything wrong. The latest snit involving Vick centers around his jersey in Warwick High School. The school had proudly displayed Vick’s jersey right up until the dog fighting incident and conviction. The school decided then (2007) to take it down. No use highlighting a football star when he falls from grace, right?

I remember at the time of his conviction, people said he was done. No team would hire him and he’d never be back in the NFL. Of course, those people were wrong. Now, of course, Vick is back, and stronger than ever. He actually seems to have more respect from fans, coaches, and players than he did before, and how wowed people were with his talent before, that’s saying something.

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NFL GMs: Character Issues Double-Standard

I’ve often wondered why some NFL General Managers choose to take a “holier than thou” approach to selecting hot college football talent when draft day rolls around.  For many, there is an apparent double-standard when it comes to character issues.  Once you’re in the league, character issues generally result in hand-slaps, a mild pilfering of a player’s bank account, and repeated chances to become a better citizen.  However, you have to get into the league first in order to get that sort of treatment.  So, should NFL General Managers just disregard character issues with the hot college prospects?  I believe so.

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Tucker Carlson: Michael Vick Should Die

On the heels of President Obama’s strangely timed praise of Philadelphia Eagles management and owner Jeffery Lurie and the rehabilitation of Michael Vick, comes this nugget of nuttiness we’ve all come to expect from some Fox News commentators.

Last week, political blowhard Tucker Carlson was filling in for Fox News host, Sean Hannity. Never one to miss an opportunity to turn a seemingly harmless issue into a politically-rooted bashfest, Tucker Carlson decided to weigh in on the matter. This is less about his feelings on the crimes that Michael Vick committed and more about not missing an opportunity to take a pot-shot at the President of the United States. It wasn’t enough for Tucker Carlson to simply state that he doesn’t like Michael Vick and abhors the heinous activities in which he was engaged so many years ago. That’s not “edgy” enough and certainly wouldn’t garner him the narcissistic pleasure that comes with widespread publicity, the likes of which I’m giving him here. To quote Tucker Carlson:

“I’m a Christian, I’ve made mistakes myself, I believe fervently in second chances. But Michael Vick killed dogs, and he did in a heartless and cruel way. And I think, personally, he should’ve been executed for that. He wasn’t, but the idea that the President of the United States would be getting behind someone who murdered dogs? Kind of beyond the pale.”

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Kansas City Chiefs Will Welcome Michael Vick Back

It’s been revealed that Roger Goodell will be allowing Michael Vick to reenter his National Football League in the third week of the regular season. The Philadelphia Eagles will be hosting the Kansas City Chiefs on Vick’s first game back since his incarceration, giving offensive coordinator-embattled Todd Haley with even more to worry about besides the ghost of Jim Johnson and his legacy of incredible blitzing defenses he kindly left behind.

Responding to questions about his decision, Commissioner Goodell indicated Vick has shown the necessary amount of commitment to be trusted with reinstatement.

Goodell said that Vick is “Demonstrating his commitment and will use better judgment going forward. We are looking for a success story here.”

Tyson Jackson, are you ready to earn some of that rookie money when the Eagles unveil their new “gimmick” player? Make sure you keep with your contain assignments, or it could be a long, long afternoon in the City of Mike Vick Love.

It’s A Michael Vick World

Vick Jerseys

And apparently, we are all just living in it. Has your Vick/Eagles jersey arrived yet? Worry not. Just throw on an old Falcons jersey of his. Straight Cash Homey won’t mind at all. As with anything as polarizing as Michael Vick, there are a variety of opinions on his debut against the Jaguars.



Which side of the coin do you pick?

Philadelphia Is Ready For Michael Vick’s Debut

This gem of a graffiti burner was found by the immortal 700 Level and it goes a long way in depicting just how ready Eagles fans are for Mike Vick to take the field. Oh, they’re ready for their November 8th game against Dallas as well.

What can we expect when Vick gets in the game tonight? An extended amount of reps? Some Wildcat looks? A test or two to see if his accuracy has improved? A chance to ride the Michael Vick experience? A pack of pit bulls chasing him from the field of play? An unexplained NAACP rally, supporting Vick?

Oh, wait.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if all the above, including the pit bull pack, happened.

The Eagles Introduce Vick

A word of advice to the newly-signed Vick: Saying the right thing and doing the right thing are entirely different entities. Talk is cheap. Actions are not. While I admit I don’t share the same kind of venom about the Vick signing as, say, PETA does — awesome Nia Long image, by the way — I do understand the disposition. Vick still has a lot of canine blood on his hands, and that is not going to be forgotten anytime soon.

Although, the first time he scores one of his magnificent running touchdowns for the Eagles, the memories in Philadelphia will get much, much shorter.

Why Sign Michael Vick?

So yeah, while the state of Pennsylvania tries to figure just what the hell Andy Reid and company are doing with the Michael Vick signing — Is it for back up purposes, considering Donovan McNabb’s injury history or just another weapon in Reid’s arsenal? — I found a couple of reasons why a player like Vick would be so attractive to a team that’s been screaming for playmakers since the Terrell Owens debacle, as seen below:

Reason number one — ask the Minnesota Vikings:

And the New Orleans Saints:

The real question is, does Vick still have the otherworldly speed that made him so dangerous once he turned the corner? If so, welcome, Philadelphia, to the exciting world of the Wildcat offense.