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Posts Tagged ‘Michael Jordan’

The Last Word On Jordan and LeBron?

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Considering last night’s NBA Finals playoff-low scoring output from LeBron — combined with the upcoming statistical breakdown — the lead video seems awfully appropriate. The unnecessary Jordan/LeBron discussion was, of course, initiated by Scottie Pippen’s outburst, something he semi-recanted. Initially, LeBron’s fourth quarter scoring was the discussion point, but after his eight point outing in Game 4 — zero in the fourth quarter — it’s time to put the discussion to bed.

The lead video comes courtesy of, and it speaks volumes. So do these NBA Finals statistics:

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Michael Jordan to Make Another Come Back?

Michael Jordon is truly the Brett Favre of basketball… at least for the retiring and un-retiring part of things. He’s retired and returned twice, but unlike Favre he took a couple years off before coming back. Now the rumors are spreading that he might come back again.

The gossip all started because Jordan, who owns the Charlotte Bobcats, practiced with the team a few times last week. At first people were saying it was just his way of making the guys more accountable during practice. But then the rumors started flying because Jordan didn’t suck out on the court. Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace said Jordan “doesn’t have this quickness, but he can score, he’s a shooter. The last thing to ever go is your jump shot and he has that.”

Of course Jordan is Wallace’s boss so what is he supposed to say? If he did come back, Jordan would be the oldest guy to do it. Besides the obvious problem to a comeback (his age) there are plenty of other reasons why it’s a bad idea. He’d probably have to sell his interest in the team for one. And start taking a few more vitamins, for another.

While I loved Jordan when he played (and defended him when he came back) I cannot imagine him running around with the guys currently on the court today. The average age is just over 26 years. Most players’ fathers are probably Jordan’s age.

Jordan is 48 and last played in league in 2003. He gave that wonky Hall of Fame speech in December 2009 where he said “One day you may look up and see me playing a game at 50. Don’t laugh. Never say never.”
Oh, we’d never laugh at that. We know it’s not nice to laugh at senior citizens.

There is a New Jordan in Town: Michael’s Son Marcus

“Sometimes I dream, that he is me. I dream I move, I dream I grove… Like Dad. If I can be like Dad (I wanna be, I wanna be like Dad)…”
Sung to the tune of “Like Mike” from the Gatorade commercials.

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There is a New Jordan in Town: Jordan McCabe

There is definitely a new, extremely talented Jordan in the world of basketball. It’s not Michael Jordan.  It’s Jordan McCabe.  Mind you, this one is destined for the NBA if he plays his cards right. If, for some reason the NBA is not his final destiny, the Harlem Globetrotters could present a fall-back position for Jordan McCabe.

He was recently featured on a “The Little Heroes” segment on KOMO News Television out of Seattle, Washington.  Watch the sick-mad skills on this youngster, at the tender young age of 12-years old, and yes, persevere through the 15-second lead-in.  It’s worth it.

If you watch the whole segment, you realize that this kid isn’t just about performing unchallenged ball-handling exhibitions to wow onlookers.  Jordan McCabe joined a pick-up basketball with people well in advance of his age and performed quite well, sharing the rock, dishing assists, and scoring when he had an open look (and sometimes even when he didn’t have an open look).

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Kemba Walker’s “Michael Jordan Flu” Game

Kemba Walker

One of Michael Jordan’s most famous performances came during the “Flu Game” in Game 5 of 1997 Finals. In it, a virus-ridden, dehydrated Jordan scored whopping 38 points, while having to be carried off the court. It was a transcendent performance that only solidified Jordan’s position in the pantheon of NBA greatness. Fast forward to 2010 and the Connecticut Huskies have a performance to add to their program’s lore.

While it won’t be universally recognized like Jordan’s flu game, it was an impressive performance nonetheless.

During the Huskies’ 89-73 win over Vermont, Kemba Walker dropped 42 points (21 points in each half. Synergy!!!), all while battling stomach issues. Walker’s scoring barrage came from an efficient shooting evening (15-24, 4-9 from 3, 8-10 from the line). The guard also tallied eight rebounds and three assists, and without his outburst, UConn struggles to beat the Catamounts. Keep in mind, Walker posted those numbers while battling stomach issues.

Now, as you can see in the lead photo, Walker didn’t appear like he needed Scottie Pippen to carry him off the court like Jordan did, but that doesn’t mean his performance was any less impressive, or any less valuable.

In fact, Walker himself realized his scoring outburst was needed:

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NBA 2K11 Features 40 Pairs of Air Jordans

Air Jordans

After yesterday’s love letter, it’s clear I’m excited for the NBA 2K11/Michael Jordan basketball game, but after this little head’s up from The Basketball Jones (via, I’m even more stoked. Evidently, players can unlock 40 different Air Jordan variations, the shoe that cemented Nike as part of our society’s collective conscious.

Not only do the unlockable Jordans allow you to customize appearances, they also give the player an attribute boost as well. For instance, when you unlock the ones in the lead image, the player receives a +2 in the ball handling department, and with over 40 different shoe buffs to choose from, variety will be your friend. In one game, you can have Jordan wearing shoes that give him a +10 on dunks and in another game, you can equip a pair that gives a +5 Defensive Low Post.

You know, just in case you’re guarding Kobe Bryant or another post-playing guard.

Yes, these 40 additional unlockables are there to entice potential buyers, and man, it worked on me. Granted, I was already on-board with 2K11, but this just cements my decision even further. I can imagine the same is true for all those Air Jordan collectors out there. One more thing, Kobe’s commercial for 2K11 is pretty awesome:

Kobe’s smart for drafting Jordan. What better way to protect your legacy than by putting the man who has a better one on your team?

Michael Jordan > NBA Jam

Op/ed time:

Yes, I was one of the millions that loved NBA Jam back in the day. I was pretty deadly with Tim Hardaway and Chris Mullin, and with that in mind, I understand the hype around the new edition of the game, and with the release of the unlockables list, but there was always one NBA figure the NBA Jams crew could never secure:

Michael Jordan.

And that’s why I’m stoked about NBA 2k11. Hell, some would say it’s the reason I bought a PS3; although, I maintain my Blu-Ray defense as well. Nevertheless, the idea of being able to play as Michael Jordan in many, many different modes, is what pushed me towards Sony’s box, as opposed to a Wii. Granted, NBA Jams comes out on the PS3 soon, but you still won’t have playable Michael Jordan as an option.

I, for one, can’t wait to put Air up against the LeBrons and Kobes of the world so we can finally put a rest to this “who’s better” stuff — even if it’s only in a virtual format. All I know is the first time I hear, “From North Carolina, number 23…” and see the likes of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the opposing team’s bench, I’m pretty sure I’ll feel exactly like a kid again.

Young NBA Greats Relive Air Jordan Moments

Rajon Rondo

Sony’s Sports 2K series, while perhaps not getting the same unconditional love as EA Sports, has been producing quality sports games. Unfortunately, their catalog no longer includes the NFL, thanks to the EA’s exclusive deal, but that hasn’t stopped from making great NBA simulations. Thanks to a special, highly-coveted guest start, this year’s NBA 2K11 looks like they’ve upped the ante by including perhaps the best, most famous basketball player ever.

I am, of course, talking about Michael Jeffrey Jordan. The inclusion of the man, they myth, is, from Sony’s perspective, the natural evolution of their brand. Simply put, you get to play as Michael Jordan, reliving some of his greatest on-the-court accomplishments, among other options.

If I’m not mistaken, Jordan will also be available as a rookie to be drafted, meaning you can mold his career how and on whatever franchise you see fit.

Now, something so cool — I bought a PS3 pretty much for this game — doesn’t really need a lot of publicity or marketing campaigns to attract the masses. With Jordan on the cover, the thing will sell itself. That, however, didn’t stop them from creating an awesome commercial, featuring the NBA’s new breed playing, enjoying, and reminiscing about their favorite Jordan moves.

We have Derrick Rose baking a Jordan cake, Rajon Rondo washing windows, while Andre Iguodala Josh Smith and Russell Westbrook join in from the couch. What follows? Well, see for yourself:

I, for one, am impatiently biding my time until October 5. Watch out, too, because if I’m not careful, I’ll have Michael Jordan playing for that new pro team in Lexington — the Kentucky Wildcats: NBA Edition.

H/t to YBB for the find.