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Vinny Del Negro

A week or so ago, it was widely reported that Doug Collins would assume the head coaching position for the Chicago Bulls after the Western Conference Finals were complete. Not so fast, my friends. The Collins/Bulls reunion is not to be and because of that, we have an even more surprising hire to potentially announce:

One Vincent Del Negro, he of the well-coiffed hair and 5 o’clock shadow, has been offered the head coaching position of the Chicago Bulls. The move was surprising because it looked like Del Negro, after spending a couple of years as director of player personnel and assistant general manager for the Phoenix Suns, was on his way to being an NBA front office man, not a coach. It’s funny how a faulty Doug Collins report can change these things.

While a deal hasn’t been finalized, it looks like both sides have agreed to the hiring.

In other NBA coaching news, the Detroit Pistons hired Michael Curry to take over for Flip Saunders and the aforementioned Suns picked Terry Porter to take over for Mike D’Antoni, who is now the head coach of the Knicks.

This makes a total of four NBA teams — in this post — that will have new coaches when the season begins again in November. To say the NBA is a hot-stove league for coaches is quite the understatement.