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Posts Tagged ‘Miami Hurricanes’

We Fightin’ At The U

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Miami Hurricanes Cheerleaders

Done to the tune of “The U” by Uncle Luke.

Remember yesterday when I listed a few reasons why I was happy college football was back? Here’s another: fights between fans in the stadium. By now, you’ve either seen and/or heard about the Miami/Florida A&M game and the brawl that ensued in the stands. Don’t not what started, nor do I care. Watching folks get thrown around, all in the name of college football fandom — although, I doubt it was a “my team’s better than yours” argument that started the fracas.

It was probably over a girl; although, if it was over any of the ladies in the lead image, completely understandable.

What to watch for: Pony-tailed guy getting tossed (13-second mark) and the slap-fight that directly follows it when the camera pans up. I’m not sure any of those “punches” connected:

As for Part 2, I’m just impressed with the guy in the wife-beater. Even with a bunch of folks piled on top of and blows raining down around him, he just wants to be left alone to enjoy the beatdown Miami was putting on FAMU.

Did I mention how happy I am now that college football is back?

Miami Lays The Wood To Georgia Tech

I’m curious, when the football rule makers get together and address quarterback safety, does it ever occur to them just how ironic and perhaps hypocritical they are being when plays like this are celebrated, promoted and in some cases, marketed? I mean, if a quarterback is tackled aggressively, it’s not surprising to see a flag; however, when Jordan Futch absolutely blasts Steven Sylvester, the hype machine — this blog included — goes into overdrive. ESPN will show every angle of the hit they have, while essentially jumping around the SportsCenter studio like guys at the bar. Blogs celebrate these hits and fans bring them up years later when recalling past teams they’ve supported.

More on Miami’s heat after the jump >>

Damien Berry Is Coming for Georgia Tech

Damien Berry Tweet
After a thrilling win over rival Florida State, you could say the confidence level of the Miami Hurricanes is high, especially for running back Damien Berry. Berry took to everyone’s favorite social media device — Twitter — to express his feelings about the Georgia Tech/Miami game, which takes place tomorrow night. The results were enjoyable, provided you don’t have a sensitive reaction to profanity-laced slang. Just in case Randy Shannon gets wind of this and has Berry delete his boasting, we’ve screenshotted the whole thing, for your enjoyment, of course.

Berry’s unedited Tweet, after the jump >>

Miami’s Glitter Girls Are a Hit

You know how I know it’s college football season? Fans can douse their bodies in decorative green and orange glitter and then become quasi-Internet superstars. Such is the case of the “Glitter Girls” from last night’s Miami/Florida State game. Thanks to the Miami Herald, we know the names of our glitter-fied fans and it wouldn’t be prudent of me to withhold such information. Our orange-and-green-glittered fans are, if the Herald still goes left-to-right, Alex Goldklang Lauren Lococo and her green-covered cohort is Lauren Lococo Alex Goldklang*, and for you cyberstalkers out there, I’m sure that’s more than enough information for you to do your thing.

*Thanks to Alex for pointing out the mistake.

As indicated, the “Glitter Girls” have become slightly famous for their appearance, although, it doesn’t look like the Seminoles/Hurricanes game was their first appearance all glittered up. Speaking of, the process of making your body shine like that is a dirty job:

“The process can get very messy,” said Lococo. “Whoever cleans our bathrooms must hate us.”

Before every home game the girls prep their skin with Vaseline and apply the glitter to their face and all other exposed parts of their body.

It must be nice to have as college students, someone to actually clean your bathroom. I suppose they could be talking about the community bathrooms dorms are so noted for, but nevertheless, if you are making such a mess, having someone clean up your greasy Vaseline remains makes the process even more enjoyable.

Graig Cooper Has Multiple Dimensions

After last night’s great Florida State/Miami game, lots of folks are focusing on Jacory Harris — rightfully so — or the glitter girls or “edgy” t-shirts designed to make douchebags look even more douchey piss opposing fans off. But, for my money, the story was Graig Cooper and the hand he played in Miami’s last three scores. First, there was the nifty 63-yard kick off return that put the Canes in a position to at least kick a field goal (they did). Cooper followed that up by scoring Miami’s last two touchdowns, securing one of the harder-fought wins of the opening college football weekend.

Highlights of Cooper’s big night after the jump >>

All Out Blitz – Week 2

Skip Holtz

Welcome to the second week of All Out Blitz, IF’s weekly look at world of college football. After what looked like a ho-hum week, match-up wise, it turned out to be anything but.

East Carolina?
Leading the way was Dr. Lou’s son, Skip and his East Carolina Pirates. After absolutely smashing the West Virginia Mountaineers, 24-3, the Pirates entered the national rankings in the top 15 and rightfully so. In their last three victories, dating back to last season, the Pirates have played and beaten three ranked teams in impressive fashion.

More college football minutiae after the jump >>

Welcome Back, College Football

Where, oh where have you been?

College football returned last night and in case you don’t believe it, I have the pictures:

The Hurricanes are ready for 2008

Georgia Tech
Georgia Tech coaches suggested smoking before taking the field

Jack Crowe
Are you freaking kidding me?!?!

Touchdown Gamecocks
TOUCHDOWN SOUTH CAROLINA (finally, after suffering through four interceptions)

Hurricane Hotties
If loving college football is wrong, I don’t want to be right

Jim Harbaugh
Jim Harbaugh leads his Cardinal

Touchdown Wake Forest
Breakdancing is not an allowable touchdown celebration

And just like that, we are that much closer to the BCS Championship. In case you missed it, after an unimpressive offensive start to the season, South Carolina stomped NC State, Wake Forest crushed Baylor, Georgia Tech hammered Jacksonville State, Stanford survived Oregon State, the Hurricanes of Miami beatdown Charleston Southern, and Vanderbilt is above .500 after beating Miami of Ohio.

There a whole lot of football to be played this weekend, so prepare yourself so you won’t burn out before Saturday night is done. Don’t forget, Louisville/Kentucky is on Sunday, making it a wall-to-wall weekend of college football.

Welcome back. You were sorely missed.

Intentional Upset: Duke Loses Again

The Blue Devils are starting to make this losing thing a habit thanks to allowing The U to beat them for the first time in 45 years by the score of 96-95.

Did all that Roy Williams/Coach K bickering affect the boys from Durham? Or was it missed shots? Well, considering they were five points away from the century mark, it’s safe to say it wasn’t the Duke perimeter offense… although, you really don’t expect those jump shots to keep falling, do you?

Meanwhile, UNC didn’t lose, allowing them to tie Duke for the lead in the ACC at 10-2.