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Posts Tagged ‘Miami Dolphins’

Brandon Marshall Stabbed, Adam Schefter Buries Him

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Brandon Marshall, wide receiver of the Miami Dolphins, was violently stabbed in the stomach with a kitchen knife by his wife during a domestic dispute. It’s clear now that Brandon Marshall is expected to make a full recovery. However, it’s even more clear that being stabbed in the stomach by your wife is cause for concern, alarm, even a little bit of sympathy. While details remain quite unclear, one thing is for certain – a man was reportedly in intensive care for a serious stab wound which required surgery.

When the report came over the airwaves, I was greeted with Adam Schefter’s effort, which left me speechless. Having read many articles on the subject that flood the internet when something this high-profile occurs, it was clear he wasn’t the only one who used this opportunity – not to express concern for another human being who had been stabbed in the stomach by a violent wife – but to bury Brandon Marshall before he was dead.

A-Dumb Schefter comments after the jump >>

Female Dolphins Fans Are Fun

Dolphins Fans

Some might call this behavior attention whorish, or they might call the two Dolphins fans “slores,” but is all that really necessary? For any guy that says something similar, just know their reaction would be the same as the cat sharing the picture with the ladies in question. Now, is behavior like this indicative of the Facebook era we live in where taking pictures of every little detail of your life is encouraged? Sure? Does this era have an inverse effect on social inhibitions, especially when it comes to women making out? Absolutely. Does that mean the pictures, especially of the fan in the pajama bottoms, are any less awesome, all things considered? Not a chance.

I mean, what can be wrong with two kinda cute Dolphins fans making out in the concourse area of Land Shark Alltel Stadium? If enjoying that kind of behavior and the images it produces is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Dolphins Fans Dolphins Fans
Click for bigger images

Images courtesy of (via With Leather). Check out FinsNation for more images of the our two female heroes.

Ted Ginn Doesn’t Need Your Stinking Passes

If you don’t want to pass Teddy Ginn, Jr the ball, that’s OK. He’ll just take opposing kick off kicks and return them for touchdowns instead. Just ask the New York Jets. Ginn’s performance was a record-breaker, making him the second offensive player to get record book recognition.

Redemption comes in all shapes and sizes, apparently.

It’s hard, however, not to imagine what Ginn would be capable of if he could catch the ball on a consistent basis. His natural talent is obviously jaw-dropping. Unfortunately for Ginn, that same “dropping” aspect applies to his ability to catch the football as well.

Ted Ginn = Stone Hands

You can talk about the time of possession differential and the Indianapolis Colts’ big play ability all you want, but the fact of the matter is, if you are a Miami Dolphins fan, your ire should be directed at Ted Ginn and his astounding end zone drop. Now, I’m not suggesting Phins fans channel Buffalo and go trash Ginn’s yard, but if it happened, would you be surprised?

More on Ginn’s hands of stone after the jump >>

Thanks For Nothing, Ronnie Brown

Ronnie Brown

After posting one of the better individual afternoons in the NFL in a while, I have one thing to say to Ronnie Brown, he of the four rushing touchdowns (and one passing!!!!) against the not-so-stout Patriots defense: I hate you. Not really and all that but come on, no one started you in their fantasy league yesterday — only 22 percent in all of Yahoo — so what do you do to pay them back? You decide to give your best LaDainian Tomlinson impression and lo and behold, it was probably better than the real thing.

At least this season, anyway.

Ronnie Brown hates fantasy football after the jump >>

NFL Preview – A Quick Look At The AFC East

Bill Belichick

Welcome to the first annual NFL Preview. In this little segment, I do what the title infers — that is, preview each conference in the NFL. Just because, I am starting with the AFC East and working my through to the NFC West.

These previews will feature the teams in the order I expect them to finish in along with a brief outlook and a spotlight on the franchise’s hottest cheerleader. You know, the important stuff.

With that, let us begin the build up to the NFL, starting with the team that got really, really close to perfection last season:

New England Patriots

Tom Brady

It’s going to be really hard for the Patriots to improve upon last season’s regular season perfection and it’s unreasonable to think they can duplicate this feat. However, the Patriots offense — as long as Tom Brady, Wes Welker, and Randy Moss are healthy — is as potent as any in the league. During last season’s eye-popping run, the Patriots scored a total of 75 touchdowns to their opponents 34.

If Kool-Aid man Laurence Maroney can provide a consistent running game that improves over last year’s 835 yards to take some of the pressure off of Brady, the offense will continue to smoke unprepared foes.

The defensive side of the ball, however, still remains suspect. There is talent with Richard Seymour, Rodney Harrison and company, but they are one year older. For a defense that started to show its age late last season, there are areas of concern. Are the linebackers too old? Can they recover from the loss of Asante Samuel?

All things considered, the Patriots have a pretty easy schedule and because of that, they will be in a position to represent the AFC in Super Bowl XLIII. Expect the Pats to finish 13-3 and to win the AFC East.

Hottest Patriots Cheerleader
Lots of choices here, but for my money, it’s the rookie Asia that really stands out.


Although, Bill Belichick’s cougar comes in a close second.

Read the rest of the AFC East preview >>

Paying Your Football Debts

If you are going to bet against the Patriots (NSFW), I wouldn’t use the Miami Dolphins as a team that can beat them…

Hat-tip to CO-ED Magazine.

Ricky Williams Can Still Truck Somebody

Spike TV’s lovely “Pros Vs Joes” offering has provided some good fodder for highlight segments and this season hasn’t disappointed either. First, we have Leitch’s second appearance and now there’s a quality Ricky Williams sighting, something we haven’t had for some time.

In the upcoming video, everybody’s favorite pot smoker proves there’s still a vast chasm between someone with his undeniable talents and an average cat from the regular society.

Damn dude. If you aren’t going to go for the leg tackle, get the hell out of the way next time. Ricky has made a living, albeit a sporadic one, running defenders over. You have not. I wonder if Parcells got wind of this before it was indicated Williams could still have a place in Miami?

Via SbB