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Posts Tagged ‘Memphis Tigers’

Introducing the Ugliest Court in America

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Ugly Court

What we have here is the basketball court from the Scottrade Center, which hosted the Basketball Hall of Fame Showcase doubleheader. While the games weren’t all they were cracked up to be (an underhanded Arkansas got ran by Louisville, while Kansas and Memphis showed us why the season probably starts a little too early), because of its sheer ugliness, the basketball court wound up being more of a story than the games themselves.

I’m not the only one who feels this way, either.

In fact, the court was so bad, I couldn’t stop commenting on it over at Storming the Floor’s marathon chat session. At one point, I threw out a new rule, saying, if your team doesn’t have orange in its uniform or its school colors, the color orange should be banned from adorning college basketball courts. Not only was the color scheme, well, bad, it looked like the advertisements/logos on the court seemed to be screaming “NOTICE ME!!!” All in all, I’m sure it contributed to the overall poor play that was on display. In fact, the only team that thrived in the Scottrade Center was Louisville. The three other teams looked like they had no business playing organized basketball at this point in the season.

Don’t get me wrong, Memphis/Kansas was fun simply because it was a close game. However, if you ask either coach, I doubt very seriously either one of them would be pleased with the way their team played, especially on offense. Two teams as talented as Kansas and Memphis should be scoring more than 57 and 55 respectively. If it was me, I’d blame the court and its Halloween-inspired color scheme.

Derrick Rose Defends His SAT Score

Derrick Rose

While meeting with reporters today for the Chicago Bulls media day, point guard Derrick Rose denied there was any wrong doing concerning his disputed SAT scores. In case you’ve been on a walkabout over the summer, here’s the abridged version: The University of Memphis was made to forfeit their 2008 Final Four — not to mention the entire season — after Rose’s SAT test scores were ruled invalid by the Educational Testing Service. This, in turn, caused the NCAA to retroactively deny Rose’s freshman year of eligibility. Of course, their ruling came a year or so after the NCAA’s clearing house cleared Rose for collegiate competition.

Nevertheless, Memphis was held responsible for the NCAA’s “findings.”

While Rose’s denial is to be expected — really, do you honestly expect to say, “Yes, someone else took the test for me.” and risk untold financial benefits that are, in all likelihood, upcoming for Rose — there are still some gray areas surrounding the incident. Namely, questions about Rose’s trip to Detroit., the place where he took, and ultimately passed, the SAT.

As for the adult in charge during Rose’s tenure — John Calipari — let’s just say it would be wise if folks like John Wall, Eric Bledsoe and DeMarcus Cousins qualify with flying colors.

Mario Chalmers Lives (John Calipari)

The NCAA is trying to tell you, thanks to John Calipari/Derrick Rose’s SAT debacle, that the Mario Chalmers shot didn’t really happen — even if you think it did. Sorry if you’ve got video footage to back your claim up. It still didn’t happen. Although, try telling that to all the Kansas fans in the video who spontaneously exploded when Chalmers hit the biggest 3-point shot of his life… Sorry, that didn’t happen. There’s nothing to see here. Move along.

Calipari’s thoughts after the jump >>

Much Ado About Nothing? (Derrick Rose)

Derrick Rose

In light of Andy Katz’ report about the University of Memphis not finding any proof of SATs taken under false pretenses, does this mean last week’s “John Calipari is the devil, Derrick Rose is his acolyte and the NCAA fostered such an environment for them to thrive in” stuff was all for nothing?

Here are some of the details:

After the jump >>

John Calipari or Derrick Rose?

John Calipari and Derrick Rose

I’m sure the blogosphere has been waiting for my response on the Memphis basketball allegations — something that started as a investigation into the Memphis’ women’s golf program — concerning Derrick Rose (not named, but let’s be serious here) and John Calipari. By now, you’ve heard most of the details, and if you are like Pat Forde, you’ve decided to use this situation as a way to further whatever doubt you have about the former Memphis coach.

More on John Calipari’s woes after the jump >>

Tim Floyd is Staying at USC

Tim Floyd

Apparently, the lack of door love has negative effects. Just ask the University of Arizona, who saw their head coaching job offer get turned down by Tim Floyd. Maybe next time, Arizona’s athletic department will allow their back door to be featured while they are entertaining their next coaching prospect.

In other coaching news, Bruce Pearl turned down Memphis’ offer in order to stay in Knoxville — if there ever was one to begin with; although, Pearl just signed a six-year extension to stay in Tennessee — and the University of Georgia finally found their replacement for George Felton in Mark Fox.

Apparently, finding a coaching replacement, even for high-profile jobs like Arizona, is harder than ever. Memphis, meanwhile, is absolutely floundering since John Calipari’s announcement to take the Kentucky job. Rumors of transfers and de-commits now plague a team that was on the cusp of an extended flirtation with college basketball greatness. Now it’s back to the drawing board for program that’s still looking for a new head coach.

Kentucky Gets Their Man — Or Do They?

Welcome Coach Cal

The University of Kentucky got their man — much to the chagrin of Pat Forde and a whole bunch of other writers and bloggers, apparently — as the administration introduced John Calipari to the Kentucky masses this morning as the new coach of the Kentucky basketball team. In light of the worst-kept secret in college basketball coming to pass, I doubt the Kentucky faithful give one damn about what the Pat Fordes of the world think.

***We interrupt this schedule report to bring you this breaking news***

According to MJD at The Dagger, Calipari has already been fired by the University of Kentucky.

We’ll have more on this news as it comes in. Now, back to your regularly scheduled reading:

Mizzou Makes Memphis Look Overrated

“We kind of got punched in the mouth right from the beginning of the game,” Memphis coach John Calipari said. “They broke us down defensively like we break people down. They beat us at our own game.” I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description for a Memphis Tiger team that, save for Tyreke Evans, looked like overrated also-rans against the Tigers of Missouri.