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Posts Tagged ‘Memphis Grizzlies’

Kobe Returned To Work Against Memphis

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Kobe Dunk

After sitting out for a couple of weeks to rest various bumps, bruises and ailments, Kobe Bryant made a very triumphant return to the Lakers roster last night, scoring an extremely efficient 32 points, including the game-winning 3-point shot that put the Memphis Grizzlies away for evening. For the night, Bryant was 13-19 from the field for 32 points (3-4 from behind the arc) while grabbing seven rebound and handing out six assists.

He also added three steals to his statistic total.

I mentioned something about Bryant being efficient, and to illustrate the point, his PER (player efficiency rating) for last night’s workload was 42. For comparison’s sake, the PER league leader this season is LeBron James, who averages about a +32 PER.

Anyway, enough math. How about some highlights of Kobe’s game-winning shot?

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Travis Outlaw Is An Apparent Gay Basher

During last night’s Portland Trail Blazers win over the Memphis Grizzlies, Travis Outlaw dunked on Rudy Gay so viciously, one wonders if Outlaw would’ve voted yes on California’s Prop 8 bill.

O.J. Mayo Announces His Arrival

I imagine Grizzlies fans all over the globe are salivating at the idea of adding Mr. Mayo’s talents to their roster in November. For now, they’ll have to settle for the NBA Summer League highlights, one of which, ESPN was nice enough to provide. Welcome to the NBA-lite, O.J. Next stop, the regular season:

Apparently, this is being considered one of the best dunks since the summer fun began, which explains why ESPN is was offering to share the video of it. Besides showing Mayo’s ability off, the video also makes me hold out hope other professional sports leagues are learning that highlight videos appearing on blogs do nothing but help the popularity of the sport. If Roger Goodell, Major League Baseball and the IOC are so worried about advertising revenue, they can always put ads in the videos.

I’m mean, the NBA has embraced Internet technologies and they even found a way to monetize their YouTube videos. Why should it be so different for the other leagues who are less supportive of these mediums? What does David Stern know the other commissioners don’t?

Oh well, I’m digressing.

Odenized also has the video if you’d rather support the blogosphere as opposed to the Disney machine.

Intentional Upset: Vandy Is Pretty Good

Shan Foster

No upsets, just great games…

The college hardwood was a packed beast last night, with nine of the top-25 teams having games. The game of the night? That belongs to the SEC as Mississippi State and Vanderbilt went toe-to-toe for 45 minutes and saw each half—save the overtime—end with a tie; including the first (30-30). The difference in the game was Vanderbilt’s Shan Foster. Foster hit for 42 huge points and nailed a 3-point game-winner as the overtime was coming to an end.

Final score: 86-85

With this latest outburst in a big game (32 against Tennessee last week), Foster has pretty much sewn the SEC Player of the Year award up, much to the chagrin of Pat Forde, who picked Tyler Smith as his SEC POY. I’m guessing that shot Tyler hit against Memphis really resonated with Pat…

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Weekly Pwnage: Strong Dunks and Strange Goals

This week, we are giving you two choices for your weekly pwnage award… Because, you know, it’s all about selection. Our first one serves as a little redemption for one Rudy Gay and his dunk contest failure. After trying to hype the crowd by requesting input on YouTube, he went out and got lost in the Dwight Howard/Gerald Green onslaught.

A word of advice: when D-Howard shakes up the world with his behind-the-backboard dunk, you probably shouldn’t do one that’s in the same vein. It only gets lost in the shuffle. However, last night, Rudy redeemed himself by absolutely abusing Joakim Noah, something TBL noticed as well.

Too bad you can’t simulate game conditions in the dunk contest, right Rudy.

More Pwnage, including Steven Gerrard after the jump ››

NBA Trade Deadline: Nothing Doing

Tim and KurtAfter the previous fireworks of the Jason Kidd and Shaquille O’Neal trades, to say the NBA’s trade deadline passed with a whimper is an understatement. Oh, there were rumblings of Shawn Marion and Ron Artest, but alas, nothing came to fruition.

Instead, we got Houston, Memphis, and New Orleans completing a trade that sends Bobby Jackson to Houston and Bonzi Wells to the Hornets.

Memphis was included to facilitate the deal, although, Wells and Jackson were the biggest names.

San Antonio joined the trade fun by acquiring Kurt Thomas from Seattle for Brent Barry, Francisco Elson and a 2009 first-round pick. When you consider how strong the West got with big men recently, this move should aid Duncan in defending the paint when the playoffs roll around.

The Spurs were also rumored to be going after Sacramento Kings Ron Artest, which would’ve been an interesting move, to say the least. Maybe Coach Popovich wants a rumble in his home gym…

Updates going on as they happen after the jump ››

Rudy Gay Needs Your Help

With the NBA All-Star game getting closer, it’s time to start planning for its stand-out event, the dunk contest. While they are still trying to find a satisfactory format for presenting their high-fliers (it seems they change it yearly), one contestant is taking this year’s idea of using fan votes to decide the winner and is engaging these fans on a medium they are familiar with: YouTube.

Memphis Grizzlies swing man Rudy Gay is, via YouTube, asking fans to upload a video of their best dunk and he’ll pick one to replicate in the dunk contest on Saturday, February 16th.

Now, I’m not sure what those of us who can’t dunk are supposed to do—maybe Fisher-Price or Nerf can help—but if you are interested in finding out more, go here.

This topic does bring up a good question, though: If you could do any dunk (or see one performed), what would it be? For me, the day I see a 720 dunk from free-throw line, I’m done.

Lebron Scores 51

…50 less than his speeding ticket citation as the Cleveland Lebrons beat the Memphis Grizzlies, 132-124 in overtime. Continuing his stellar fourth quarter dominance, James scored 25 of 51 to send the game into the free basketball segement (see, you only pay for four quarters worth of basketball).

Hat-tip to Greg “Xavier” Brown for the inspiration.