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Posts Tagged ‘Mark Mangino’

Kentucky Coaches Slap KU for Fighting

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Rich Brooks Tweet

Rich Brooks thinks fighting between varsity teams for major universities is bullshit, as does John Calipari, but he doesn’t work in this meme. So much so, Brooks is willing to take their combined displeasure to the world of 140 characters worth of madness. While I’m quite used to Brooks’ “no BS” delivery, I’m kind of surprised to see he and Calipari comment on Kansas’ issues in such a public forum. I’m guessing, however, that Brooks could take Mark Mangino in a fight — provided he was willing to outpoint him and not mix it up. As for Calipari, he’s probably still mad about Mario Chalmers’ shot and is using the KU fights as an opportunity to rib Bill Self a little.

Speaking of Mangino and Self, does anyone else find it odd neither coach is publicly disciplining the players involved? While both have said things will be handled internally, no suspensions have been handed down. This includes Tyshawn “Point Plankn” Taylor.

H/t to EDSBS (via SBNation)

Has Peace Finally Come To Lawrence, Kansas?

Jayhawk fans

Has the national emergency that’s been gripping the University of Kansas’ campus finally come to an end? Is it safe for non-athletic students to leave their dorm rooms now? Or will football and basketball players continue to run amuck, causing KU students to fear for their non-athletic lives? If reports are to be believed, it seems as if KU’s administrative arm is on the case, making the combatants apologize and shake hands, all while issuing feel-good missives discussing the benefits of teamwork and solidarity among athletes.

Too bad that meme wasn’t being perpetuated yesterday.

We have the released statement after the jump, courtesy of

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Another Scuffle at Kansas?

Mark Mangino

Following up to our Tyshawn Taylor post from earlier this morning, apparently, last night’s alleged scuffle didn’t get everything out of the two opposing sides’ respective system. Reports indicate another fight between players from KU’s basketball team and their football team took place this morning, meaning football coach Mark Mangino and basketball coach Bill Self will have a full slate of punishment to dole out when the dust settles. Again, reports indicate the bad blood has to do with a member of the female persuasion.

Apparently, the girl in question used to date a player from one squad, and now, she’s dating somebody from the other squad. And this, boys and girls, gives all the justification in the world to jeopardize a free education.

I guess that doesn’t matter as long a you maintain your “G” status, right Tyshawn?

Make No Mistake, College Football is Here

Yeah, I know, there’s officially 36 days until the season kicks off, but with videos like the one I’m leading with popping up, it’s safe to say we are firmly in the grips of the upcoming season. What we have is a popular Kansas State fan, named CatMatt, and his parody of the visually stimulating “Baby, Baby, Baby” music video. However, instead of featuring hot, naked chicks with strategically placed black-out boxes, it features not-so-hot avatars of Oklahoma fans, the Kansas Jayhawk, Nebraska fans, and an awfully hungry Mark Mangino,complete with said black-out boxes.

There’s also an appearance from the Funk Bus, which helps wrap up this creation of genius. The video also helps prove there are few things greater than watching college football fans of opposing schools go at each other — even if a partially-naked Mark Mangino is featured.

H/t to EDSBS (via Corn Nation) for the find.

Defending Your Coach (Mark Mangino)

Mark Mangino

Some KU football players are upset with the way their coach is being treated by a certain t-shirt company and they are no longer going to sit quietly and take it. The issue has to do with, some t-shirt designs they made and girth of KU coach, Mark Mangino. It’s no secret Mangino is living large, but apparently, some his players are sensitive about their coach being made fun of.

First, the shirts in question:

Mangino Shirts

While they are insensitive to certain overweight coaches, the shirts also celebrate just how much KU fans love Mark Mangino, large size or not. However, these outspoken players don’t share the same joy the fans do.

“I guess everyone has a different sense of humor,” said KU linebacker Mike Rivera, who went to Shawnee Mission NW. “Some things are funny to some people. But sometime you have to think about what other people feel.”

So what say you, Jayhawk fans? Will you continue to wear shirts celebrating your coach (and his weight) if the players find them offensive?

BCS Victories Are Great For The Resume

Mark Mangino

Just ask Kansas head coach, Mark Mangino and his new contract extension that’s expected to increase his salary to the $2.3 million-a-year neighborhood. The extension is also good until 2012, although, Kansas fans have to consider the fact that if his successes continue in Lawrence, it won’t be long until one of the “big name” football programs comes calling. Unlike their basketball program, KU football is not considered a pinnacle for college football coaches.

Although, if Mangino actually does stay and builds a perennial winner, the perception could easily be reversed. Winning has a way of doing that. For his part, Mangino led the Jayhawks to their first BCS victory (and appearance) after beating Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl, 24-21.

Here are the details of his extension:

– $2.3 Million a season, up from $800,000

- A potential $675,000 a year in “performance-based incentives”

- A $1.5 Million ‘retention bonus’ granted to him if he is still Kansas’ coach on December 31st 2012

The question Mangino now faces is can he continue winning at a school not known for their football prowess?

KU Students Camp Out for Football Tickets?

In what has to be one of the surest signs of just how crazy the 2007 college football season has been, students from KU camped out this weekend for tickets. FOOTBALL tickets. That’s right, in what looks like one of the bigger season-ending match-ups of the year, the 10-0 Kansas Jayhawks (10-0??? Perhaps the apocalypse is indeed upon us.) and the 9-1 Missouri Tigers are scheduled to play in Arrowhead Stadium the Saturday after Thanksgiving… and students from both schools are, believe it or not, actually hyped up for this game.

I guess winning football can bring a fanbase out in force — although, I wonder if KU fans will stay attached if their team reverts back to old habits next season.

While the Missouri student tickets were distributed last summer, KU students got their crack at them last Monday and to prepare, they began standing in line on Saturday. Of course, many students weren’t used to seeing this kind of reaction for football because they normally save their energies for sports that feature orange balls that bounce and nets that make a “swish” sound.

“I never thought I’d see a line that big for KU football,” said Kansas student Tom Bukovac, a sophomore. “I’ve been a KU fan my whole life and I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Fair weather attitudes aside, the KU/MU match-up has become one of crown jewel match-ups of the college football season, a reality that pretty much shocks the hell out of hardcore college football fans everywhere. Shock levels and soft schedules notwithstanding, KU and MU have had sterling seasons and should be applauded for their accomplishments.

Anyway, the game isn’t until next weekend, so in the meantime, here’s a great pic of Kansas coach Mark Mangino to tide you over:

Mark Mangino

To borrow a quote from Friday: “He’s a big un…” “Umm Hmm.”

Here’s a link in case you missed out on the KU/MU ticket distribution…