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Posts Tagged ‘Mario Chalmers’

Eric Bledsoe’s Block Party

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With the Los Angeles Clippers playing something that resembles respectable basketball — Winner of three games in a row. Shocking, isn’t it? — and all of the accolades going to Blake Griffin’s assault on NBA rims, there are some other youngsters who are contributing for the Clip-Joint as well. Names like DeAndre Jordan, Al-Farouq Aminu and Eric Gordon come to mind, but after last night’s block party against the Miami Heat, if you haven’t heard of Eric Bledsoe, you might want to familiarize yourself.

Bledsoe had two impressive blocks last night, including one of King “I Didn’t Direct Tweet That About Karma at Cleveland” James, which leads this post, and a nasty chase-down block of Mario Chalmers.

Eric Bledsoe’s block of Mario Chalmers after the jump >>

It’s a March Madness Kind of Day

We’re all about college basketball today. There’s a ton of stuff to go over, and I thought the Mario Chalmers shot would be a great way to kick to our meme off. I’m still surprised Calipari didn’t have someone, anyone, foul after Derrick Rose made his second free throw. That’s the difference between winning and losing, boy and girls.

Anyway, there’s lots of conference tournament action, news and other stuff to get to as the college basketball world moves closer and closer the real NCAA Tournament. Good times.

KU’s Sports Illustrated Cover

To the NCAA Tournament victors go the spoils — and the Sports Illustrated magazine covers.

KU Wins
Click for bigger image

As you can see, they are celebrating Mario Chalmer’s brilliant shot; although, a shot of Chris Douglas-Roberts slamming the ball after he missed his free throws would have been appropriate as well. ;)

I hope this cover doesn’t SI-jinx the Jayhawks next year.