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Posts Tagged ‘Manny Ramirez’

A Sad Day In Boston

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Manny and Papi

Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz tested dirty, and the entire Red Sox nation — including Bill Simmonsseems crushed. The fear is the two World Series titles are tainted. Naturally, Dan Shaughnessy has gone into damage control.

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The British Have Better Descriptions (Manny Ramirez)

Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez has tested positive for a performance enhancers and faces a 50-game suspension, and it’s quickly shaping up to be the story that could potentially get us through summer, depending on what happens with Brett Favre and Alex Rodriguez. The story is shaping up quite rapidly, as we’ve already had the news break, a response from Scott Boras, Manny’s agent, and a response from Ramirez himself. Essentially, the buck is being passed from steroids to a prescription that accidentally triggered the positive result — although, it looks like the drugs Ramirez used were to combat steroid side-effects. One thing, however, that’s stood out to me is how much better the British vocabulary is as compared to American sports writers and bloggers.

Take the BBC’s headline, for instance:

“Ramirez given 50-match suspension”

Is it just me, or does the word “match” change the level of sophistication of the report? While the word “game” is just as correct, it’s certainly not nearly as effective. Unfortunately, if American writers use it, we come off sounding obtuse and elitist. Knowing it’s from a British source, however, changes the reaction to the word “match” — at least it does for me. The article, because of one word, now comes across as an academic approach to the Manny Ramirez situation.

I don’t know, maybe the word “match” makes the news easier to stomach.

Manny’s Staying In LA (He Loves It!)

Pay Manny
You got your wish, kid.

The never-ending “will he or won’t he” saga surrounding Manny Ramirez came to an end today after he agreed to rejoin the Dodgers for two years at $45 million. How very upstanding and selfless of him. In what the LA Times call “The Great Compromise of 2009,” both sides finally got this re-signing out of public’s eye after months and months of “is Manny going to stay in LA?” The deal pays him $25 million for this season — second highest behind A-Rod — and if he decides to exercise his player option in 2010, Ramirez will get $20 million.

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NLCS Time: Dodgers or Phillies?


The NLCS starts tonight as the Dodgers and the Phillies square off. Only a trip the World Series is at stake. Most seem to be favoring Los Angeles in hopes of seeing Manny and Joe go against the Boston Red Sox, the other presumed favorite. In fact, thanks to Tim McCarver and Manny Ramirez, the Phillies have been all but forgotten.

Never mind the fact the Phillies had a better record than the Dodgers did, post Manny trade. This suits Philadelphia fans just fine. On the other side of the coin, some Dodger fans are worried about being jinxed with all the attention on Manny.

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Ryan Howard Looks Valuable

Ryan Howard

But is he the MOST valuable? It depends on your definition of “value” is. If it calls for ignoring stats like home runs and RBI in favor of batting average, then no, Howard is not the most valuable. However, with the Phillies leading the NL East — for now — and his MLB-leading 45 home runs and 136 RBI contribution to said lead, he certainly deserves some consideration. Yes, Howard’s batting average has been lower than you’d want during the season grind, but in the last week or so, Philadelphia’s hammer is hitting .455 with four dingers and 11 runs knocked in.

Howard’s recent tear has helped push his batting average to the .250 area for the first time this season. On the other hand, Howard is again threatening to exceed 200 strikeouts with only 74 walks. Obviously, you’d like to see his patience at the plate improve — as well as his eye — but consider this: if you knew every time you made contact with the ball, it had a chance to leave the yard, patience and plate discipline may not be your biggest virtues either.

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Manny Can Now Be Manny In LA

Manny Ramirez
See you in LA, suckers!!!

Because I’m only a fleeting baseball person, I’m not sure my analysis will be spot-on or not, but here goes — Manny Ramirez is flying the Boston Red Sox coop after being traded to Joe Torre and the LA Dodgers. The Pittsburgh Pirates were also involved as the trade took three teams to figure out.

In return for possibly the greatest right-handed hitter of our era, the Red Sox received Jason Bay from the Pirates. has more:

Pittsburgh gets pitcher Craig Hansen and outfielder Brandon Moss, both from Boston, as well as third baseman Andy LaRoche and right-handed pitcher Bryan Morris from the Dodgers.

While there are many that think this move is the right thing for the Red Sox to do, some wonder if they’ll still be able to contend in the American League, something the guys at I’m Writing Sports don’t necessarily buy.

Whatever the case, it’s easy to imagine Joe Torre being awfully pleased with his new team’s acquisition. How could he not be considering the first-hand accounts he can offer about the greatness of Ramirez’ bat. Currently, the Dodgers are one game behind the Diamondbacks for the NL West crown and you have to think the Ramirez trade might be enough to put them over the top — provided Manny is being the hitter he’s capable of.