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Posts Tagged ‘Major League Baseball’

Brewers Riding High Off Packers Win

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On the surface, fans of football and baseball are entirely different. But when you’re in a small market like Milwaukee, you take anything you can get. The entire state is feeling the first signs of Spring and still feeling confident about after the Packers Super Bowl win a few weeks ago. The win left a high level of expectation in all areas of sports, including the Brewers.

New Brewers manager Ron Roenicke said it best, “With the moves we made over the winter, we’ve put ourselves in position to win. My expectation for this team is very high, it’s very deep into the playoffs.”

He’s not the only one. Brewers fans are confident their team can make the playoffs, if not the World Series. Too confident? Maybe. But the Brewers have been “almost” a well-rounded team, so great in some areas and then slightly lacking in others. Add to that the overall high that the area has with the Packers win in the Super Bowl, and you’ve got a set of fairly confident fans and players. Even general manager Doug Melvin acknowledges the expectations, saying “I think people are energized about this club. Coming off the Packers’ Super Bowl win, I think our fans will get behind our team now. That’s what you want to do. You want to increase your franchise value and level of interest.”

Outfielder Ryan Braun no doubt heard an earful from his buddy Aaron Rodgers about the Super Bowl win. Braun admitted that there is “definitely a buzz around the Packers” but that “there’s a buzz around this baseball team, too. People are genuinely excited, probably more so than they’ve been in years.”

We won’t have long to wait. Pitchers and catchers report to camp today. Let the games begin.

2011 Milwaukee Brewers Preview

Is it really only six weeks until spring training? Hard to believe since we can see our breath here in the frozen tundra but it’s true! Could the Packers win in the Super Bowl bring luck to the Brewers? Sure, but the Milwaukee Brewers don’t need luck, they already have what it takes to lead the National League Central this year.

More 2011 Brewers Predictions after the jump >>

Fantasy Update: The Top Pitchers

Johan Santana

As indicated yesterday, we are featuring a fantasy update section that focuses on the best players available for your upcoming draft. This includes baseball, football and basketball. Of course, we are getting ready for the start of fantasy baseball and with that, I’d like to introduce the top 10 pitchers, according to Fantasy Fanatics:

1. Johan Santana – New York Mets
2. Jake Peavy – San Diego Padres
3. Erik Bedard – Seattle Mariners
4. Brandon Webb – Arizona Diamondbacks
5. Danny Haren – Arizona Diamondbacks
6. Josh Beckett – Boston Red Sox
7. Justin Verlander – Detroit Tigers
8. CC Sabathia – Cleveland Indians
9. Scott Kazmir – Tampa Bay Rays
10. Felix Hernandez – Seattle Mariners

The Fantasy Fanatics top pitchers list continues with 11-15 and 16-20, giving would-be fantasy baseball fiends a great outlet for knowing who to draft. If you’d like some justification for their selections, you can read more about them here (1-5) and here (6-10).

Getting Fantasy Advice From the Experts

Fantasy FanaticsAs sports fans, we all know the appeal of fantasy sports and with Major League Baseball getting ready to start, the fantasy season has turned its focus to home runs, strikes and balls. While it may not be as media-prominent as fantasy football, baseball probably has as big of a following. So with that, we at enlisted the help of some fantasy experts to assist you with your upcoming baseball draft.

We asked Dan Cypra, Co-Owner and Marketing Director of, a little more about his site and the services. Here’s what he had to say: is a rapidly growing fantasy sports community. We are focusing all of our efforts on running the best Fantasy Sports Community on the web. also features daily content, expert interaction, robust member profiles, and many other services to keep our users coming back for more.We have a team of 30 staff writers from across the nation. Many are television personalities, newspaper beat writers, and have been playing fantasy sports ever since the early days. Our Lead Expert, Rob Shaw, is a sports anchor in Tallahassee.

Looking for help setting your fantasy lineup? Not sure if you should make that big trade? The Experts at are here to help! Visit the Expert Advice Forum for free, real-time feedback from quality fantasy sports experts. Check it out at

It would’ve been nice to know about these guys when I first started playing fantasy sports… To help you on your fantasy draft day, we will provide a the Fantasy Fanatics rankings for each position under the title “Fantasy Update,” along with a short synopsis as rankings become available.

Bonus: we will continue this new Fantasy Update trend with the other fantasy sports as they come into season—unless, of course, you say otherwise.

Feds To Bonds: You Lied

Barry Lamar Bonds, or Mr. Happy to scores of sports journalists, has been indicted for perjury and obstruction by federal prosecutors for his denial of steroid use during the BALCO investigation, which took place in 2003. This means it took four years for the feds to determine whether or not he was lying and judging by the charges, it’s safe to say you can add the US Government to the list of people who think Bonds used performance-enhancers to break Hank Aaron’s overall home run record.


The fact that it took them so long to reach their decision is puzzling. However, the indictment reveals the Feds have evidence Bonds tested positively for steroids, something Major League Baseball has never been able to boast. Of course, Bonds’ lawyer is skeptical about the whole thing:

“I’m surprised,” said John Burris, one of Bonds’ attorneys, “but there’s been an effort to get Barry for a long time. “I’m curious what evidence they have now they didn’t have before.”

Well John, if they have a positive result, that’s more than they had before and that probably takes the wind out of your defense’s sails. The next question is if the positive is indeed true, will Bud Selig adjust the record books to reflect Barry’s cheating ways?

Thanks Feds, you are exactly one season too late.