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Different Approaches To the BCS Championship

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BCS Trophy

Now that the fluffer games are over, tonight, the real deal finally happens: Texas versus Alabama for the BCS Championship. Mythical? Maybe. But it’s hard to argue these are the two best teams in college football; well, unless your name is Ndamukong Suh. Close conference championship games aside, and even though the BCS takes a proper hammering on a yearly basis, the Longhorns and the Crimson Tide do, in fact, resemble the two teams that should be playing each other. So… Who ya got? Currently, Bama is a four-point favorite, an indication the teams are pretty-evenly matched, talent-wise. While most (not all) of the journalistic consensus is leaning toward the Tide, we all know what happened the last time Texas played in the BCS Championship game.

Something about the “best college football game ever,” with the Vince Young-led Longhorns getting the hardware.

While the game, its players and coaches get the majority of the publicity, it’s the fans who make games like this worthwhile. Most of the time, anyway. To get you in the mood for tonight’s shenanigans, here are two different fan approaches to getting one’s self prepared. And by different, I mean distinctly different. First, a Bama fan messing with UT faithful:

I’m disappointed he wasn’t wearing red; although, the box of Tide was a nice touch. Now for a contribution from the Longhorn nation:

Considering how famous Texas is for its Longhorn women, I figured a tutorial on the proper way to apply Longhorns-inspired eye shadow was appropriate. Much like the Bama fan, however, I’m disappointed the Longhorns make up expert had purple nail polish. Way to support your team, honey!!!

Do these videos help sway those of you who are on the fence about who to pick tonight? It did me. With that in mind, while most of my being is leaning towards Alabama, I still can’t shake the idea of Texas repeating their “Shock the World” performance of their previous BCS Championship. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Texas defense control Heisman winner Mark Ingram, and for Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley connect on some kind of last-minute touchdown, denying Nick Saban his second BCS Trophy (while rewarding Mack Brown his). My final score prediction:

Texas – 24
Alabama – 21

MVP – Shipley

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it — that is, until Greg McElroy completes his first bomb to Julio Jones.

All Out Blitz – Texas Rises Up

Texas Wins

Mack Brown’s big win over Oklahoma came with an added bonus, or a curse, depending on your point of view: Texas is now the number one team in the land. Some folks in Alabama aren’t sure about that particular decision considering Texas leapfrogged a bye-week Tide to secure the number one spot. Nevertheless, Texas is now in charge of wearing the target, which comes under fire next Saturday when the Longhorns play Missouri on Saturday night.

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